On January 22, 2018, Shanghai, Vientiane was updated at the beginning of the new year. On the same day, Blancpain, a Swiss high-end watch brand, brought the “Art Master Tiangong Kaiwu” extraordinary craft watch exhibition to sail again, and landed in Shanghai to present the official opening of the brand’s Shanghai IFC Center store. Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, Mr. Huang Zhisheng, General Manager of Sun Hung Kai Properties (China) Mall Leasing Department, and Mr. Wu Xiubo, Blancpain Ambassador, attended the opening event.

Mr. Huang Zhisheng, General Manager of Sun Hung Kai Properties (China) Mall Leasing Department, Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, and Mr. Wu Xiubo, Blancpain Ambassador (from left to right)

Blancpain “Art Master Tiangong Kaiwu” Extraordinary Craft Watch Exhibition Shanghai International Gold Center Exhibition Area

   Blancpain was born in 1735. It is a watch manufacturer registered in Switzerland’s Jura Valley, and it has a long history. Innovation is tradition, which is Blancpain’s DNA. Innovation comes from long-term investment in watch creation. Only with a long-term vision can we continue to tap the world’s precious craftsmanship, continuously climb the peak of mechanical watchmaking and watch aesthetics, and finally touch the wearer of the watch.
   The creation of Métiersd’Art Master Studio is based on Blancpain’s ‘Innovation is Tradition’ concept. The studio is located in Blancpain’s LeBrassus large complex watchmaking workshop. Blancpain was specially set up to realize higher artistic pursuit and meet customers’ advanced customization needs.
   All the time, Blancpain watchmakers worked tirelessly in the watchmaking workshop, bringing together the complex craftsmanship of gold carving, enamel, damascus gold inlay, red copper, and three-question action puppet under the same roof. Blancpain is extremely A few watchmaking brands that can independently complete these five extraordinary craftsmanship.

Mr. Wu Xiubo, Blancpain Ambassador

   At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Blancpain Ambassador Wu Xiubo said, ‘From the works of Blancpain Métiersd’Art, I can feel the connotation of the craftsmanship and the distinctive Blancpain style-pragmatic and stylish. , The atmosphere sees the details. This is also a style I yearn for. The ultimate purpose of the style is to control the trend. I hope that everyone who loves Blancpain has his own style, a firm and confident. ‘

Blancpain Shanghai IFC Centre

   The prosperity of Shanghai is not only because of skyscrapers and neon neon, but also in people’s lifestyle and consumption habits. Located in the Lujiazui Financial Center, Shanghai IFC Centre Shopping Mall is filled with luxurious and fashionable shopping atmosphere, which is the perfect place to start a shopping feast.
   Blancpain Shanghai IFC Centre store is located on the first floor of Block D of IFC Centre. The store inherits the spirit of the brand, perfectly integrates tradition and innovation, and uses the brand’s unique decorative style to form a highly layered and textured structural space, expressing Blancpain’s consistent pursuit of excellence in aesthetics, and its creative elegance Standing in the world-renowned Shanghai Lujiazui landmark.

   Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China said at the opening ceremony: ‘The establishment of the Blancpain IFC Centre store is an important testimony of Blancpain’s tremendous success in China for more than ten years, and also reflects the brand’s The Chinese market attaches great importance to and firm commitment.
   Blancpain’s love and respect for traditional Chinese culture is also reflected everywhere in watch works-such as the brand’s unique Chinese calendar showing the traditional Chinese calendar, and the Great Wall and Lotus made by Métiersd’Art Chinese theme works.
   Consumers and watch enthusiasts can fully experience the cultural connotation of Swiss watches in Blancpain IFC Centre stores, appreciate the essence of watchmaking craftsmanship and the concept of pursuing a better life. ‘

‘Human, God, World’ Three Ultimate Propositions
   Everything can be gathered in the square of the dial. The masters of Blancpain chose three eternal themes-people, gods, and the world as inspiration for watchmaking, and created a collection of works of art on the wrist.
   People’s pastime and fun, rich and long-lasting feelings, are one of Blancpain’s most confident themes. Blancpain’s most famous event puppet minute repeater watch, the surface is light and windy, the case back is hidden. Blancpain’s exquisite gold moving joints combined to create a vivid picture of the world-a man wielding a golf club, a lively Spring Palace scene … With three questions, the action puppet was given Life is full of fun. Attentive gaze, there are people who can’t help thinking about the magic of life’s mystery. Blancpain’s micro-painted enamel haute couture watch ‘Liang Zhu’ series uses delicate figures to outline and tinge colors, showing the human empathy for the pursuit of free love and arousing humanity’s eternal watch over beauty.

