Reproduction Is A Feeling Three Classic Reproduction Watches Recommended

Reproduction, a phenomenon that exists in all walks of life, I think this is a confusion for the future, so I can only reflect on the past, the same is true for the watch industry, basically every year some brands launch some Classic replica watches, often the sales of these replicas are also very good, today the Watch House recommends three classic replica watches for everyone.

Longines Vintage Tradition L2.803.4.23.0

Watch Series: Retro Tradition
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 14100
Details of the watch: Abbreviation of Road), the hour marker at 12 hours is replaced by the number 0, and the inner circle of the dial is provided with a 24-hour marker. In terms of movement, the old 280 movement was replaced by the L888.2 self-winding mechanical movement.

Glashütte Original 20th Century Vintage Collection 1-39-52-01-02-04

Watch Series: 20th Century Vintage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 59500
Watch details: BLACK BAY series 79220R leather strap watch

Watch series: HERITAGE BLACK BAY series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: 26,000
Watch details: Black Bay has reinterpreted the 1950s, the influential watchmaking standard in the history of diving watches. This is a new watch launched by Tudor in 2012. This replica version of the diving watch is very classic in the 1950s and can be said to be a classic continuation. The 41 mm stainless steel case has a unidirectional rotating outer ring. Designed for divers. The second is the use of snowflake pointers, which seems to have brought us back 50 years ago. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Summary: The reason why watch brands favor ‘retro style’ is that the watch is handed down from the high society of that era. The gentleman’s temperament and social development are condensed in it. No matter how changes and new patterns emerge, endless Keep the original gentleman mark.

Bao Di Anniversary Singing Table Reminds The Passage Of Time In A Charming Way

To celebrate the second anniversary, Reine has produced two anniversary versions of the ‘Reine de Naples’ self-sounding watch, which have recently been launched. This watch belongs to Breguet’s top sophisticated watch series. The timekeeping device repeats the time three times with two beeps per hour to remind the wearer of the elapsed time in the most charming and clear way.

Ine Reine de Naples 8973 Anniversary Edition Anniversary Edition

This outstanding watch is equipped with an oval movement, which reflects the important achievements of Breguet’s acoustic research on spring watches. It can also peek through the hand-engraved bridge and automatic dial through the sapphire crystal caseback. The geometric shape The design of the Mediterranean-style garden pavilion is similar to the residence of Empress Caroline Murat of Naples.

It is reported that in 2012, Abraham Louis Breguet made the 200th anniversary of the delivery of the world’s first wristwatch for the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, queen Caroline Murat, watch number 2639. Rowling Murat ordered in 1810, took two years to complete, and was personally paid for by the famous watchmaker, Mr. Bao. Unfortunately, the watch was lost and has not been recovered to this day.

When the brand decided to re-create a brand new timepiece based on the original watch, it read all the order records recorded by Abraham Louis Breguet from the historical archive. Breguet’s watchmaker found an order description: an oval spring watch with a thermometer, and a wristband strap made of gold wire. The watch factory reinterpreted the new Reine de Naples series with only data, designed for ladies, exuding the elegance and charm of the royal family. This series was launched in 2002 and has reached its 10th anniversary in 2012.

To celebrate the two anniversary, 宝 玑 produced this ‘Reine de Naples’ anniversary edition. This watch belongs to Breguet’s top sophisticated watch series. The timekeeping device repeats the time three times with two beeps per hour to remind the wearer of the elapsed time in the most charming and clear way. This outstanding watch is equipped with an oval movement, which reflects the important achievements of Breguet’s acoustic research on spring watches. It can also peek through the hand-engraved bridge and automatic dial through the sapphire crystal caseback. The geometric shape The design of the Mediterranean-style garden pavilion is similar to the residence of Empress Caroline Murat of Naples.

The bezel, bezel and lugs of the “Reine de Naples” anniversary watch are set with 29 diamonds (approximately 0.918 carats) and 27 sapphires (approximately 2.84 carats). The hammers are located at 11 and 1 o’clock above the dial. The rose decoration between the two is cast in gold and set with a heart-shaped diamond in the center. The silver-plated gold dial and flange are paved with 233 round diamonds (approximately 0.58 carats) and 303 round sapphires (approximately 0.84 carats). The color of the sapphire is only slightly different, forming a delicate color gradient effect. With a crocodile leather strap and a folding buckle set with 26 diamonds, the crown at 4 o’clock is set with a pear-shaped diamond with a triangular facet, perfecting this unique anniversary edition watch pen.

