Month: January 2013

Advanced Handicrafts Make Earls Roses On The Ears

Earl Piaget Rose is also an important theme in this year’s Piaget Mediterranean Garden series of high jewelry, not only the Earl Piaget rose high jewelry earrings, but also the Earl Piaget rose Stylized high jewelry watch works. This collection of Mediterranean Garden collections of fine jewelry draws inspiration from the brand’s rich history and connects the glamorous and festive Riviera-like charming life and fashion in a modern way. It is an extraordinary work suitable for contemporary mature women, showing the distinctive elegance of the Mediterranean in the 1960s.

   Equally fascinating is not only the high jewelry itself, but also the handmade craftsmanship that realizes the charm of high jewelry. This craftsmanship links Riviera’s charming life and fashion with the luxury of Piaget high jewelry.
   Let’s take a look at how this Mediterranean garden series Yves Piaget rose earrings bloom slowly under the master of craftsmanship.

   Use the gouache manuscript as a reference to make metal components of jewelry. Among them is the famous Eiffel Rose component.

   Use the gouache as the background for the gems and components, and compare the size of each part and the gems.

   Place the gem on the gouache manuscript and observe the color of the jewellery in progress as a whole.

   Assemble Yves Piaget roses with a metal chassis.

   Then it is the process of mosaic. Pear-cut emeralds and aquamarine are set one by one on a metal frame base. In addition, fine polishing and sanding are essential processes.

   18K rose gold earrings set with 5 pear-cut emeralds (~ 3.73 carats), 278 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 3.63 carats), 4 pear-shaped aquamarine (~ 2.50 carats), and 2 pear-shaped green tourmalines (Approximately 1.85 carats). No. G38LY400.
   In this way, a beautiful and delicate Piaget rose bloomed in the hands of the master of craftsmanship, elegant and calm.

   In addition, in this series, along with this earl rose earring, there is also a pair of earl rose earrings, which also vividly magnifies the beauty of Earl Count.


Market Analysis 2015 Rolex Set Off Strongly (Part 1)

The high-end watch market is leading the way. The new CEO is about to take up his new role. Rolex’s New Year’s start and development trend are envied by its peers. The brand has attracted much attention, and there is no need to appear on the streets of Milan soon.
Milan city event
   This is a sensitive topic, at least for Rolex. On the opening day of the Expo in Milan in 2015, a group of unpopular thugs took to the streets and raged in the city, and the name of Rolex was exactly linked to this. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said that the malicious acts of sabotage were ‘a mix of spoiled and spoiled kids wearing Rolex’.
   Rolex’s counterattack came quickly. On Wednesday, May 6, the brand’s Italian CEO Gianpaolo Marini issued an open letter in various newspapers: “As a Milan city dweller, I sincerely thank the police for their sacrifices and dedication; but from a brand perspective, I want to talk to the Prime Minister about Relevant remarks related to the ‘Thugs who ruined the window’ and ‘Rolex watches’ expressed deep regret and disappointment, and your words have caused an unacceptable negative impact on the Rolex brand image. ‘

   Gianpaolo Marini asked Matteo Renzi to retract the inappropriate comments. I do n’t want to add fuel and jealousy, the photos supporting Matteo Renzi’s statement are said to be very blurred: it is a masked demonstrator in black, holding a spray can and wearing a wrist watch, but it is difficult to tell whether it is a genuine Rolex or Knockoff.
Sixth CEO
   In addition to this unexpected episode, the warm sunshine of 2015 continues to sprinkle Rolex’s development. Jean-Frédéric Dufour, the former helm of Zenith, is about to become the new CEO of Rolex. The appointment dates back to April of last year, but considering Rolex’s strict tradition of vetting and approval of every process and every detail, it takes time and patience, especially this involves the appointment of a new CEO who is expected to take the helm for a long time Ceremony.

   Jean-Frédéric Dufour was the third CEO appointed by Rolex after the unexpected resignation of Patrick Heiniger (now dead) in 2008. The first two were Bruno Meier (2008-2010) and Riccardo Marini (2011-2015). In contrast, their predecessors apparently enjoyed a longer tenure, from founder Hans Wilsdorf (1905-1960), to André Heiniger (1963-1992), and to Patrick Heiniger (1992-2008) as his father. After a 14-month adaptation period for the new role, Jean-Frédéric Dufour will officially take office at the Rolex Conference on June 17.
Occupy 20% of the high-end watch market
   The company that Jean-Frédéric Dufour is about to head is growing steadily. The Rolex is owned by the Foundation. Sales and financial figures are never released, and account information is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the entire state of Geneva. The best reference comes from the financial analysis of Zurich’s Vontobel Private Bank, which is valued by industry observers.
   Analysis points out that Rolex held the leading position in 2014 when the export price exceeded 3,000 Swiss francs (retail price ± 8,000 Swiss francs). Last year, Rolex sold 780,000 watches with sales of 4.5 billion Swiss francs, accounting for 20% of the market share, surpassing Omega (17%-720,000) and Cartier (13%-620,000). Further down are Patek Philippe (4%), Audemars Piguet and Breguet (both 2%) and Vacheron Constantin (1%). These brands have relatively small production scales but higher average selling prices.
   Or better news for Rolex. Analysis believes that Rolex’s growth rate exceeds Cartier and Omega (about 5% last year), and this is mainly due to the weak performance of the Asian market, the brand’s strong performance in the US market reached 6.2%. Continued