Month: December 2010

Baby-g X Girls’ Generation 2015 Spring And Summer Show Bright Retro Holiday Style

In the spring and summer of 2015, Girls’ Generation transformed into a bright retro actress, taking a brand new image with a retro holiday look of the 90s. Each of the eight performed red, yellow, blue, orange, black, pink and other different colors to interpret the spring and summer fashion style. The refreshing retro style showed the youthful atmosphere of the girlhood. In this spring season suitable for travel, Girls’ Generation and BABY-G have jointly launched a new watch model BGA-190 series. The concept of ‘travel’ is used to transfer the world map to the dial, and the dual dial world time design , With interesting aircraft shape pointers and 3D three-dimensional hour, so that women who love traveling around the world, easily grasp the time in each place.
BABY-G X Girls’ Generation 2015 Spring and Summer Image Photo Set off a Summer Trendy Fashion Trend
   BABY-G and Girls’ Generation have entered the fourth year of cooperation. From the extreme colorful style of Kiss Me Baby-G in 2013, the trendy fashion style in 2014 to the bright retro holiday fashion in 2015, you can see it. Girls’ Generation used to look different in each season. In the spring and summer of 2015, the print advertisement was based on the concept of the retro vacation style of the 90s. It used red, yellow, white, black, blue and other different colors, with a waist open top, super hot pants and mini skirts. The appearance perfectly displays the seaside vacation style, setting off a colorful summer fashion trend!
BABY-G BGA-190 series fuses world map airplane pointer

   The new BABY-G BGA-190 series model adopts dual dial and world time design. It can display the time information of the two places at the same time with the main hand and the six o’clock watch eye. The map is transferred on the dial. Among them, BGA-190GL adopts the earth pattern and the blue light color system to perfectly interpret the earth’s appearance. The small dial pointer details show the childlike sense in the shape of an airplane. The entire series has a total of 6 colors, blending beach scenery around the world, including quiet night black, gorgeous sunset orange, clean beach white, quiet deep sea blue-green, dazzling sun gold, and the blue light of the earth, with 3D stereo Designed at all times, rich levels fully show the breath of traveling around the world, creating a new and colorful summer experience!


Zhang Chaowei’s Interpretation Of Cartier Watch

& ldquo; The charm of a man is reflected in the masculinity and wisdom of the inside and outside, and more indispensable, it is a attitude of life that constantly seeks transcendence and breakthrough. & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; Liang Chaowei
Wisdom, masculinity, and the courage to break through-The common understanding of the extreme charm of men made Liang Chaowei and Cartier cooperate sincerely again. The wise philosophy of life, the masculine demeanor and the courageous attitude to life are manifested in Liang Zhaowei’s acting career, emotional world and daily life, and the mature male charm is perfectly revealed.
Wisdom & mdash; & mdash; Smart philosophy
Liang Zhaowei’s aristocratic elegance is well known, but this does not hide his extraordinary wisdom. Unspoken, eager for quick success, at the shooting scene of the Cartier Caribo watch, his calm character and free interpretation from deep understanding of the work once again infected everyone around.

For more than two decades, there has been a huge explosive power accumulated in the stable, and a transcendent insight in the quiet. Liang Zhaowei’s words and deeds highlight the wisdom of a mature man’s philosophy of life. Zhou Muyun in ‘The Mood for Love’ fully distributes the delicateness and talents of men; in the ‘Tokyo Raiders’ and ‘Hancheng Raiders’, the intelligent agent Lin Guiren is always able to understand the opportunities, reduce risks, and better use the surface The slowness and dullness of the concealment conceal the meticulous thoughts in the heart; Zhou Yu in ‘Red Cliff’ subverts the previous narrow image and shows people the perfect man who is resourceful and affectionate. He is well versed in the relaxation of the military strategy, and he performed ‘Serial Plan’ for the whole situation and Zhuge Liang’s invisibility. As wise as he is, he can always act as a ‘salvation hero’ who can turn the tide in the ruined situation, but he is low-key and indifferent.
Outside of the show, his shy smile, wearing a seemingly casual but hard to conceal good taste, Cartier Caribo watch around the wrist even more implied extraordinary wisdom. It is equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement, 1904MC, remembering the world’s first watch created by Cartier in 1904, which is full of ambitions for the future. .

Masculine & mdash; & mdash; Irresistible Manly
With a tough appearance and a resolute look, Liang Chaowei’s masculinity complements the powerful Cartier Caribo watch on his wrist. However, his masculinity is not only manifested here, but also his extraordinary masculinity. He is affectionate, dedicated and responsible, and is a solid support for relatives and friends. The great director Li An once said with emotion: ‘He will imagine for others, when my mood is low, he will support me to encourage me. & rdquo;
In the movie, Liang Chaowei incarnates a classic role, expressing his masculinity more vividly. Warriors in the ‘East and West Poisons’, warriors alone; in the ‘Heroes’, the warriors with love and righteousness in the world; in the ‘Wounded City’, there is a cold, hidden policeman. Especially in ‘Infernal Affairs’, Liang Chaowei performed the masculine masculinity to the extreme. Messy stubble, vicissitudes of eyes, cynical attitude, but filled with firm faith and loyalty to friends. In the time-and-time confrontation, in the fierce battle, his justice and fearlessness became the best interpretation of the gray life.

