The handsome 007 In each mission, in addition to the charming smile, robust skills, and wise judgment, there is also an important basic equipment, that is, the Omega Seamaster watch. Professional diving watch allows James Bond to accurately grasp the time even in the water. In the 007 movies over the years, James Bond has worn the Omega Seahorse series. The seahorse series that combines powerful features and elegant temperament is 007 Perfect choice. Today, Watch House brings you a hippocampus watch, the Omega Hornet! Official model:

   Omega was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man since 1848. So far, he has been working hard to adhere to the continuous pursuit of timepiece art. The new Seahorse Aqua Terra series is even better. Not only the vertical texture design elements show a unique ‘Teak concept’ dial , Reminiscent of the luxurious texture of a yacht deck, and has the advantages of a coaxial escapement system and a balance without balance spring.

Stainless steel case
   This watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 41.5 mm. The dial features a distinctive “Teak Concept” vertical texture and bears the signature of the Omega Aqua Terra collection. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this ‘poisonous’ special dial. The back is also abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal case back, exposing the watch’s anti-magnetic Omega 8508 coaxial movement.

Screw-down crown

   Screw-down crown, made of stainless steel, engraved with the Omega brand logo. The waterproof coefficient is 150 meters, which is higher than that of daily life.

Three stainless steel straps
   Three stainless steel straps are more suitable for summer matching, with a stainless steel folding buckle, the buckle is frosted and engraved with the Omega brand logo.

The side of the case is matte
   The side of the case is matte, the bezel is smooth and smooth, and the arc is natural.

   The lugs are connected to the strap, and are made of frosted and polished double-trimming technology, with moderate curvature, so that the body does not look bulky.

First fully antimagnetic timepiece
   The yellow ‘& gt; 15’000 GAUSS’ on the dial represents a 15,000 Gauss watch, highlighting this watch’s amazingly strong antimagnetic performance. This is the world’s first completely antimagnetic timepiece. At 3 o’clock, there is a calendar window, and the black-yellow bee tail second hand perfectly matches the yellow number on the minute circle. The case back is engraved with 150M / 500ft. Under the high antimagnetic function, it also takes into account the good waterproof function.

Bee tail pointer
   The most distinctive feature is the unique ‘Beetail Hands’ of the Omega Hornet, which looks ‘poisonous’. The watch is equipped with a slightly yellow and black lacquer dial and minute ring.

Omega 8508 coaxial movement

   The Omega 8508 is equipped with a self-winding anti-magnetic movement equipped with a coaxial escapement to ensure stable and accurate timekeeping. Cardless balance with hairspring, two barrels arranged in series, and two-way automatic winding, reducing winding time. The screws, barrel and balance wheel are blackened, and the rotor is engraved with red lacquer ‘& gt; 15000 GAUSS’. It also has a 60-hour power reserve function.

   Summary: The appearance of the Sea Horse Aqua Terra series is as elegant and leisurely as a yacht, while internally it takes into account the waterproof, shockproof and sturdy functions required for activities. And this watch is both internal and external, not only has 15,000 Gaussian high anti-magnetic, 150 meters waterproof and Omega 8500 series movement also has a unique bee-tail shaped hands, is the only choice for watch lovers. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 48,800 yuan.