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Symphonia Grande Sonnerie, The Attic Artisan Of Les Cabinotiers By Vacheron Constantin 1860

In 2017, Vacheron Constantin was particularly focused on the research and development of superb watchmaking skills, and thus launched the brand’s first big self-sounding watch: an extremely rare watch in the fine watchmaking industry. This is an innovative interpretation of the ultimate clock function, with simple operation, simple and smooth lines can be called a model. Multiple uniquely designed safety devices avoid possible damage to the parts due to improper operation. The 727-part movement will report the time all the time. This time mode (big and small self-sounding) passes the bezel. It can also be adjusted by a crown button to activate the minute repeater function. This extraordinary work showcases Vacheron Constantin’s art of interpreting the highest complexity with minimalist art.

   Symphonia Grande Sonnerie, the unique attic craftsman of Les Cabinotiers, launched at the 2017 Geneva International Horological Watch Exhibition in 1860, is the first grand watch in Vacheron Constantin’s history, combining two extraordinary skills. Only a handful of watchmakers in the world can create this extreme complex function, and it is simple, safe and reliable for users. The new 1860 movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin is equipped with super complicated functions and a precise two-way manual winding mechanical structure. The entire research and development process took 10 years and has an innovative security system. This safety system protects the timekeeping mechanism controlled by the bezel and crown buttons from any improper human intervention. A master watchmaker spent 500 hours neatly assembling 727 parts, and perfect mechanical collaboration eventually constituted a number of rare and well-respected complex functions: big self-sounding, little self-sounding and minute repeaters. This bespoke platinum watch is a masterpiece of miniaturization technology, with a charming and pure design. The traditional timekeeping mechanism is usually located under the dial, and this original design can be seen through the case back. This Geneva-certified work continues the tradition of launching the world’s most complex timepiece with 57 complications in 2015, reference 57260, and is a symbol of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking excellence.

Peaking Complexity
   In the Hall of Fame of precision technology and mechanical craftsmanship, the timepiece can be regarded as one of the rarest and most respected functions in the complication of horology. In addition to superb professional skills, a pair of ears with a keen sense of music is also required. Such distinguished timepieces include: the three-question function of telling the time, hour, and minute in sequence in accordance with demand; and the whole hour and hour A large self-sounding function for automatic time reporting and a small self-sounding function for performing time reporting only at full time. The big self-sounding function has extremely high requirements for the miniaturization process, the technology and music technology are extremely complicated, and a large amount of power is consumed during operation, so it is widely regarded as a complex function that reaches the peak. This requires extreme control over power and complex machinery to fit hundreds of parts into a watch. Because the big self-sounding function needs sufficient power (the institution will start 96 times and make 912 beeps within 24 hours), and at the same time ensuring pure and high-quality timekeeping music is a veritably difficult challenge.

True master craftsmanship
   Although Les Cabinotiers Symphonia Grande Sonnerie Symphony 1860 is the first grandson watch produced by Vacheron Constantin, the brand has mastered the skills required for this complex function in the 18th and 19th centuries, and has launched large and small self-timer watches. Ming pocket watch (1827) and Da Ziming three questions pocket watch (1908). Vacheron Constantin has been an industry leader in this field since the mid-19th century and is committed to combining the timekeeping mechanism with other complex functions, such as timekeeping or astronomical functions. After entering the twentieth century, watches were born and rapidly risen in the market. Vacheron Constantin also applied its watchmaking expertise to watches in a timely manner. For example, the 1755 ultra-thin minute repeater movement introduced in 1991, and the brand borrowed 250 in 2005. The world’s most complicated double-sided timepiece, launched in the anniversary, has 15 other complex functions in addition to the minute repeat function, and the world’s thinnest minute repeater movement 1731 introduced in 2013.
   This big self-sounding complex function requires not only years of professional experience accumulated in research, but also continuous research and development and adjustment. Since the birth of the first grandson watch in 1992, only a handful of independent manufacturers and independent watchmakers have mastered this highly demanding skill in mechanical production and miniaturization.
   This new work is Vacheron Constantin’s brave challenge to load the big self-talk, small self-talk and minute repeater mechanical mechanism in a movement space with a diameter of only 37 mm and a thickness of only 9.1 mm. This is a real art of watchmaking. works.

