Month: March 2015

Wrist On The World, Tianya This Time

The International Meridian Conference of 1884 officially divided the world into 24 time zones, and since then time boundaries have been created. With the advent of the industrial era, the rapid development of the economy, the continuous strengthening of global trade links, it is urgent to break through the limitations of time, and the World Time Watch came into being. The problem of reading time across time zones, which once plagued people, no longer exists. As a pioneer of world time watches, Breguet brought superb wristwatches to the world with superb and excellent watchmaking technology, telling another time story accurately and intuitively.
   The National Day holiday is coming, and foreign travel is a favorite choice for many romantics. On this beautiful occasion, Breguet specially selected the beautiful world time watch, so that the fashion elites traveling around the world time zone can accurately grasp the different time zones at any time, switch to know the domestic time, and feel the intimate and warmth brought by Breguet.
A Miracle That Changed Time-Classicique Hora Mundi 5717 ‘Beijing Time’ Commemorative Watch
   China has a glorious history of civilization for more than 5,000 years. Many great inventions, including the four major inventions, have profoundly affected the history of human civilization. In its more than two hundred years of brand history, Breguet is also determined to innovate. In the process of continuous pursuit of superior quality, it has achieved self-breakthroughs again and again, showing beautiful classics. In order to pay tribute to the country with a long history and culture and a great spirit of innovation, Breguet has worked hard to create the classic series Classique Hora Mundi 5717 ‘Beijing Time’ commemorative watch. As a World Time watch designed for the Chinese market, this watch is limited to mainland China and is only available in mainland China. ‘BEIJING’ (Beijing) is highlighted in red Latin letters in the city logo on the table’s twenty-four time zone dial. Simply set and store the ‘BEIJING’ time through the 8-point crown of the watch, whether you need to know the domestic time when traveling abroad, or switch to the local time after returning home, touch the 8-point crown, the watch is It can instantly jump to Beijing time. The date at 12 o’clock on the dial and the day and night display at 4 o’clock also jump to the corresponding position simultaneously.
   5717 ‘Beijing Time’ unique hidden miniature retrograde pointer, making calendar reading more convenient. To avoid confusion when reading the date, starting with the current date appearing on the left side of the window, the miniature retrograde pointer will frame the date and move with the date throughout the day, until the date of the day starts from The right side of the date window disappears. In the early morning, the ring-shaped pointer will jump back to the left of the window, indicating that the new date has just begun.
Breguet Classicique Hora Mundi 5717 ‘Beijing Time’ Commemorative Watch
   In appearance, the dial design also perfectly reflects the outstanding craftsmanship of Breguet. The appearance of the watch is gorgeous and mysterious, as if it guides the traveler’s heart to explore in other places, and enjoy the vast sky. A wonderful and colorful world. 5717 ‘Beijing Time’ brings a lot of surprises and conveniences to the majority of Chinese watch enthusiasts or tourists who often travel to China.
   In 2011, Breguet first introduced the classic series Classique Hora Mundi 5717 at the Basel Watch Show, which fully demonstrated the brand’s traditional values ​​and the essence of superb watchmaking skills. This watch has 3 dials to choose from: North and South America, Eurasia or Asia and Oceania-representing the borders of the world, a total of 6 models. The most representative innovation of this watch is its instant jump time zone display system, which can simultaneously display the date, day / night and city indication, which is undoubtedly the world’s first for a mechanical watch. The Breguet team spent three years in design development and improvement, and finally realized this complex function.

Breguet Classicique 5717 Hora Mundi Watch
   The 5717 makes it easy for travelers to read the time in two pre-selected time zones. With the push of a button, they can instantly switch from one time zone to another without disturbing the time. The stop-second system can ensure that the time is accurately moved during the setting process, and changing the time zone will not affect the time. It also synchronizes the date and day / night indication through the ‘tracking’ calendar system. This complicated process is very useful for travelers who travel frequently or need to contact friends who are far away, and can adjust their status at any time according to the time on the dial no matter where they are. With luxurious and elegant design, comfortable materials, and clear functions, 5717 inherits the unparalleled craftsmanship of Breguet for more than 200 years, and also embodies the brand’s unremitting pursuit of extreme creativity.

Greetings through time-Classicique Hora Mundi 5727 watch
   At the Baselworld 2016, Breguet carefully considered every detail to launch the classic Series Classique Hora Mundi 5727 watch, giving the Classicique a new meaning. While retaining the original instant time zone jump system of this series of watches, the 5727 returns to the simple and elegant ‘Breguet style’ in design, using the classic engraved dial, Breguet blue steel hands, Breguet stealth signature and other classic Design and traditional craftsmanship, the watch body is thinner and the dial design is simpler, which provides another excellent watch choice for daily wear for timepiece lovers and business people who often travel in different time zones.
   The 5727 dial abandons the original earth shape, and the silver-plated gold dial is decorated with a hand-engraved ‘Paris stud pattern’ pattern. There is a 24-hour display between the 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions, decorated with two different engraved flower patterns, the upper part is a flame pattern, the Breguet invisible signature is engraved, the lower part is a wave pattern, and the watch number is carved. The round satin-brushed case with Breguet’s classic needle-point hollow-out blue-steel hands rotates gently around the Roman numerals to clearly indicate the hours and minutes.

