Month: November 2015

Graham Deep Sea King Prodive- News Graham

GRAHAM continues to bring fine watchmaking to the depths of the ocean. The British Swiss brand has launched a truly luxurious diver’s watch in its Prodive watch collection, combining professional technicians and high-tech Prodive wrists. The watch series is as rare and beautiful as something that can only be found deep. For the first time, the Prodive watch series is equipped with a patented on / off / reset mechanism that allows the watch to operate at the extreme depth of the sea where humans can dive. Each watch is tested for resistance to depths beyond 2000 feet. Even if this 18K gold model is not used for deep diving, it is very suitable for wearing at various banquet occasions, showing personal taste.

 GRAHAM launches new Prodive diving chronograph Prodive watch, amphibious to make you more lively at the party, limited to 250 pieces

The putter, GRAHAM’s most famous patented system, is undoubtedly the best system to start the timing mechanism without fail. Placed on the left side of the case, after repeated design, the trigger becomes the only putter that controls the start / stop and reset of the chronograph. The watch is made of 18K gold and is easy to use and even activate functions. Equipped with an automatic helium valve, the 18K gold crown is equipped with an automatic locking system (bayonet) and a red safety ring to remind the crown to unlock. This single push timing is also reliable regardless of the depth of 2000 feet or the shower.


Ding Junhui’s Trip To Tibet, Enlightenment Tour Starts Again

A few days ago, China’s snooker star Ding Junhui flashed with surprise ‘the closest place to heaven’-‘The City of Sunlight’ in Tibet. Ding Junhui, a pilgrimage to Lhasa, not only wandered the landmark Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Sacred Lake Namco, but also a celebrity shelf without a world champion. He and the local Tibetan teenagers approached the snow plateau easily The billiard table staged a special billiard master show with extra love.

Ding Junhui staged a unique masters billiard show on the snowy plateau

Take the clothes for the sky and the ridges for the beams. The pure air of Tibet and the unique humanistic atmosphere make Ding Junhui particularly comfortable. While accompanying his family to explore the great mountains and rivers, he can find inspiration and stretch his body and mind. Ding Junhui, who wears sunglasses and lollipops, is extremely lively and playful. From time to time, he stops to take funny pictures with small animals on the street. He still takes pictures and takes photos along the way. Changing the solemn look on the snooker field showed a completely different charm.

Ding Junhui, a lively souvenir in front of the Potala Palace

Quiet Ding Junhui with lollipop

The new season of the world snooker tournament has already begun, but Ding Junhui chose to give up participating and continue to accompany his family to relax and play. Although experiencing the haze of the previous season, Ding Junhui calmed down his mind and chose to adjust his body and mind in Tibet to better prepare for the next game and embark on a journey of inspiration before sailing again.

Ding Junhui travelling with smiles between local Tibetans and intimate contact with small animals

Ding Junhui overlooking the beauty of Tibet

It is not difficult to find that Ding Junhui has been wearing Zenith flagship El Primero Happy 1969 watch on his wrist during his travels to Tibet. When he comes out, he never forgets the identity of Zenith brand ambassador and praises us professional Xiaohui!

I believe that in the future, Zenith will continue to work with Ding Junhui to support the snooker movement, help the development of snooker in China, pay tribute to classics, and create legends! Let us look forward to it together!

Ding Junhui, a good partner in Tibet

Zenith flagship El Primero happy 1969 rose gold watch, 42 mm, reference price: RMB 80,300

Zenith’s flagship El Primero Happy 1969 rose gold watch is a concentrated expression of Zenith’s brand characteristics: the classic tone applied to the first El Primero chronograph, and for the first time a watchmaking feature that explains the movement of the movement through the dial window The combination makes it a watch that truly embodies the essence of Zenith.