2014 Basel Watch Exhibition Bulgari Watch ‘professor’s Favorite’

Basel is about to come in 2014. The new BVLGARI Bulgari OCTO chronograph perfectly combines the extraordinary design of Italy and the excellence of Switzerland. The uniqueness of the OCTO series shows every detail, and it is also the Italian creative style and Swiss professional watchmaking craftsmanship that created this masterpiece, trying to find a balance between elegance and rigor. OCTO’s shape is inspired by the design of Italian architecture, so it has also become a very representative brand value. And in the ‘You from the Stars’ are all wearing this watch!

 The unique octagonal shape of the new Basel OCTO series in 2014 has many cultural implications

 The unique octagonal shape of the OCTO series has many cultural implications. The ancient graphic symbol of octagon has rich symbolic meaning and is inseparable from the history of civilization and culture. Crossing from the Asian continent to the West, the two geometric elements of square and circle have multiple values ​​and meanings of civilization or culture. For example, balance, harmony, power, and eternity are all related to the octagonal totem. In medieval Europe, alchemists believed that squares and circles were a perfect imagery, just like the relationship between the earth and the universe: squares represent human beings, and circles represent the connection between gods and humans.

 New Basel 2014 new octagon

 You can also see many octagonal shapes in buildings from Europe to Asia. In China, thousands of miles away, the octagon is the original source of Chinese history, civilization, and belief. In subsequent Chinese architecture, squares and circles showed symbolic associations according to architectural guidelines.

 The structure of the OCTO series is the essence of this symbolic content. The strong and charming character of the watch exudes its unique personality. It is neither a circle nor a square, but a perfect blend of the two geometric shapes to create the most recognizable octagonal design, and to build the natural beauty and geometric aesthetics of a round place.

 2014 Basel’s new OCTO collection establishes its iconic position in the BVLGARI men’s watch

 The extraordinary design of Italy and the exquisite craftsmanship of Switzerland make the OCTO series have its own distinctive style, establishing its classic position in BVLGARI men’s watches.

 The appearance of the BVLGARI OCTO series is pure and powerful. Through its profound charm, personality and extremely elegant graphic design, it perfectly reflects the value of the brand men’s watch. Its modern aesthetic style is infused with a low-key and classic time interpretation design, providing traditionally used functions. The shape of the OCTO series is different from the traditional specifications of such watches. It boldly and perfectly transforms the design proportions, creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic, and establishing its unique watch essence. The new OCTO series chronograph continues the classic dial design: the central seconds hand, the 30-minute chronograph dial at 3 o’clock, the 12-hour chronograph dial at 6 o’clock, and the small seconds chronograph dial at 9 o’clock. Black glaze dial.

 ‘You from the Stars’ Professor Du Minjun wears

 The new OCTO rose gold and stainless steel chronograph series watches adhere to the consistent precision technology, showing the watch’s momentum and self-evident power. The case has a unique structure with sharp cuts and clean lines. Its delicate procedures need to go through complicated basic manufacturing processes, including the middle case, bezel and spiral back cover. BVLGARI’s new self-made OCTO series case consists of a total of 110 facets. Each part is carefully created by hand, with polishing and satin finishes, which perfectly echoes the overall style of this watch, and its internal structure is based on a single design criterion of ‘excellence’.

 2014 new Basel BVL Calibre 328 self-winding silicon escapement mechanical movement

 In addition to maintaining the refined design of the new OCTO series chronograph watch, the movement also has its advantages: the BVL Calibre 328 self-winding silicon escapement mechanical movement, with a vibration frequency of one hour 36,000 times, with a power reserve of about 50 hours. The new OCTO chronograph series is available in three styles: 18K rose gold case with black alligator strap; stainless steel case with black alligator strap or stainless steel strap. The OCTO series perfectly presents BVLGARI’s brand value: charm and personality. Since 2012, the release of BVLGARI’s new OCTO series of watches has established its classic status as a men’s watch, interpreting its transcendence of traditional standards. The trend of watches.