Breguet Classicique Hora Mundi 5727 dual time zone watch
   The Breguet Classic Class Hora Mundi 5727 watch perfectly inherits the timeless innovation spirit of the Breguet brand, unique ingenious design and practical functions, which is the best choice for business people and travel enthusiasts.
   Timepieces record the silent passage of time, and the boundaries of time zones virtually block the distance between the worlds. Does a traveler in a foreign country send another bit of life under the sky? National Day is approaching. The Breguet World Time watch offers the warmest greetings and care for travelers who are in ‘little parting’, and interprets the world in thousands of inches.


Franck Muller

Time is the eternal witness of love. On the occasion of the romantic Qixi Festival, which originated from ancient myths, Geneva luxury watch brand FRANCK MULLER has selected Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition watches and Cintrée Curvex automatic watch series, in order to sharp lines, accurate time, Luxurious materials set up the bridge of Qixi Love, making time a testimony to the constant promise of partners.

Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition

Vanguard Crazy Hours Asian Special Edition Rose Gold Watch RMB 176,000

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady Asian Special Edition Stainless Steel Diamond Watch RMB 199,000
   The Crazy Hours dial’s digital time scales are displayed in non-sequential order. The hour hand will jump to the next correct digital time scale every 60 minutes, and the minute hand will rotate along the traditional 60-minute outer circle of the dial. It looks cluttered but can accurately tell the time . Vanguard Crazy Hours’ elegant rose gold case with black dial and crown highlights its unique taste with extraordinary style. Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady is even more elegant, with black digital hour markers and white sun-embossed dial, showing classic beauty, adding more sophisticated interest to women.
Even as time flies, love is still in my heart.

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady Asia Special Edition

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady Asian Special Edition Stainless Steel Diamond Watch RMB 209,000
   Brilliant diamonds set in the case like stars. The smooth lines of the Vanguard case perfectly blend with the precious luxury of the diamond, and the rubber alligator strap shows the ingenuity of details. The sun-embossed dial is embellished with Color Dreams embossed digital hour markers to add gorgeous colors, which is the elegant expression of love in women’s hearts.

Cintrée Curvex Automatic

Cintrée Curvex rose gold watch RMB 159,000

Cintrée Curvex Lady rose gold watch RMB 96,000
   A good love begins with a sudden heartbeat at first sight, just like the Cintrée Curvex automatic watch gives the first impression. Cintrée Curvex’s breakthrough barrel design makes the dial more visually striking. The transparent sapphire crystal caseback allows you to visually appreciate the inside of the movement. The subtle gear engagement is like the hands of lovers’ ten-finger clasps. Perfect fit. Women’s style is decorated with red straps, charming and elegant. The men’s style is equipped with a black strap, raising hands to show the gentleman’s charm. Timeless promises of time, let love be guarded on your wrist with extraordinary creativity and high-quality watches, and witness with Famulan only your eternal love.


The Fifth Round Of The Blancpain Endurance Race On The German Nurburgring Circuit Valentino Rossi Shines

