Month: September 2016

Unparalleled Masterpiece Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Minute Repeat Time Concept Table

This year, Audemars Piguet lived up to expectations and proudly launched a series of new products. The most unique is a minute repeater watch that breaks the conventional expectations-RoyalOakConceptRD # 1 Royal Oak Concept Watch. The brand and EPFL (Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) have jointly developed the timekeeping mechanism for this new concept watch, thus achieving the perfect sound of a modern minute repeater watch.
  Watch real shot show:

Titanium case and case back, anti-glare sapphire crystal
  Watch details real shot display:

The perfect sound of a modern minute repeater

Black dial with cutouts and satin finish

Long thin strips of steel are carefully fixed around the movement

The orange pointer stands out, full of enthusiasm and vitality

Titanium and ceramic screw-down crowns and buttons, titanium button guards

Titanium case and case back, carefully treated

  The above is the latest SIHH 2015 cutting-edge information brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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A Voyage To The Magical World Of Swatch!

In recent days, the Swatch Peace Art Hotel, a landmark building in Shanghai, has ushered in a one-day open day, and it is said that each floor has carefully prepared different surprises. What kind of grand event is this? It turned out that Swatch joined hands with global brand image ambassador Wang Junkai to gather with hipsters from all walks of life and the media to start a Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony and explore the wonderful world of Swatch. Curious you, come and walk into this mysterious building with us and find out!

   Swatch was born in 1983 and was founded by Nicolas G. Hayek. It is a leading Swiss watch manufacturer and a world-renowned fashion watch brand. For 35 years, it has continuously surprised consumers and has always been closely linked to art. It is a creative artboard in the hands of contemporary artists around the world and a darling of the fashion industry. Its world is always full of color, transparency, innovation and vitality. Next, let’s explore its wonderful world layer by layer.

Step into Swatch’s history of innovation

   The Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center is not only a landmark of Shanghai, but also a monumental building and focal point of Chinese contemporary art and culture. Since its opening in 2011, it has introduced a unique operating concept that combines hotels, artist studios and retail to create a unique creative space. Taking this opportunity, the celebration of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day was also staged in this iconic art center. The first stop of the ceremony was the precious Swatch 35th anniversary watch exhibition. Here are 35 of Swatch’s most iconic watches since it was born in 1983, like a Swatch time art museum. In 1983, the first quartz watch marked the birth of Swatch; in 1986, the POP series designed by American artist Keith Haring was inspired by street art in New York and showed artistic interest; in 1990, diving that everyone could afford The watch SWATCH SCUBA 200 gives a classic sporty look to the wrist. In 2011, the artist’s special watch designed by famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott is bold and creative, and countless eye-catching. As of today, as a creative pioneer in the watch industry, Swatch is still determined to innovate, constantly creating surprises for consumers. Its newly created device 51 metal series and SKIN ultra-thin series watches have made amazing innovations in terms of materials, design models and production technology. With its unexpected artistic creativity and unique design style, Swatch is telling the world’s consumers one story after another.

Discover the colorful wrist world


   The second floor of the Swatch Peace Art Center has been turned into a rainbow amusement park. Injecting colorful DNA with dynamic vitality, the colorful Swatch watches shine here. Swatch’s new spring-summer 2018 watch, which has always been featured in hues and hues, also made a stunning appearance in Rainbow Paradise, showing the vitality and dynamics of spring and summer. Guests can’t wait to join Swatch’s fantasy colors, experience the fun test of color personality, find their own colors, and express their personalities. At the same time, the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center also provides artists from all over the world with a comfortable creative space, allowing them to express their feelings freely and to interpret their true identity with paint in their hands.

Discover the secrets in the transparent ‘core’

   On the next stop, the magic bubble in the magician’s hand suddenly pointed out the theme-transparency. The light bubbles floating in the air are light, free and crystal clear, like the Swatch transparent movement watch on display, subverting the convention with an extremely simple design, and interpreting the exquisite watch technology with ‘core’. However, ‘transparency’ not only shows the design characteristics of Swatch watches, but also reflects the intimate relationship between Swatch and consumers. Swatch also exhibited special watches of the Swatch Peace Art Center in the past years, and invited consumers across the country to vote for the special watches of the Swatch Peace Art Center in 2018.