The self-sounding watch uses a new egg-shaped movement specially developed by Breguet Workshop for ladies’ watches. It combines a precision bell device and a meticulous design aesthetics. In terms of technical considerations, the watchmaker applies the research results of Breguet technical experts on self-sounding and three-question function watches, and demonstrates the intention of further artistic aesthetics.

The shape and details of the bracket and automatic hammer of the new movement together constitute the picture of the dove of peace, which can be seen through the transparent sapphire caseback. The white gold case sets off the white mother-of-pearl dial, diamonds are set around the outer frame, a diamond marks the beginning of the bell, and the bell hammer is clearly visible from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock above the dial.

Ninglangru Valley, A Workshop Of Ingenuity Jaeger-lecoultre Shines At Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

In January 2019, a new Jaeger-LeCoultre watch with the theme of ‘Exquisite Core, Art of Time’ was unveiled.

Was born in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in the heart of Switzerland’s Ru Valley. Since its establishment in 1833 by Antoine Le Coultre, a total of 180 professional watchmaking techniques have been bred.

From January 14th to 17th, 2019, during the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, many exhibits related to the origin and glorious history of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand entered the Jaeger-LeCoultre exhibition area with the watchmakers and became the focus of much attention during the watch fair. .

The quiet natural scenery and quiet lush forests of the Baru Valley have given Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking masters meticulous and excellence in quality and passion for artistic creation, and have become the cradle of life-time timepieces.

The furnishings around and around the exhibition area restore the quiet and deep forest of Rugu Valley. This is the natural scenery cherished by the brand, the scent of vibrant birds and pine trees, which makes you feel like you are in the beautiful Rugu Valley. Through close cooperation with local forest conservation commissioners, Jaeger-LeCoultre carefully selects ten spruce trees in accordance with the principle of ‘close-to-natureforestry’, and through strict harvesting and processing processes, the spruce trees are brought upright and beautiful. The valley is green and all can be recycled.

In the exhibition area, the mysterious craftsmanship of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop (Métiers Rare®) faded away and presented to the world. With enamel, engraving, gem setting, and hand-engraving, the master watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre showed great creative passion, and demonstrated the exquisite skills necessary to create a new masterpiece of watch.

The innovative achievements of the brand since its establishment in 186 are also the focus of this exhibition. The exhibits include Jaeger-LeCoultre’s representative watches and other historical masterpieces.

The latest masterpiece of Hybris Mechanica’s superbly complex timepiece series is on display in the center of the exhibition area, becoming a highlight in this exhibition.

He Is The World Champion On The Field And He Is Fashionable Idol

Even friends who do not know football must have heard of the name Bailey. This football player who was rated as ‘Best Athlete of the 20th Century’ and ‘Best Player in History’ has led the team to win the World Cup three times. He is also the only player to win the World Cup three times. The great ‘king of the ball’ gave hope to a 20-year-old star and praised him for words. He said ‘he represents the younger generation of football players’, ‘he represents hope’ … Who can get praise like Bailey?
The genius shooter’s Xixixiangxi: Hard work is sometimes not enough, and successful people sometimes rely on talent

Hublot brand ambassadors Kylian Mbappé, Pelé

Hublot Brand Ambassador Kylian Mbappé

 His name is Mbappé, and his full name is Kylian Mbappé. Born in 1998, he is only 20 years old this year, but he defeated the French team he played for last year’s World Cup in Russia and scored key goals many times to help the French team win the Hercules Cup. ‘Young and promising’ may be Mbappe.

Mbappe on the field

At the age of 4, he started to contact football, and at the age of 11, joined the youth training camp. At the age of 16, he made his first team debut as a substitute; at 17, he scored his first goal in his career. In the Russian Football World Cup last year, facing Messi, he went straight and scored two goals. Unique talent, coupled with 100% hard work, what is it to win their predecessors? Mbappe has a lot of potential in the future.

Last summer, in the World Cup in Russia, Mbappé’s French team defeated Croatia to win the championship.