Blancpain Masters Studio Three Questions Activity Doll Golf Watch Blancpain Masters Studio Micro-painted Enamel Advanced Custom Watch ‘Liang Zhu’ Series of ‘Butterfly Butterfly Wings’
   God is another important proposition of Blancpain. Abandoning the absolute material concept and maintaining respect and yearning for unknown things represent Blancpain’s aesthetic attitude and heritage. Among the many works of Blancpain that show the posture of God, the Solitary Ganesha series is one of the best. Ganesha is the god of wealth and knowledge in Hinduism, symbolizing endless wisdom and wealth. Modified by multiple complicated craftsmanship, Blancpain’s ganesha is sitting or lying, exquisite and exquisite, showing the superb skills of craftsmen. In addition to exotic gods, Blancpain also has complex crafts such as Tamron and angels, which show the aesthetic style and religious meaning under different blood cultures.

Blancpain Masters Studio Damascus Gold Craft Dragon Watch / Blancpain Masters Studio Two Red Copper Craft Ganesha Watches

   The composition of the world is distinguished and connected by different countries, regions and species. Blancpain is happy to present a variety of authentic cultures, so that every cultural symbol deposited on the wrist belongs to it. At Baselworld 2017, Blancpain launched three ‘Master of the Arts’ studio orphan watches, with the fierce ‘two cows fighting for the king’ national tradition, the rich wine mecca Lavo Valley, the legendary Swiss national flower Alpine edelweiss, depicting Switzerland, the country of watchmaking and the home of Blancpain. For China, which has an inextricable relationship with Blancpain, the masters of art deliberately delve into oriental aesthetics, bringing precious works of ink and wash mood and golden carving totems to pay tribute to the soul of the east.

Blancpain Masters Studio Laval Valley Watch; Blancpain Masters Studio Micro-painted Enamel Haute Couture Butterfly Watch; Blancpain Masters Studio Damascus Gold Wall Watch
Five craftsmanship that won the heaven
   Blancpain is famous for its five extraordinary crafts: gold carving, enamel, damascus inlaid gold, red bronze, and three questions. Among them, Damascus gold inlay and red copper are unique to Blancpain.
Damascus gold inlay: Blancpain’s unique secret
   Damascus gold setting originated in the 16th century BC and was originally used for weapon decoration. Blancpain pioneered its use in watch decoration. This process requires that a groove of 0.2-0.4 mm is carved on the dial that is only 1-2 mm thick, and then the gold wire is embedded in a light and solid, and then polished flat or embossed to present a vivid and complex delicate pattern. Can be described as ingenious.

Blancpain Master Art Studio Damascus Gold-Setting Chinese Rural Landscape Watch
Red copper: a traditional craft from Dongying
   The red copper craft originated from Dongying, and was used to make long swords, decorations and other utensils. It is Blancpain, who presents this rare art form in front of everyone through dial art. The red copper process uses a special passivation process and is treated with rokushō (aqua green salt) solution.

Blancpain Masters Studio Big Wave Watch / Blancpain Masters Studio Double Cow Fighting King Watch
Golden Carving: Top Master Craftsmanship
   Gold sculpture is a watchmaking tradition that Blancpain insists on and is widely used in the craftsmanship of the brand. The pure gold carving craftsmanship needs to be made entirely by hand, and Blancpain watch gold carving masters often spend months to carve a work. Blancpain is a rare watchmaking brand with an independent gold carving team. Among them, the national treasure-level craftsman Mary Lori Taburi also has the highest honor in the industry, ‘the highest prize of French manual skills’.

Gold sculpture of Ms. Marie, who won the ‘Top Prize in French Handicraft’
Enamel: The Treasure of Fire
   Blancpain is one of the few brands that has mastered the two extraordinary craftsmanship of the big fire enamel and micro-paint enamel. Micro-painted enamel, also known as ‘painted enamel’, presents the fine pattern of the dial with its translucent sheen and never-changing colors. Daming fire enamel is smelted with high temperature and intense fire to achieve the ultimate pure and extremely lustrous luster. In the many processes of enamel production, if you are not careful, you have to restart everything, which is a great challenge to the skill and patience of the master craftsman.

Blancpain Chinese Calendar Black Enamel Orphan Watch; Blancpain Masterpiece Sakura Watch; Blancpain Masterpiece Edelweiss Watch;
Event Dolls: Masterpieces of Legendary Art

   The technology of the moving puppet was once extinct. In 1993, Blancpain launched the first active puppet minute repeater watch, which shocked the watch industry. The watch’s gold puppet is hand-carved and has several active joints. As the bell of the three questions church bell rang, the moving puppet art on the back of the case began to perform with a pleasant sound. Each group of activities of the three questions is not repeated carving, it is a real art that can be moved and asked.

Blancpain Master of Arts Studio Three Questions Doll Watch