Feel the lifestyle of Swatch

   After experiencing the Swatch brand concept, let’s walk into the Swatch lifestyle. Grüezi All! With the aroma of strong chocolate and delicious cheese, we come to the world of 100% Swiss-made Swatch and enjoy the pure Swiss style. The cuckoo clock dial, detachable log cabin case, and strap with potato peeler and Davos sled are hailed as traditional Swiss culture. Looking at them, the guests couldn’t help humming along with the Swiss folk songs at the scene. However, in addition to the unique complex 100% from Switzerland, Swatch also fully interpreted the Chinese traditional culture, and captured the hearts of many Chinese consumers with a full set of Chinese New Year Zodiac special watches for 12 years. The new year is approaching. In order to let more consumers feel the rich flavor of the year, the site also specially arranged innovative art performances of sugar art, traditional quyi and popular rap, which pushed the festival to a climax. In addition, in the bright space on the fourth floor, the Swatch Peace Art Center also opened up a creative world for the consumers on the spot. Consumers can use different colors and lines to sketch freely or figuratively the beautiful picture of 2018 on the wall and express their creativity freely.

Enjoy the fun of Swatch

   However, the surprise on the scene didn’t stop there. The next stop, Swatch, which has always swept the world with positive rebellion and fun, takes everyone into an unforgettable party time. After the unveiling ceremony of the exciting Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony, the fifth floor instantly turned into a noisy carnival party. The guests at the scene made gorgeous appearances with fashionable and cool shapes. Under the neon light flickering, they accompanied the rhythmic DJ music to swing.

Welcome to the Swatch family

   After fully experiencing the wonderful brand concept and spirit of Swatch, we invite everyone to join the Swatch Club together to play the cool and interesting world of the wrist. The Swatch Club belongs to people who love to laugh, enjoy life and share their passion for Swatch. Consumers only need to register for a Swatch Club account and record the first purchase at a Swatch store participating in the Swatch Exclusive event, and then they can start to accumulate tier points. From entry-level members to gold members, each membership level has wonderful privileges, including a special Swatch Club watch customized for members every year. In the unique Renaissance room on the sixth floor, we exhibited a series of boldly designed Swatch club watches, taking everyone to explore Swatch’s wrist world together.

   From historical innovation, brand concept to brand spirit, Swatch has successfully completed the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day Ceremony with the richest watch exhibitions and exciting creative performances to date. At this moment, accompanied by the charming night view of the Bund and dynamic notes, Swatch is right there!
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Blancpain’s Sincere Valentine’s Day Gift In 2013

Adhering to the romantic tradition of Valentine’s Day, in 2013, Blancpain, the world’s oldest watch brand, once again created a timepiece for her immersed in love. This Valentine’s Day Limited Women’s Watch is elegantly designed and feminine in color. The brilliant diamonds are carefully set to reflect the timeless friendship between lovers. Raise your hand and cast your feet, like the advent of love, and break the silence of this cold winter day with hot truth.

   As early as the 1930s, Blancpain began to create ‘women’s hearts’ watches tailored for women. Today, Blancpain’s watchmaking masters have condensed their whimsy again, using the ‘heart’ to interpret a dreamy and chic dial, with special materials and shapes designed to fit the romantic festive atmosphere and convey touching feelings. The shining hour-markers of the jewellery sparkle with true love; the five red lacquered mother-of-pearl heart motifs leap above the mother-of-pearl dial, with brilliant colors and extraordinary beauty.

   The outer ring of the 34mm stainless steel case is delicately inlaid with two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds, and the heart-shaped decoration clustered on the back of the dial symbolizes people’s unwavering true love. In addition, the side of the case is also implicitly decorated with five liquid ceramic red hearts at 9 o’clock, and its creation process is also unique. The watchmaker first uses liquid materials to outline the precise pattern on the dial, and then burns it into a shape, leaving an eternal affectionate mark. This watch features a three-hand design, and the light weight of the second hand subtly integrates Blancpain’s brand logo. Equipped with Cal.1150 self-winding movement for precise movement, the power reserve is up to 100 hours; meanwhile, it is equipped with a date display window, which perfectly combines practical functions and elegant appearance.

   Blancpain’s Valentine’s Day Lady’s watch features a seamless white ostrich leather strap with a soft and comfortable Alzavel lining. This watch is limited to 99 pieces and comes with a wooden case with a white heart-shaped pattern, matching the dial design. On this special day, it is bound to capture the hearts of beautiful women.