Superb mechanical craftsmanship
   Symphonia Grande Sonnerie Symphony 1860, a unique Les Cabinotiers craftsman, is certified by the Geneva Seal, marking a new height in craftsmanship and craftsmanship, demonstrating the brand’s mastery of mechanical complexity, power and acoustics.
   This 1860 movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin is a two-way manual winding mechanical movement. It consists of 727 parts and is completely adjusted, decorated and assembled by hand. This requires 500 hours of patient production by an experienced watchmaker. Hours, minutes, small seconds, large self-talk, small self-talk, and three questions … This integrated structure means that the timekeeping mechanism is directly connected to the hour and minute functions, and the movement must be considered as a whole, which requires great Motivation supports a large self-sound function that produces 96 beeps per day. Therefore, this watch is equipped with two barrels, one is responsible for the movement of the movement, the other is responsible for the timekeeping mechanism, which can provide 72-hour power reserve and 20-hour timepiece power reserve mode.
   Based on the innovative design concept, its complicated and exquisite mechanical structure has outstanding performance in many aspects, such as the choice of three timekeeping modes-big self-sound, small self-sound and mute-realized by an original design never seen before. : By turning the bezel by 30 degrees for adjustment, there is a scale on the bezel pointing to the timekeeping mode marks engraved on the side of the case-PS, GS and SIL. The minute repeater function is activated by the crown button at 3 o’clock. Rotating the knurled crown clockwise for the movement of the movement, counterclockwise can increase the power for the timekeeping mechanism.
   Another major feature of this movement is the elimination of the ‘phantom quarters’ phenomenon, which shows the brand’s pursuit of timekeeping in harmony and regularity. The time signal sound is produced by two hammers striking a single group of gongs. Generally, the short pause between the hour and minute time signals is called a ‘ghost clock’. Regardless of whether the timepiece is hourly, hourly, or minutely, the interval between each beep is the same, and the time regularity is smooth and coherent.
   In addition, the timekeeping mechanism is also equipped with a non-dragging ‘fantastic’ jumper-spring positioning spring, which can ensure accurate timekeeping at the entire time and the entire moment. This spontaneous mechanism is activated only when the timepiece sounds, thus saving power and improving the accuracy of the movement.
   Finally, it is worth mentioning that the rack, trigger shaft and snail wheel that make up the 1860 movement, which are conventionally located below the dial, benefit from the unique structure of this movement, which can be seen through transparent sapphire crystal A glimpse of the case back. These advanced technical, acoustic and dynamic-related characteristics make this sophisticated movement. What makes this movement unique and unusually complex.

Simple and safe to use
   The big self-timer is unique because its extremely complex mechanism is assembled from hundreds of parts with precision. Therefore, not only does the wearer need to have certain knowledge when using it, but also rigorous and careful. To make this advanced complication more concise and easy to use, Vacheron Constantin has developed a number of original security systems. They can ensure the normal operation of different timepiece functions, while ensuring that they are not affected by human error. When setting the time, it is not possible to sound the alarm (whether it is automatic or on-demand). In the same way, during the time reporting—whether it is the three questions or the “automatic” time reporting—the time setting is locked before the time reporting ends. When one timekeeping function is performed, other timekeeping functions will not be turned on. Therefore, if the mode is switched during the timekeeping, the timekeeping mode locking device will ensure that the mode is switched after the timekeeping is completed. Finally, if the clockwork is insufficient to support the complete sounding of the timepiece, the timekeeping mechanism will not start, whether it is automatic or on-demand.