On September 23, 2012, the fifth round of the Blancpain Endurance Race started at the Nurburgring, Germany, and the Blancpain VIP event held on the same day also ended successfully as scheduled. As the official timing and title sponsor of this event, Blancpain and hundreds of distinguished guests participated in the event, experiencing the dynamic passion at the touch of a button. Its president and CEO Marc A. Hayek (Marc A. Hayek) even went off the race in person to show the brand’s precise timing, solid and reliable quality. Blancpain-Lamborghini racing at the Nurburgring
    Today, the Blancpain Endurance Race has developed into the highlight of the GT Endurance Championship. A total of 50 cars competed fiercely at the Nurburgring, which is unprecedented. The special VIPs and famous drivers who participated in the competition are endless. Valentino Rossi, the nine-time winner of the World Motorcycle Championship, also joined enthusiastically and will show off his skills. After the first day of qualifying, the Italian ‘El Dottore’ had a cordial conversation with his rival, Blancpain President and CEO, Mr. Hayek.
    During the event, Blancpain also carefully arranged a number of exciting activities, reflecting its precise and reliable quality and the enthusiasm for high-end mechanical devices, which are the values ​​pursued by precision watchmaking and extreme racing. . In addition, with the strong support of the Driving Academy, Blancpain also launched a distinguished test drive experience. Guests can not only test their skills through the simulation program, but also personally drive a Lamborghini sports car to experience the passion of the track. In addition, the garage of the Blancpain Reiter team is also open to the audience. Guests can visit the pits and the race timing control center, or take advantage of this rare opportunity to step on the track, enjoy the charming style of the car, and feel the intense atmosphere of the race.
    In order to further the climax of the race, Blancpain also specially provided celebrity VIPs such as Rossi and Erol Sander with a unique experience of wind-storming: driving the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar to conquer the ultimate on the endurance track Fort-Nürburgring Northern Circuit. This tarmac road, which stretches for 14 miles on the Eifel Mountains, is complex and unpredictable. It is known as the ‘green hell’ and is extremely reliable in terms of timing and the reliability, accuracy and ruggedness of the car Demanding requirements. This elaborate session attracted many guests to stop and watch, adding icing on the cake.
Blancpain: 277 years of tradition and innovation
    In 1735, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, named after his surname, founded the world’s oldest watchmaking brand in existence. Today, Blancpain has long been dedicated to reviving traditional mechanical watchmaking technology. Through continuous investment in high-quality watchmaking talents, watchmaking equipment and innovative research and development, the extraordinary professional watchmaking skills are passed on from generation to generation and continue.
    From part creation to watch design, Blancpain stands out from the fine watchmaking industry with its outstanding movement development capabilities. Over the past seven years, Le Brassus watchmaking workshops have created more than 20 new and original watch movements, and their outstanding performance is amazing.
    Each watch produced by Blancpain has always adhered to the brand’s long-standing and profound watchmaking tradition. Its precise performance and elegant appearance, meanwhile, it has demonstrated the brand spirit of persistence in innovation and courage to break through. Blancpain’s watch family stars shine: the avant-garde revolutionary L-evolution series, the legendary Fifty Fathoms divers watch series, the pure classic Villeret series, the elegant and exquisite ladies series, all of which are dazzling pearls on the brand crown.
The watch of choice for avid sports enthusiasts: Blancpain L-evolution double flyback chronograph
   While adhering to its own brand philosophy, Blancpain and the luxury car world also have a wonderful fate. After all, fine watchmaking and cars share common core values: precision, reliability, ruggedness and durability.
    As the watch of choice for avid sports enthusiasts, Blancpain’s L-evolution series flyback chronograph watch represents the brand’s proud innovation and R & D spirit. Its bezel, case back, dial, and even buckle are made of carbon fiber. In order to highlight the sporting characteristics of Blancpain’s latest masterpiece L-evolutionR, the large date window of the dial is displayed in digital font, the background of the dial highlights the oversized red digital processing, the small chronograph dial is set at 3 and 9 o’clock, and the timekeeping button at 8 o’clock is imitated The appearance of the oil cap echoes the design of the Lamborghini supercar.
    The watch movement is equipped with column wheels and vertical disc clutches to ensure accurate chronograph operation. In addition, it is equipped with two horological complex devices to perfectly realize two additional complex functions-the dual-tracing chronograph device achieves segmented timing; the flyback chronograph device provides instant reset and restart functions.
    This watch uses a black Alcantara leather strap, with precision sewing, exquisite workmanship, and the addition of carbon fiber materials, reminiscent of Blancpain’s recent breakthroughs in the field of racing.
Blancpain’s relationship with motorsport
    Blancpain is proud to be the official timekeeper of the Blancpain Endurance Race and the main sponsor of the Championship since 2011.
    This new international racing series represents the return of many essential spirits of GT events. Blancpain’s brands / partner-brands / blancpain endurance series lasts for three hours, and the venue spans European circuits, attracting the participation of the world’s most famous brands of sports cars. During the race, teams and drivers from all walks of life indulge in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, and jointly create a high-level professional racing event.


Elegance Also Belongs To Men Three Recommended Men’s Formal Watches

A formal watch is an indispensable watch for a man. No matter how many sports watches or high-complex watches he has, he must also have a formal watch. It’s perfect. Today, Watch House recommends three men’s formal watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1282510

Watch Series: Master Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 112000
Details of the watch: The Grande Ultra Thin Date is equipped with an automatic movement in rose gold, which perfectly matches the delicate touch with the timeless design. For watch enthusiasts aspiring for exquisite and gorgeous models, the pure lines of this model are irresistible.

Cartier Tank W5330001

Watch Series: Tank Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34.30 × 44.00 mm
Domestic public price: 154000
Watch details: cartier / 32514 /
Watch Comments: Cartier tanks are very popular because of their unique design. The reason for their popularity is the apparently delicate Art Deco aesthetics, which has been in more than 250 tank watch versions. Over time, the Cartier Tank series has become a hot watch. This watch recommended for everyone today, the dial with guilloché dial design, seems more connotative.

Girard Perregaux men’s watch series 49525-52-131-BK6A

Watch Series: Men’s Watch Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 124000
Watch details: zhibai / 6308 /
Watch Comments: Girard Perregaux is a well-known Swiss watch brand. Its unique Sanjinqiao Tourbillon watch is unique and has always been a benchmark for watchmaking. This watch brought to you today is designed with a 38 mm diameter, a simple three-pin, simple but not connotative. Inside the watch is a Girard Perregaux GP3300 automatic winding movement, which provides 46 hours of full winding Power reserve. The watch is only 8.5 mm thick and can be easily tucked into a shirt when worn.

Summary: Formal watches are naturally suitable for formal wear, so the formal watch has very high requirements in thickness. If the watch is too thick and the formal watch is very uncoordinated, it is not beautiful at all. The three watches recommended for everyone today are all of moderate thickness, especially that of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series, with a thickness of only 7.45 millimeters. Such an automatic mechanical watch can be considered as an excellent thin watch. People.