Month: March 2014

Richard Mille Introduces New Model Rm 11-03

In any production cycle, style remodeling is always essential. This requires that the watch must be able to blend naturally with the brand’s own style development while maintaining its vitality. The RM 011 series launched by Richard Mille in 2007 is about to be retired. Instead, the newly created RM 11-03 self-winding flyback chronograph continues to carry this infinite scenery.

The concept of Richard Mille gives the RMAC3 automatic winding movement an excellent 3-D three-dimensional design, and presents the most intuitive visual experience of complex structures. Gorgeous chamfered edges give the watch a deep texture, with a colorful flyback chronograph dial and second hand display window around the central time display.
This kind of impact force can still be reflected in the upper bridge plate, which is made of polished grade 5 titanium alloy, which is in sharp contrast to the same titanium alloy but PVD coated movement. Coupled with the oversized calendar, the annual calendar, the 12-hour cumulative countdown and countdown functions of the flyback timer, this RM 11-03 automatic winding flyback chronograph brings a visual feast to the wearer.
The back of the movement is still a complex labyrinth. Polished and PVD-coated bridges accentuate the dual barrel arrangement, while the newly designed Tier 5 titanium alloy variable geometry automatic disc is full of fashion, inspired by the aerodynamic components in Formula One .
This technology is exclusively designed by Richard Mille and can adjust the watch’s automatic winding speed according to the intensity of the wearer’s activity. Two sandblasted and polished 18K white gold winglets with adjustable inertia

The design of the RM 11-03 flyback chronograph was inspired by the development of the automotive industry. This is a comprehensive sports watch, proudly interpreting Richard Mille’s latest aesthetics. The watch will be officially unveiled at the third Richard Mille Chantilly ‘Art and Taste’ antique car show on September 4.
RMAC3 movement / self-winding skeleton movement, adjustable geometric dial, hour, minute, second display, flyback timing function, 60-minute timer at 9 o’clock, 60-hour totalizer, large calendar and month display Window, variable geometry autopanel / 49.94 x 44.50 x 16.15 mm
Main features
Power reserve
About 55 hours (± 10%). * The actual duration of the power reserve depends on the continuous operating time and operating status of the chronograph.
Grade 5 titanium alloy machine plate and bridge plate
The machine plate and the bridge plate are polished by a grade 5 titanium alloy. The material is a biocompatible material. It is a hard alloy with strong corrosion resistance and can guarantee the perfect operation of the gear. The composition of the alloy is 90% grade 5 titanium alloy, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. This combination further strengthens the material’s mechanical properties and explains why it is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries.
The optimized RMAC3 movement has an excellent weight-to-external force ratio advantage. The hollow-out design of the base plate and bridge plate has undergone a complete high-intensity test to optimize the resistance to external forces.

Flyback timing
Press the button between 4 and 5 o’clock to reset the chronograph hands to zero without stopping the machine in advance. The device was originally designed for pilots and was designed to prevent the pilot from wasting time (while losing accuracy) on chronograph stops, zeroes and restarts as they cross the navigation point. When the chronograph function is activated, the hours and minutes can be displayed on the chronograph at 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively, and the seconds are indicated by the central hand.
Operation mode
The wearer can start or stop the chronograph function with the button between 1 and 2 o’clock. Press the button between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock to reset the flyback function repeatedly at any time you want.
Oversized calendar display
In the semi-instantaneous state, the horizontal window is located below 12 o’clock and automatically adjusts the number of days in the big month and small month.
Month display
In semi-transient state, it is displayed by Arabic numerals between 4 and 5 o’clock.

