Month: June 2015

Gyroscope Doesn’t Necessarily Take Up Space Zenith Zendy Defy Zero G

Zenith watches produced by Zenith have always been known for their outstanding appearance and solid connotation. How to reduce the factors affecting mechanical operation and double the accuracy of the watch has always been the core of the brand One of the issues, in the process of moving towards this goal, the brand has repeatedly demonstrated amazing results.

In 1969, ZENITH launched the first ever integrated self-winding movement, El Primero, which vibrates 36,000 times per hour and can measure to an accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second. Based on this movement, it continuously improves and integrates complex functions. Developed more than 600 movements, demonstrating the consistent insistence of completely self-made movements. El Primero also changed from an outstanding movement role to the name of a watch series. In 2010, El Primero released a high-frequency chronograph with a seconds hand display In 1 / 10th of a second, it will be even better in 2017. The Defy El Primero 21 automatic chronograph, equipped with a Defy Lab oscillator, accurately measures time to 1 / 100th of a second, which has become a revolutionary pioneering work in the watch industry. Defy, a blend of top features, now includes watches of varying complexity, extending into watch collections. Defy Zero G, the new work of 2018, is even more sophisticated.

Defy Zero G is equipped with the brand’s patented technology gyroscope module, and equipped with the El Primero 8812S manual winding movement, which guarantees double precision

Feature one: Defy series combines gyro device for the first time
The suffix G of the new Defy Zero G refers to Gravity. As the name suggests, it is to challenge universal gravity and eliminate factors that interfere with normal operation of the watch. The secret weapon that it relies on is the brand’s patented gyroscope module. At the beginning of the 21st century, the brand designed and patented a self-adjusting gravity control device. This set of gyro modules eliminates the speed of gravity on the watch by keeping the adjustment mechanism and the balance wheel at the same level. Influence, and equipped with a high-frequency El Primero movement, making the overall structure more sophisticated.

The hollow face plate looks at the fine structure inside, and the brand’s representative star logo is located at 12 o’clock. And the case fits the wrist with an ergonomic design

Feature 2: Gyro volume reduction
However, Defy Zero G keeps improving, condensing the size of the gyroscope and improving it, because the gyroscope module inspired by traditional marine timepieces is a spherical structure composed of 139 miniature parts, which was previously between two convex sapphire crystals. Rotate, but the volume has now been reduced to 30% of the original size, so it can match the two flat crystals on the case, and you can enjoy this distinctive design at the 6 o’clock position. Furthermore, the Defy Zero G is equipped with a 5 Hz El Primero 8812S manual-winding movement. It utilizes the same performance as the legendary movement 1969 El Primero to drive off-axis hours, minutes, small seconds, and gravity. Control function, and has more than 50 hours of power reserve.

Inspired by traditional precision timepieces, a gyro device consisting of 139 parts was applied to the new watch after improved performance and reduced size

Feature 3: Hollow + eccentric layout Visual effects are still balanced
In addition to superb functions, the design is also not sloppy. The new model is made of solid titanium or rose gold. The face plate is integrated with an ergonomic metal strap. The overall lines are smooth and atmospheric. The black rhodium-plated movement can be seen on the dial. The rotating gyroscope module at the 6 o’clock hour position is embedded in the blue ring above. It is decorated with a night lithographic surface and a Barton-style hand. It’s readable both day and night, plus the symmetrical hollowed-out small seconds dial and power reserve display. The even distribution of details shows a balanced aesthetic.

Defy Zero G

Titanium material / El Primero 8812 S manual winding movement / Eccentric, eccentric minutes, small seconds display / Gyro device / Power reserve display / Sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / Water resistance 100 meters / Diameter 44mm / Reference price : 743,000 RMB


Meidu Helmsman Series-introduction Of Diamond Women’s Watch

The sailing of the ship in the vast ocean requires the helmsman to guide the direction. On the road of everyone’s growth, it is inseparable from the mentoring and careful guidance of the teacher. They use their knowledge to learn Inspiration and care for the younger generations ignited the hope of every young man, using the power of knowledge to change their destiny. Mido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch perfectly demonstrates the intellectual charm of these women, conveying an unparalleled rigidity and softness, and at the same time set off the slender beauty of women, paying tribute to “Human Soul Engineer”
 Each era has its own unique creations and challenges. The industrial streamlined design that was born after the 1929 Industrial Revolution is a milestone in the field of product design. Since then, the design community has shifted its focus to aerodynamics and bioengineering. Through the study and mastery of material properties, steel and specially processed materials have been widely used to meet people’s aesthetic standards. In 1934, Mr. George Sharon, the son of the founder of Mido, created the Helmsman series with his solid expertise in watchmaking. Reliable and powerful, the classic appearance that can withstand the test of the times, these characteristics make the helmsman series be synonymous with high quality and rigor when it comes out.
 This characteristic of the Helmsman series has given it a deep, low-key and simple atmosphere. The tireless exploration of science, the unswerving pursuit of technology, coupled with the streamlined concept and unique rivet embellishment design inspiration have finally made the classic of the helmsman. Just as ‘Human Soul Engineers’ and our respected teachers, they use their inspiration from knowledge and infinite love for their younger generations to ignite our hope for progress and motivate us to move forward.
 The helmsman diamond women’s mechanical watch is a perfect interpretation of the intellectual charm of the master. The entire watch shows an unparalleled rigidity and softness. It sets off the slender beauty of women and emits a dazzling appeal. Women offer great choices. The watch shows the beautiful love of the watchmaker for his growing up leader in the age of growth through the exquisite and detailed processing of the watch. With a 31 mm diameter dial and a water-resistant depth of 50 meters, this sophisticated helmsman diamond female mechanical watch stands out among many watches. Its elegant and beautiful appearance and advanced and exquisite technology make it a knowledgeable woman today. Impeccable choice.
 Protected by the sapphire scratch-resistant mirror surface, the swirling Geneva wave dial design is stunning. The smooth lines are adorned with 8 diamonds. The streamlined dynamics of the year were accompanied by the inspiration of rivets. Design of women’s watches. Every detail reflects the perfect blend of temperament and elegance. Watch enthusiasts can be surprised to see that through the transparent bottom cover, the magical and exquisite mechanical operation can also be seen.
The watch is also available in stainless steel, PVD gold-plated and calfskin leather straps.

Technical data
Movement mechanical movement ETA 2671, H1, H3, diameter 7? & Rsquo; & rsquo ;,? 17.20mm, thickness 4.8mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO main hair Bar, NIVAROX II balance wheel, hour, minute, second, date function, 38-hour power reserve.
Case Stainless steel 316L, dial diameter 31 mm, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, transparent back and crown can be seen in the carefully crafted movement and serial number, waterproof depth of 50 meters.
Strap Calfskin leather strap with crocodile leather pattern and stainless steel folding buckle.
Dial Swirling Geneva wave, decorated with 8 top Weston natural diamonds & mdash; VSSI, 0.02 carat 8/8
Hands Diamond Polished