Month: February 2011

Taipei 101 Blancpain Treasure Image Store Held 2015 New Top Watch Exhibition On 7/10-7/15

BLANCPAIN Basel topic models include the L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel watch beyond the limit, the industry’s first ‘Chinese-Western merger’ Shakudo watch with red gold copper and Damascus gold carving techniques, and eccentricity of innovative craft Women’s Series-Day & Night Dual Retrograde Watch… All new series of watches will be exhibited for a limited time at the Taipei 101 2F BLANCPAIN Image Store on 7 / 10-7 / 15, and watch fans will witness the 280th anniversary of the top watch craftsmanship. Important milestone.
L-Evolution Tourbillon Caruso
   Blancpain subverts tradition and perfectly combines the exclusive classic Caruso Tourbillon dual-core watch with Lamborghini! The new movement 2322V2 presents the two wings of the two timing and speed-adjusting mechanisms, each with its own barrel and flying tourbillon. The minute Carrousel jumps vertically in the ‘core’ of the watch at the same time. The most important differential in the two movements balances the speed of the two. The asymmetrical bridge and chassis, after a fine matte finish and an electroplated NAC coating, the multi-layer air-through movement has a unique layering to create the body and engine structure. Hexagonal movement screws are even more Increases the overall aesthetics. The JB Logo logo on Carrousel is presented with lyre graphics. This is the first time in the industry that BLANCPAIN has realized the ultimate process of using such a small component to receive a laser.
   L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel watch, platinum case, 47.4mm diameter, 2322V2 hand-wound movement, 7-day power reserve displayed on the bridge, movement protection device, crocodile leather folding buckle strap, waterproof 30 M, limited to 50 pieces worldwide.
Big Artist Series Japanese Red Gold Copper Damascus Golden Sculpture Shakudo
   The red gold copper craft was specially used in ancient Japan for decorations such as swords, jewellery, and utensils. BLANCPAIN marks an important milestone on the 280th anniversary of this year. For the first time, BLANCPAIN will be a combination of ancient ancient techniques and techniques, and the world-famous Western Damascus gold carving and enamel painting process. The Damascus gold sculpture has been developed from the original flat hammer hammer carving to a three-dimensional floating surface carving. This work once again allowed the East to meet the West and build a perfect bridge. The Shakudo series launched a total of five face plates including Indian elephant god, coelacanth (fish leaping dragon gate), goat (raising eyebrows and exhaling), pine cypress (pine cypress evergreen) and Egyptian griffon (guardian god of wealth). Use different patterns to show BLANCPAIN’s exquisite and delicate gold carvings and red gold copper’s excellent technique in color.
   Big artist series Japanese red gold bronze Damascus gold carving Shakudo, 18K red gold case, 45mm diameter, hand-engraved, this watch is Unique Piece, customized by appointment, 15B manual winding movement, 40-hour power reserve, crocodile Leather folding buckle strap, waterproof to 30 meters.
Eccentric Women’s Day and Night Dual Time Retrograde Watch
   BLANCPAIN insists that “innovation is tradition”, and the women’s watch series celebrated 280 years in 2015. It has launched a stunning double-retrograde watch with day and night hours and seconds. The day and night display of this model is changed every 12 hours. The day and night plate uses sedimentation and relief contour mother-of-pearl stacked paint and color powder to display lifelike changes of day and night. Diamonds interpret the rigidity and softness of the sun and the moon. It also shows that the most perfect sky uses three different diamond setting methods, the double retrograde movement of the hour hand and the second hand, and the day and night conversion, which highly demonstrates BLANCPAIN’s wonderful and complex watchmaking technology.
   Eccentric Women’s Day and Night Dual Time Retrograde Watch with Hour and Second Hand, 18K Red Gold or 18K White Gold Case, 40mm Diameter, 1150 Automatic Movement, Day and Night Display, Retrograde Hour Hand and 60 Second Retrograde Small Second Hand, German Silver Inlaid with 4 layers of mother-of-pearl dial: Day: 50 alumina and mother-of-pearl dots; Night: Moon inlaid with 50, stars inlaid with 14 diamonds, 40-hour power reserve, ostrich leather folding buckle strap, waterproof 30 meters.


Montblanc Releases The ‘moment Of The World’ Mobile App

For the first time, Montblanc, the top international luxury brand, has launched a smart phone camera application. It invites you to capture and share wonderful moments from all corners of the world, bringing you a new visual experience. Adhering to the concept of ‘The Same Moment in the Same World’, that is, ‘The Montblanc Worldsecond’, this project is inspired by the idea of ​​recording time. It aims to invite smartphone users from all corners of the world to capture and share the beautiful scenery of the moment. The smartphone camera application is available for iPhone and Android, and has a unique countdown function to ensure that all smartphone users who download this camera application take photos at the same instant.

    Photos taken with the ‘The Montblanc Worldsecond’ smartphone camera application can be uploaded to, and create a wonderful moment to share the world-‘Moment of the World’. During the event, users and visitors can upload, edit and share their photos on the website through many communication platforms. As of December 2012, Montblanc will select 60 highlights from the photos of all participants. Unleash your imagination and creativity, where you will travel through 60 different corners of the world. The event will end in early 2013 and the winners will receive a Montblanc TimeWalker watch presented by Montblanc.

   ‘The Montblanc Worldsecond’ smart phone camera application was officially launched in November 2012, and iPhone and Android users can download and use it. For more information visit:

Every second counts!
    The design, development and production of Montblanc watches and their movements were completed in Switzerland, the home of the watch. The watch craft masters have mastered superb and exquisite craftsmanship, and strive to make each watch with the highest precision and durability to become perfect. Montblanc watches are designed and manufactured to the same level as the brand culture that combines traditional manufacturing techniques with advanced technology. With the launch of two sophisticated sports watches from Montblanc Nicolas Kaiser and Timewalker, the world has also seen the development trend of Montblanc’s continuous improvement.