Variable inertia balance
This balance wheel is a major technological innovation. It can effectively improve the reliability of the watch under vibration, assembly and disassembly of the movement, maintain the accuracy of the watch, and have long-term stability. The spinner was removed. With 4 adjustable small weights, the inertia of the balance motion can be adjusted repeatedly and more finely.
Variable geometry automatic disc
 Grade 5 titanium alloy central gold frame
 18K Platinum Hammer
 6-position adjustment by grade 5 titanium alloy screw-18K white gold winglet
 Ceramic ball transmission bearings
 Counterclockwise single upward
This automatic disc device is an exclusive design of Richard Mille, which features that it can effectively adjust the automatic winding function according to the wearer’s exercise level (such as intenseness). By selecting the position of the adjusting wing, the degree of inertial motion of the automatic disc can be changed. If the wearer’s arm rhythm slows down, the winding speed will increase. If the wearer is an athlete, the winding speed will slow down. In this way, the movement’s winding device can be optimally adjusted according to the wearer’s lifestyle.
Double barrel device
To improve long-term stability of torque. As the number of gear turns increases, the pressure and friction on the gear set, bearings and pivots decrease, and performance increases.
The movement uses 5 grade titanium alloy gold spline screws
Use this type of screw to better control the screw tightening torque during assembly. In addition, these screws are not affected by the assembly and disassembly process at all, and they will not age.
Other characteristics
 Movement size: 30.25mm x 28.45mm-thickness: 9.00mm
 Number of rubies: 68
 AP20 stainless steel barrel
 Balance wheel: Glucydur, 4 swings, instantaneous inertia 4.8mg.cm2, inclination 53 °-Swing frequency: 28800 times per hour (4 Hz)
 Gossamer: AK3
 Time stamping component: Triovis N ° 2
 Anti-vibration element: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
 Escape Wheel Gem: Rubifix (Transparent)
 The winding handle has three functions: manual winding, date adjustment, time setting

Each step in the design and manufacture of the watch is based on the overall coordination of the movement, case and dial. Therefore, the structure of the entire watch is very harmonious, and each component is manufactured according to its strict technical specifications, just like the chassis and engine of a Formula One car. For example, the movement retaining ring was removed and the movement was replaced with 4 titanium screws and shock absorbers (ISO SW). These characteristics show the superb craftsmanship that does not compromise on difficult problems.
During the construction of the RM 11-03 case, it takes 26 hours to inlay and 30 hours to deploy the tools. An empty case requires 255 processes, and in the final stage it takes more than 15 hours to grind and polish. The complex shape of the case benefits from a five-axis linkage. The back of each case is engraved with the words ‘Richard Mille’, which perfectly fits the curvature of the back. The process took 45 minutes. Two nitrile ring seals ensure that the three-layer case of RM 11-03 has a water-resistant density of 50 meters. The entire case is assembled with 20 Grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear-resistant washers.

Case Grade 5 Titanium Alloy Gold Spline Screw
These screws allow for more precise control of the tightening torque. In addition, these screws are not affected by the assembly and disassembly process at all, and they will not age.
Made of carbon fiber, the hour markers are filled with approved luminous materials.
It is made of sapphire crystal (0.40mm thick) with double-sided anti-glare treatment, and 8 silicon connecting pieces are embedded between the upper and lower grooves of the flange for protection.
Table mirror
Bezel side: double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal (Vickers hardness 1800) mirror thickness: 1.50 mm
Bottom cover
Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal Thickness: 1.20 mm at the center and 2.04 mm at the outer edge
Seiko modification
 The floor and bridge are made of grade 5 titanium alloy, wet sandblasted and PVD coated-hand chamfered and polished
 Hand-polished fastening
 Pivot polished
 Diamond polished groove treatment
 Pinion undercut
 Gears are beveled, sandblasted, and rhodium plated
Stainless steel components
 Surface sapphire fine sandblasting
 Manual chamfering and polishing
 Screws and slots are beveled and ground, and tips are rounded and ground
 Diamond Abrasives
 Corners polished with diamonds
 Surface softening treatment
 Rhodium plating (before grinding gears)


The Collector’s Rare Patek Philippe Watch Will Be Auctioned

Eric Clapton will auction one of the treasures in the watch collection-the extremely rare Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, 2499 / 100P.

Extremely Rare Patek Philippe Platinum Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 2499 / 100P

This 2499 series watch was born in 1951. In the 35-year production process, a total of 349 pieces were released. Among them, only two pieces of white gold case were produced, and the other one is now the treasure of the town hall in the watch area of ​​the Patek Philippe watch museum in Geneva, Switzerland. The platinum perpetual calendar chronograph from Eric Clapton’s collection has been on sale for the first time since it was first sold more than 20 years ago.

The final price is expected to exceed $ 4 million.

 The watch will be unveiled at Christie’s Geneva auction on November 12th at Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, and the final price is expected to exceed $ 4 million.
里 Eric Clapton is a famous watch collector, he once released an album called ‘Timepieces’ (meaning clocks, Chinese translation of ‘the fragments of time’). In addition to Patek Philippe, he also has several Rolex collections.