 It is worth mentioning that Mbappe and Bailey have a special fate. In 1958, when only 17 years old Bailey scored in the World Cup final to help Brazil win the championship. 40 years later, in 1998, Mbappe was born. In the World Cup of the same year, France defeated Brazil to win the championship; 20 years later, Mbappe, under 20, became the main force of the French team and became Bailey in the World Cup knockout stage The youngest player to score twice and score in the final. No matter coincidence or fate, everything indicates that the young and promising star of the world football is taking over the baton in the hands of the great stars in football history under the witness of Hublot.

Mbappé wore a Hublot watch when he received an award from the French National Football Association
The absolute king on the court, with the goods Idol under the court

 Mbappe in life

On the field, he is the world champion, and on the field, he is fashionable Idol. Mbappe not only won the hearts of the fans on the green field, but also made great achievements in the fashion field. The young and sunny Mbappe can be said to have become a new generation of cargo king in his life. In addition to football uniforms, what he chooses most in his daily life is simple T-shirts with simple accessories.

Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang watch

 Mbappe has been welcomed and sought after by many netizens with his favorite appearance in fashion circles, his young and sunny appearance and his self-understanding of fashion. In life, Mbappé’s dress style is also very useful for us young boys. A simple piece can be very stylish with a cool and handsome watch.

Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang 2018 Russia World Cup referee watch

Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang 44mm titanium pavé watch

 Mbappe usually chooses T-shirts and simple design jeans, or a bright-colored hoodie. Pair it with a seemingly simple design but full of practical details.

 Mbappé wears Hublot classic fusion skeleton black magic chronograph

 For example, Hublot, a young watchmaking brand founded in Switzerland in 1980, has shocked the international watch industry once it was launched. In 2005, Hublot released the iconic BigBang series, which won numerous awards and opened the way for the development of multiple flagship series (classic fusion series, BigBang soul series). Moving from simple watches to timepieces with high-precision complications, this Swiss watchmaker has built an extraordinary brand DNA and continues to develop impressively. Like Mbappe, in their respective industries, although young, the future looks promising.

Hublot loves football, setting a precedent for professional watchmaking and football cooperation

Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold Ceramic Watch

 Hublot has entered the football world since 2006, setting a precedent for cooperation between luxury brands and football. Today, # 宇 榜 爱 足球 # is widely known and has become a model for cooperation between the brand and football. Three consecutive FIFA World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018), three consecutive UEFA European Cups (2008, 2012, 2016), UEFA Champions League (2015-present), Juventus, Chelsea, Bailey , Maradona, Mourinho, Mbappe, and so on. These top-level events of global concern, legendary international legends and outstanding football giants all work closely with Hublot. While Hublot provides precise timing for its partners in the football field, it also presents every passionate moment brought to the world by football!

 Mbappé wears Hublot Big Bang watch

In April this year, Hublot witnessed the historic meeting between Mbappe and Bailey.

Mbappé wears new Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold ceramic watch

 The reason Hublot chose Mbappe was to see the infinite potential in him. He and Bailey, a senior member of the Hublot family, both have the belief of chasing victory and chasing dreams, which coincides with Hublot’s watchmaking philosophy. In the photo of Mbappe and Bailey, the Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold ceramic watch on his wrist is also particularly eye-catching.

Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm King Gold Ceramic Watch

 This brand new case is made of king gold material developed by Hublot. The bezel is made of satin-finished and polished black ceramic, and is equipped with the brand’s own Hub 1242 chronograph movement. This chronograph movement with flyback function can be reset to zero at any time, and it is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. On the front of the dial, you can enjoy the mechanical beauty of the column wheel, and it is unique with dual clutch mechanism and column wheel. Independently detachable escapement bridges increase the convenience of maintenance and adjustment, with a power reserve of 72 hours.

 At the end of July 2019, Chinese fans can see Mbappe with their own eyes! Hublot brand ambassador Kylian Mbappé visited China for the first time. He came to China with the club first, and brought the unique charm of the green field in Macau, Suzhou and Shenzhen, respectively.

Rafael Nadal And Richard Mille- News Richard Mille June 6, 2010, tennis prince Rafael Nadal returned to the throne at the French Open, winning his match against Swedish player Robin Soderling The fifth French Open. At the end of the two-week game, he won seven games and the Spanish player is unbeatable.

