Month: August 2011

Corum Interprets The Art Of Transparency The New Golden Bridge Watch

CORUM New Ceramic Golden Bridge Watch
Detailed interpretation of linear transparent art

 CORUM introduces the famous Golden Bridge watch with linear and transparent art. For the first time, it introduces a black ceramic style, which makes its excellent and unique structure a more detailed interpretation. The case is made of ceramics, one of the strongest materials. It is made up of a long movement with a complex structure, which shows the subtle chemical effect between technological improvement and pure art. Molding an all-ceramic case requires injecting crystals into the mold at about 980 times the atmospheric pressure, which is a very difficult process. The first challenge in the production process was to ensure that the material was evenly distributed to avoid rough and uneven surfaces, and then placed in an oven and fired at 160 ° C for 30 seconds, making the material with many fine pores still harder. After this process, the ceramic volume will shrink by about one-third to reach the target of 34 × 51 mm size. To do this accurately, you need to fully grasp the firing time, because deviations of a few seconds may cause excessive shrinkage, so that the case is too small to accommodate the movement.

 CORUM new ceramic Golden Bridge watch

 The ceramic Golden Bridge watch injects light aesthetics into the highly precise watch craftsmanship, and the elongated lines of the long movement extend into the elegant barrel-shaped case. This special mechanical structure was first created in 1980, and instantly became a symbol of the Swiss watch industry. Its unique linear structure cleverly meets the requirements of kinetic energy transmission and is definitely a masterpiece in the watch industry. This perfect pure ceramic Golden Bridge watch also sets the crown at 6 o’clock, as if letting its CO 113 manual winding movement stretch out. The watch’s sliding mainspring winding system can avoid affecting the movement due to excessive winding, and the gears and pinions are installed between the main board and the bridge. This clever structure allows the special clutch to adjust the winding and time. More separated. Abandoning the classic scale indication or three-pin one-line design, the watch movement is equipped with a variable inertia balance, which can ensure that the watch remains accurate for a long time. The movement has a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), a power reserve of 40 hours, and two bridges on the bridge to strengthen and strengthen the watch, making it more accurate.

 The long movement is placed in a black ceramic case, and the surface, back and sides are made of sapphire crystal glass. 360-degree perspective of the linear movement structure makes people immersed in the charming transparent art. The upper splint bridge is made of 5N 18K red gold and is decorated with a hand-carved CORUM logo. The logo is surrounded by elongated scroll patterns, which depict three types of places where the Golden Bridge watch was born. Ferns in the forest of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, are exquisitely handcrafted; the main board made of red gold is also embellished with delicate hand carvings, showing the finest traditional watchmaking techniques. The hollow rod-shaped hands on the movement reveal the watch’s design without surface, which makes the transparency more prominent. The elegant alligator leather strap with black PVD coating pin buckle adds a part to the watch. Elegance.

 The Golden Bridge watch, made of ceramics, embodies a light weight, exquisite and clear aesthetics, and presents a fascinating spectacle.


Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smart Watch

Louis Vuitton LOUIS VUITTON presents the new Tambour Horizon smart watch, allowing travelers to move in the connected world with ease. This watch is the brand’s re-exploration of personalized pursuit, allowing wearers to experience the extraordinary experience on the wrist every day.

As a pioneering smart watch, Tambour Horizon boldly innovates in technology, while retaining the travel spirit inherited from the brand’s founder, Mr. Louis Vuitton-through innovative interpretation of luggage and accessories, Mr. Louis Vuitton The art of travel makes design not only creative and elegant, but also practical.
Tambour Horizon is an ideal watch for contemporary travellers. As a new member of the Louis Vuitton family, it has ensured from the beginning of creation that it has the world’s best design, craftsmanship and technology: the original idea was completed in Paris, France, After the watchmaker at the Swiss Vuitton workshop in Louis Vuitton has carefully created the watch case, and then air transported it to Los Angeles Silicon Valley to carry the latest technology-Tambour Horizon, which has created the world across the process, will also become the first in history. Accessibility is available for smart watches in various countries and regions around the world, including China.
Louis Vuitton works closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies to make Tambour Horizon not only possess the technical performance necessary for a smart watch, but also inherit the elegance and artistic beauty of the Tambour series of watches. Born in 2002, the Tambour watch is a pioneering work in the history of Louis Vuitton and is also the most iconic of the brand.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor enables Tambour Horizon to perfectly integrate the technological connotation in a 42mm diameter case, which is compact, compact and just right. The Swiss watchmaker followed the design of the Tambour Moon series watch, the side of the frame has an elegant curve concave like a crescent. Depending on the material of the case, the 24-hour scale on the outer edge of the mirror is also different. It has three different colors and styles of Graphite, Monogram and Black, which contrast with the case. In addition, the wearer can choose from 60 different styles of interchangeable straps-30 for women and 30 for men-making Tambour Horizon easily adaptable to the needs of different occasions.
However, this is just the beginning of the story. Working with Google, Tambour Horizon is equipped with the Android Wear 2.0 system, allowing the creative journey to continue on the wrist, bringing customers a personalized experience unique to the world of luxury watches.
Since its inception, Louis Vuitton has been inextricably linked to travel. The Tambour Horizon smartwatch is no exception, with a number of unique travel-related features.
‘My Flight’ is one of them, a unique feature that is hard to find in other smart watches. It can accurately remind tourists of boarding time, terminal and gate information, flight delay notifications, aircraft arrival time and much more. In the development of this feature, Louis Vuitton is committed to bringing just the right service to travelers around the world.
Provide the necessary information to make their trip more enjoyable and smooth.

The City Guide is another unique feature. From the paper version, to apps for mobile phones and tablets, to the applications in this smart watch, the ‘City Guide’ can bring the global travel information of Louis Vuitton’s carefully selected cities to travellers worldwide. The 7 most popular cities in the world for tourists, show the wearer’s famous attractions and address information through the touch screen surface of Tambour Horizon. The smart positioning system of the watch can indicate the nearest fashionable restaurants, characteristic hotels, historical landmarks and tourist attractions in real time.
The 24-hour time display design on the outer edge of the Tambour Horizon dial makes this watch with GMT dual-time function. Every second passing between the watches is a response to the travel theme. In addition, inspired by the 24 time zone of the Louis Vuitton Escale series watch, with a simple operation, the wearer can select the desired time zone, and the second time zone city name and the corresponding time are displayed on the watch.
The various dial and strap designs allow wearers to immerse themselves in endless options and combinations. Customized services have always been a vital part of the Louis Vuitton brand. Today, this experience is no longer limited to the brand’s workshops. Instead, it can be presented on the sapphire crystal surface of Tambour Horizon with just a flick of a finger Different dial displays.
With its unique style and sophisticated design, Tambour Horizon shows all that one can expect from a smart watch: it uses a variety of visual elements from the iconic Louis Vuitton watch series (GMT series, Chronograph series and Escale series). Dial, call, WeChat, SMS and email reminders, alarm clock, timer, weather forecast and pedometer and much more. It is precisely because of these convenient functions that Tambour Horizon becomes a control center in smart life, bringing all kinds of information needed for daily life to the wearer, eliminating the tediousness of repeatedly opening the mobile phone to view.

As a smart watch with a contemporary flavor and global connectivity, Tambour Horizon is both luxurious and fun, meeting unique personal needs, and is a modern life for both men and women. Missing smart tools.