Liang Chaowei’s masculinity quietly manifested invisibly, and the Cartier Caribo watch accompanying him, with a thick and solid case, a powerful large-diameter dial, and the oversized Roman timepiece XII on the dial, even more prominent Liang Chaowei’s irresistible manly style.

The courage to break through & mdash;
‘I like watches very much, because it is not only a timekeeping tool, but it is also entrusted to the mind and soul. ‘I am very fond of Cartier and I very much agree with the idea behind the work.’ In addition to the masculine design, the wise inner & lsquo; core & rsquo ;, the breakthrough attitude of life represented by the Cartier Caribo watch also deeply moved me. & rdquo;
Throughout Liang Zhaowei’s acting career, the courage to make a breakthrough is the best explanation. He was never satisfied with his achievements, but sought a higher self-transcendence with a humble attitude. In his favorite movie world, he performed scenes of ups and downs of glorious shame, lived the lives of others, and lived his own life.
Since the film, Liang Chaowei has been involved in almost all types of characters, whether it is heroic and actionful heroes in action movies, funny and humorous geniuses in comedy movies, or melancholic men in art movies, Liang Chaowei performances With both form and spirit, he is a legend in Hong Kong cinema. From the frustrated and melancholic police officer 663 in ‘Chongqing Forest’, to the introverted and reserved Li Yaohui in ‘Spring Light’, from the lonely Zhou Muyun in ‘The Moments of Love’ and ‘2046’ to the tough and masculine Chen Yongren in ‘Infernal Affairs’ Every image he created has become a touching classic, and has also achieved the glory of the best actor in Cannes and the best actor in the five Hong Kong Golden Awards.

Having received countless awards, Liang Chaowei still adheres to a life attitude of courage to make breakthroughs, just like his favorite Caribo watch series, with the perfect integration of profound craftsmanship and exquisite design of watchmaking technology, it demonstrates Cartier’s extraordinary and permanent A ceaseless tradition of innovation. The new Cartier Caribo watch series transforms Liang Chaowei’s firm persistence into shape and continues the legendary charm of wonderful life together.
Liang Chaowei’s personal style and inherent temperament lasted forever. The Cartier Caribo watch series that he likes to embody, expresses the masculine charm, passionately interprets the wisdom heart, the masculine character and the sincere breakthrough.


Permanent Quality Accompanied By Piaget Polo Goa33159 Watch

This is a bright Piaget POLO watch. Polo is a Piaget brand’s iconic watch that has stood the test of time for decades. The perfectly connected case and bracelet, round mold carving decoration and polished and matte polished surface, the exquisite structure is unique and memorable. Official model: GOA33159
 The watch reinterpreted in a modern spirit retains its classic charm, which has been favored by celebrities as soon as it was born. Today, watches entirely crafted from 18K rose gold are exquisitely luxurious, and the curved shape has been redesigned to ensure more comfortable wearing.
 The 18k rose gold crown fused with the case material is extremely delicate. The diameter of the crown does not exceed the thickness of the case, this design makes the watch more comfortable to wear. The LOGO engraved on the surface with a light outline represents the supreme honor.
 From the rear, the design of this watch is slimmer, because precious metal watches will be more refined due to their thinness. The Swiss-made Peugeot is engraved on the case back, which means the noble courtesy of Swiss watchmaking.
 The crown-free side is smooth and naive. In fact, the raw materials of precious metals are different. Earl’s precious metal is of the highest quality, so when you see it, the Buddha feels dizzy, like an illusion.
 The LOGO on the buckle is exquisite, and the proportion is very coordinated. It is very popular to make brand imprints on a small buckle plane, but it is also very difficult, because this level of precision does not allow any mistakes.
 Close observation reveals that the lugs of this watch are relatively short. I believe that the design has taken into account that there are more diamonds on the bezel, so to reduce the size of the lugs, this design is not only comfortable to wear, but also convenient and practical.
  At 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock, the Arabic numerals are used for the time scales, which exquisitely shine. When precious metal meets a pure white dial, it is a classic creation that cannot be surpassed.

 Piaget’s 504P movement perfectly embodies the spirit of Piaget’s second-generation automatic mechanical movement. This calibre is sturdy and reliable, with a skeleton movement oscillating weight in the center and a balance stop device. The movement is exquisite and elegant, with a central seconds hand and a large date display at 6 o’clock. Decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, and the blue steel screws show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand upholds, making this movement even more outstanding.
  In addition to the real materials and functions you can have, good quality also needs to inject a watch with the same soul concept as the owner. Each watch carries many stories with its owner. The value of Piaget watches is greater than practical value, because its beauty has surpassed everything.