Hamilton has been associated with aviation since 1919. Since then, the brand has always played a pivotal role in the aviation industry. In order to pay tribute to this outstanding aviation tradition, the brand cooperated with Swiss aircraft manufacturer MSW Aerospace to present the 1: 1 VOTEC 221 aircraft model painted with the brand’s logo, mainly in orange and black, touring exhibitions in different countries around the world. The Hamilton aircraft, made with flight-compliant components, has a wingspan of 20.7 feet, a length of more than 19.5 feet, a height of 5.25 feet, and a weight of 1,000 pounds. It will arrive in Hong Kong at the beginning of the month, and will be on June 2, 2012. From 22 to 22, it will be exhibited at the Excelsior Plaza (in front of the wtc more World Trade Center entrance) at 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay.
    In 1919, the American airmail service had just started, and the Hamilton flight watch was entrusted with the heavy duty to escort the first airmail between New York and Washington. In the 1930s, the four major American airlines, including Global Air, China Eastern Airlines, United Airlines, and Northwest Airlines, selected Hamilton as the official chronometer of the most advanced transportation vehicle in the United States. United Airlines also used Hamilton as the official timing partner for its first flight from New York on the east coast to San Francisco on the west coast. Entering the 1940s, the legend of Khaki officially kicked off. During World War II, Hamilton became the official watch manufacturer of the U.S. Army, providing a total of one million watches. In 2005, Hamilton partnered with Nicolas Ivanoff, the world’s premier stuntman. In 2011, Hamilton entered into a partnership with Air Zermatt, a pioneer in modern helicopter rescue and mountain transportation. Since mankind pioneered the field of aviation, Hamilton’s masterpieces have served as the best partners for pilots of different ages, soaring with them, crossing history and achieving immortal legends.
   The Hamilton aircraft on display at Excelsior Plaza (in front of the wtc more World Trade Center) from June 2nd to 22nd demonstrates the spirit of continuous and precise cooperation between the brand and the aviation industry. Hamilton’s latest flight watches, including the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol, adhere to the brand’s fine traditions, combining style design and superior performance. The launch of the watch has become the latest legend in the watch industry, easily capturing the hearts of watch lovers.