The unquestionable victory is also an affirmation of another major challenge: the victory of the tourbillon RM 027, which was designed by Richard Mille for Rafael Nadal and accompanied the Majorcan Warrior at the Roland Garros clay court , An invincible global performance.

Following this ultimate test, RM 027 is expected to accompany this world champion in every major international competition. As a reward to watchmaker Richard Mille, he once again broke the limit of innovation, and also added multiple tests so that his manual winding tourbillon movement can fully withstand the tough style of Rafael Nadal.
Richard Mille built the world’s lightest mechanical watch for him: almost 18 grams including the strap.

Source: Richard Mille

Lange Little Lange 1 Moon Phase Charming And Intertwined Moon Phases

LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE is integrated with the mysterious moon light and shadow. The elegantly designed watch features a new movement, a silver-white dial with a guilloché pattern, and an 18K rose gold case with a diameter of 36.8 mm.


   Compared to the LANGE 1 MOON PHASE, the new LITTLE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE has a 1.7 mm thinner diameter. The 18K rose gold case of this classic watch has a soft luster that complements the silver-white 18K gold dial with a delicate guilloché pattern. The moon phase disk, also designed in silver and white, is also lined with two golden moon patterns. Such an astronomical complex device accurately simulates the moon’s observing orbit, and only needs to be corrected for one day every 122.6 years. The shiny 18K rose gold hands and inset graduations make the asymmetrical dial and its precise instant large calendar display more prominent. The subtle gradient colors complement the white alligator strap and the 18K rose gold pin buckle.
   The L121.2 manual winding movement is based on the LANGE 1 movement launched two years ago. The unique dual barrel and 72-hour power reserve are the technical characteristics of the new movement. The large cam fixed balance wheel is matched with a watch factory-made hairspring and swings under a hand-carved balance wheel splint. The sapphire crystal back of the watch allows the wearer to admire the hand-crafted movement.

Do Not Be Charming, Be Charming Or Betrayal, Your Beauty Is Unique

There is a kind of beauty, not from the appearance of being astounded by the heavens and the country, but from the state of being out of the ordinary ‘independence’. This beauty is not coquettish or charming, nor pleasing or catering to it; this beauty is unique and unique. Such you, the books you have read, the cities you walk through, are not stereotyped, and you will not be crowded or crowded, because you are walking ahead. I would like to recommend a watch for you like this, and wonder what your unique interpretation of taste is.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15454BC.GG.1259BC.01 watch

Domestic public price: 426,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Watch thickness: 9.8 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: Tapisserie ‘large checkered dial with white gold three-dimensional hour markers and Royal Oak hands, date display window at 3 o’clock. This watch is equipped with a cal. 3120 automatic winding movement, the movement by Consisting of 280 parts, it provides a 60-hour power reserve.
Vacheron Constantin 85515 / CA1G-9841 watch

Domestic public price: 429,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 36.5 mm
Watch thickness: 9.15 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Q6 / 2 automatic winding movement, the movement consists of 196 parts, which can provide about 40 hours of power reserve.
Patek Philippe Sports Series 7018 / 1A-001 Watch

Domestic public price: 246,100 RMB
Watch diameter: 33.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel with diamonds
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: Nautilus folding buckle. This watch is equipped with the Cal.324 S C automatic winding movement, which consists of 213 parts, which can provide 35 to 45 hours of power reserve.
In summary: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series ‘Frost Gold’ watch, as a women’s watch that even men dream of, is the most suitable choice for independent and elegant and unique women. The ‘Frost Gold’ watch does not have diamonds, but it is more brilliant than diamonds. Just like your beauty, it comes from the attitude of independence and independence, regardless of the clothes and brocades.

Pierre Deroche And Japanese Baseball Star Conclude Cooperation Agreement

At a ceremony recently held in Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Pierre DeRoche President Pierre Dubois launched the GrandCliff TNT Royal Rétro series endorsed by Tsuyoshi Wada to the public, thus marking the establishment of a cooperative relationship between Japanese baseball stars and Swiss watches.
As a traditional sport in Japan, baseball is far more popular in China than football. Wada, a member of the Japanese national baseball team, participated in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games in a row. Because he won the bronze medal with the national team in the 2004 Olympic Games, and later won the World Championship in 2006, he was highly sought after. At the same time, his actions in children’s philanthropy also won the hearts of the people, especially the vaccination activities organized by his foundation.

