Vacheron Constantin unveiled the rest of the whole journey of Overseas, which was similarly shot by legendary photographer Steve McCurry. These six new locations showcase very rare and unique visual spaces, highlighting the extraordinary imagination, creativity, and transformation of humanity. Adhering to the values ​​shared by the watchmaking brands, these photos present a unique world view from a unique perspective.
Paris Observatory: At the time of conquest


    The Paris Observatory is the oldest and still operating observatory in the world. Built in 1667, this knowledge center has a close relationship with the public, and it has witnessed the birth of emerging sciences such as geodesy and meteorology. Surrounded by green trees, an observatory in the heart of Paris, an astronomical telescope points to the sky through its weather-beaten dome, guiding visitors to the endless place where time and space meet.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘This is my first time in the dome of the observatory. It is really interesting to visit such a place that turns human curiosity and creativity into reality. The Paris Observatory is a technology innovator and is still one of the world’s largest astronomical centers. 1. The curiosity of the world also drives the continuous journey of Overseas, which is the core of this place. ‘

Overlooking Red Square from the glass roof of Moscow Gum Department Store: Time for Insight

    Overlooking one of the world’s most famous squares, the roof of Gum Department Store showcases the combination of technology and architecture. Built in 1893, its glass dome uses a large iron dome structure covering an area of ​​about 2.5 hectares. Standing at the highest point of this magnificent dome, you can see the unique scenery of Red Square, admire the spherical tower of St. Vasí Ascension Church, and feel the pulse of history and ethnicity over a thousand years.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘The location of the roof of the Gum Department Store provides a new perspective and favorable terrain for Red Square shooting. Several colorful minarets stand on Red Square, adding a unique style to it. When night falls, as the ancient times The glass roof lighting of the department store lights up, and Red Square has been given a new look and charm. ‘

The Clansick Multiverse of Scotland: Time for Inspiration

    The Crawick Multiverse is a precious gem inlaid in the heart of the mountain in central Dumfries, Scotland. The discerning architect and landscape artist Charles Jenks transformed this former open coal mine area into a landscape art design exhibition area. The ecology and boulder found here have inspired structural design inspiration based on space, astronomy and the universe. If you are in it, you can embark on the journey from the center of the earth to the farthest galaxy; connect with the vast universe through the unique and long-term perspective of this creative designer.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘I’ve never heard of this place before, and I am pleasantly surprised by this emerging landscape that reveals ancient and mysterious atmosphere. These masterpieces of humanities are just like many of the landscapes that have not been known so far. They are representative of Scotland’s long history. These structures give People have a sense of universe. ‘

Chefchaouen, Morocco: Time for Tradition

    The residents of Chefchaouen have been decorating the town with blue for almost a century. Whatever the story behind this tradition, it continues to this day because the locals believe that blue is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also shows their unique personality. No second village in the world has such a monochromatic beauty, and it is like a blue ocean lying in the desert.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘I have visited a similar blue town in India, where there is a poetic story that compares the blue city to the sky or heaven. When the night falls, the whole city is seen from a distance, the warm lights and The blues towns are starkly contrasted and dreamy. ‘

Samarkand, Uzbekistan: At the Confluence

    Samarkand is strategically located at the intersection of geography and culture. It is located on the Silk Road leading to China and is one of the oldest Central Asian cities in the world. It has successively experienced the heyday of civilization in Greece, Persia, Turkey, Mongolia and Iran. The mausoleum and other tomb buildings here are all gorgeous, with dazzling ceramic decoration, gorgeous domes and the magic of Middle Eastern art spread here forever.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘I visited this place ten years ago and was familiar with it. However, these timeless buildings are still as striking and iconic as when they were built 2,500 years ago. Their gorgeous designs and exquisite colors It is even more amazing. ‘

The holy city of Lalibela, Ethiopia: the symbolic time

    The holy city of Lalibela was built in the 13th century, and this architectural miracle excavated from the rock on the top of the mountain is regarded as ‘New Jerusalem’. The eleven buildings symbolize Jerusalem in the world and heaven, respectively, and even a ditch symbolizing the Jordan River. Simple, single and without any decorations or statues, the roof of this peculiar rock-hewn land is level with the ground, leading travelers into an extraordinary, unpretentious and humble world.

Steve McCurry’s point:

    ‘The holy city of Lalibela has a long history, and the church complex is carved from a complete rock from top to bottom. It is highly recognizable. Its unique architectural features are very different from pyramids or medieval churches. Although it was built in 700 years Previously, these buildings are still a must for pilgrimages. ‘

Overseas Travel
    Vacheron Constantin invited legendary photographer Steve McCurry to share his unique worldview, explaining the travel spirit contained in the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series.
    Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry walked through twelve little-known and even hard-to-access mysterious regions around the world, showing the values ​​shared by the brand through the photographer’s lens.