Customize elegance with simplicity
   This is a timepiece that pursues minimalist design. Pure aesthetics underscore the complexity of the mechanism. The movement is housed in an 18K white gold case with a diameter of 45 millimeters, with a custom-made pattern on the outside of the case. The case back is engraved with the words ‘Pièce Unique’, and the case is decorated with delicate striped carvings that echo the knurled pattern on the crown. Inspired by the brand’s antique timepiece pocket watches, the silver-toned dial made of 18K white gold also exudes a delicate low-key, creamy white, round sand or swirl pattern decoration process, rod-shaped hour markers and hands made of white gold, and black Two indicator needles for oxidation treatment.
   The small second hand is located at 7 o’clock, the power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock, and the power reserve at 2 o’clock is indicated by a serpentine pointer. These combinations create a harmonious and generous effect and are unique in modern style. Vacheron Constantin’s Attic Artisan Division can also provide case and dial customization services for this unique style, demonstrating the brand’s superior craftsmanship and innovation, as well as the Geneva watchmaking artisans whose brand has been known as the ‘Attic Artisan’ since the 18th century Classic design tradition. The brand always adheres to the spirit of excellent watchmaking skills, personalization and exclusive production.
   Les Cabinotiers Symphonia Grande Sonnerie Symphony 1860 is paired with a black alligator strap and 18K white gold folding clasp, and is certified by the distinguished Geneva Seal-consistent with other Vacheron Constantin collections. Full compliance with all the strict standards of this independent and supreme imprint is a guarantee of origin, accuracy, durability and watchmaking expertise. This timepiece is also equipped with a distinguished display box and a ‘Sound of Time’ resonator that amplifies the sound and enhances the harmony of the time.
Technical Specifications Les Cabinotiers Loft Artisan Symphonia Grande Sonnerie Symphony 1860
Model 9200E / 000G-B099
Geneva-Certified Timepiece
Available only at Vacheron Constantin stores
Movement 1860
Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures itself
Two-way manual winding mechanical movement
Diameter 37 mm (16’’’), thickness 9.1 mm
Movement power reserve: about 72 hours
Timekeeping power reserve: about 20 hours
Vibration frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 times per hour)
2 barrels
727 parts
74 gems
Display functions: hours, minutes, small seconds at 7 o’clock
Big bang
Xiao Ziming
Minute repeat
Display the big / small self-talk / mute by adjusting the timekeeping mode on the bezel
Movement power reserve indicator
Timekeeping power reserve indication
Case 18K White Gold
45 mm diameter, 15.1 mm thick
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Dial 18K Gold, Silver Milky White
18K white gold applied hour-markers and movement power reserve indicator
Strap Black double layer Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, saddle stitching, large checkered
Buckle 18K white gold folding buckle
Polished Half Maltese Cross Design
Showcases and accessories Premium models, equipped with a ‘Sound of Time’ resonator to enhance the Vacheron Constantin minute repeater and add a sense of harmony
Unique timepiece
The back of the timepiece is engraved with ‘Pièce unique’ and ‘Les Cabinotiers’ (


Companion To The Wrist Of The Festival Rado Swiss Radar Selects Two Diamaster 1314 Limited Edition New Timepieces To Shine In The Colorful Festival Season

(Linno, Switzerland – January 2018) With the advent of Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, and the annual gift season, RADO has introduced two new watch pairs that have attracted much attention — —The RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Series 1314 power reserve limited edition watch, and the RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond series 1314 limited edition watch, witness you to give important figures in your life, remembering every lasting moment

RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Bull Series 1314 Pairs
Left: Rado Limited Edition 1314 Power Reserve Watch
Right: Rado Diamond Rover Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Watch

   The elegant Zoran RADO Diamond Rover Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition is undoubtedly the best choice for women. This watch celebrates the extraordinary charm of women with its superb design. The smooth and smooth high-tech ceramic case with the glittering mother-of-pearl dial, the 49 dazzling beautiful diamonds set against each other, are dazzling and unique. The perfect gift for this season.

RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Bull Series 1314 Pairs
Left: Rado Limited Edition 1314 Power Reserve Watch
Right: Rado Diamond Rover Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Watch
   The Rado Swiss Diamond 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition watch is the all-weather gentleman’s choice. This watch is equipped with a power reserve function of up to 80 hours. The watch’s dial is set with 12 diamonds. The textured dark brown leather strap is a perfect interpretation of the restrained mature masculinity, the luxurious style under the charming metallic luster created by the plasma high-tech ceramic case, and the rose gold hands on the dial as the finishing touch , Ingenious, is a classic of gentleman aesthetics.

RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Bull Series 1314 Pairs
Left: Rado Limited Edition 1314 Power Reserve Watch
Right: Rado Diamond Rover Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Watch
   These two DiaMaster watches are carefully crafted from plasma high-tech ceramics, one of the most representative materials of RADO, each limited to 1,314 pieces. The modern appearance has both light and wear-resistant characteristics, making these two timepieces easily fit the needs of different social occasions, becoming the perfect gift for this season.