When he took over the TNT Royal Rétro watch, N ° 21 from Pierre Dubois, it was an exciting moment. This is his number in the national team. As Dubois said, Tsuyoshi Wada fully embodies refined craftsmanship, superior quality and reliable quality. Values ​​have contributed to his cooperation with Pierre DeRoche, a high-tech sports soul watch designer.
Source: Pierre DeRoche

Tuduo Retro Calendar Watch

The new Tudor watch series is based on the theme of ‘excellent in heart, exquisite and shape’. All watches are masterpieces of high-end technology and aesthetic design, and perfect the history and fine tradition of Tudor watches. Show. Taking fashion and classics as inspiration blueprints, they are the perfect combination of watchmaking craftsmanship and unique style in form and function, completely pushing the exquisite appearance and excellent technology to the extreme, becoming a fascinating timeless classic story. And this story can meet the needs of different people. It is not only loved by those who are seeking technical excellence, but also can meet the requirements of those who seek artistic beauty.

Tudor vintage calendar HERITAGE CHRONO
A new addition to the Tudor Sports Series, the new Tudor Heritage Chrono is the meeting point of retro style and speed. It was inspired by the TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph introduced by Tudor in the early 1970s.

Today, more than 40 years later, the 2010 TUDOR Heritage Chrono witnessed the historical relationship between TUDOR and Porsche Motorsport Technology Division and shared the same ideas, and continued the ‘Timing Partner’ launched by the two brands in 2009 ) Relationship, continue to support a number of Porsche international one-make cups.

Porsche retro sports car
Keep improving in modern design. The new series redesigns the watch based on this concept, interpreting the essence of the history, technology and aesthetics of the racing car with its fashionable style and exquisite appearance.

Tudor Heritage Chrono launched in 2010 is actually a continuation of the 1970s style. The design of its case, outer ring, lugs and straps all refer to the style of the year. But when you appreciate it carefully, you will find that many details are novel and bright. For example, the lugs are polished and chamfered, the shoulders are designed to protect the crown, and there are pits on the rotating outer ring and crown. Plays a non-slip effect.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric band watch
The surface is available with black and gray small dials and gray with black small dials to choose from, and it is also equipped with a bright orange hour display. The hour digits and the two timers are different from the pentagonal digital patterns printed on the surface in the past, but they use a three-dimensional digital display.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO steel belt
The watch is equipped with a precision 7734 Valjoux movement. The design of its 45-minute timer refers to the 45-minute timer style of the 1970s for easy reading. The case of the Tudor Heritage Chrono is thicker, wider, and brighter, and has been expanded from 40 mm to 42 mm, which is on par with today’s ordinary chronographs. This watch also references the two-way rotating outer ring concept that was designed for the 7033 model in the 1970s.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric strap 70330N
At present, the Tudor Heritage Chrono is modeled as 70330 and uses a black outer ring made of aluminum oxide. It is equipped with a three-link stainless steel strap and a new buckle. The buckle is attached with the Tudor shield logo. It is also equipped with a black, gray and orange striped fabric strap with an antique safety clasp on the reference seat.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric strap detail map

Watches Have More Than Just Their Feelings

In this era, it seems that a commodity cannot be regarded as a commodity without the support of feelings. And what is the feeling? In my opinion, feelings are basically fabricated, and merchants like to use false storylines to attract consumption. As for the watch, I cannot say that it has no feelings. I can only say that these three watches today are all powerful.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Dial Watch

Model: 116610LV-97200 Green Disk
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 04L stainless steel, oyster, three rows of links
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 70000
Watch details:
Model: Q1378420
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather, alligator leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch price: ¥ 66500
Details of the watch: The Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche series is a perfect fusion of pure lines and a thin stainless steel case, and is equipped with a number of subtle complications to complement the elegant dial. The watch has a date dial at 2 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 10 o’clock. Although the watch’s functions are complex, the dial is still neat and gives a comfortable feeling. This is the power of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 938 self-winding mechanical movement consisting of 273 parts, which provides a 43-hour power reserve.

IWC Portugal Series IW500705

Model: IW500705
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42.3 mm
Watch price: 92500
Watch details: / Wen Watch House (Zhang Chunxin)