2018 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition Van Cleef & Arpels New Products Summary

VanCleef & Arpels at the Geneva Watch Fair brings many different series of masterpieces, exploring the mysteries of the world and the complex watches with 12 constellation patterns … People appreciate the charm of precision mechanical watchmaking. This time VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels brought us many surprises, both in design and craftsmanship are perfect.

LadyArpels Planétarium poetic complication watch

   The family takes the feminine feminine progress and the moon as the protagonist, and presents the activities of the sun and the neighboring planets, including Mercury, Venus, Earth and its natural satellite moon, in front of the eyes. Seven aventurine turntables are embedded in the dial in the form of concentric rings, each of which independently rotates with the movement of the movement. Each star moves at the true speed of nature, and the sky can be seen by looking down. The case diameter is 38 mm, the bezel and the side of the case are set with diamonds, equipped with a tiny movement redesigned to match the size of the watch, and equipped with a special module developed by Sega and ChristiaanvanderKlaauw. Rhodium-plated gold creates a dazzling shooting star, which tells the time precisely in a poetic and elegant way. The case back has two windows showing the year, month and date. The watch comes with two diamond straps, full-diamond and blue alligator leather, for different occasions. The watch is specially created for women, showing feminine beauty, creative and vivid design and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship will take you to the universe.
News Materials: Poetic Astronomy presents 12 new MidnightZodiac Lumineux watches. The new watches are based on 12 constellations and feature constellations. One of the major characteristics of the watch is that the ‘light-emitting dial’ shines from the piezoelectric effect, which means that some substances accumulate electrical energy when they encounter physical resistance. When the wearer’s body action drives the press engine, the lighting device is lit, and it is reflected through the dial enamel beads, and the light lasts for 3 seconds. The charming dazzling blue enamel dial is hand-carved and perfectly designed, which reflects the brand’s peak watchmaking technology.

News materials: The new work is a new addition to the VanCleef & Arpels men’s watch series. The watch is equipped with a dual time zone movement, Heured’Ici is the time of day, displayed above the dial; and Heured’Ailleurs-the first The two time zone time is displayed in the window below the dial. The two drive the two sets of hour dials and the retrograde minute hand to run synchronously through a single mechanical component to ensure accurate display of the time in the two places. When the minute hand has completed the 60-minute trajectory, it returns to the starting point, and the hour display also jumps in synchronization, marking the complete end of a period of journey and the beginning of another new journey. The watch is simple and elegant as a whole, easy to read time, and ingenious design. The watch uses a single crown to wind the movement and adjust the time zone and minute hand of the movement at the same time, which shows the elegant man’s style.
News materials: The new LadyArpels Nuit Féerique watch is poetic and beautiful. There are many craftsmanship on the 41 mm white gold dial. Under the superb craftsmanship of craftsmen, it is composed of diamonds, sapphires, onyx and miniature painted mother-of-pearl. Patterns such as clouds, moon and fairy fairy are beautiful. The blue alligator leather strap with white gold pin buckle is very exquisite and luxurious, with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship to show the charming galaxy and the beautiful shadow of the symbol of the family fairy.
News materials: The warm sun nourishes all things, the fairy whirls in the sun, and the beautiful mood is displayed on the exquisite dial. Multiple craftsmanship interweaves a dial with a three-dimensional layer, embossed and hollowed out to outline the outline of the sun. The three kinds of gold are combined with frosted and polished to depict the sun, and turquoise, mother-of-pearl, enamel and bright diamonds create a layer for the dial Beauty.
Press release: The decorative patterns on the two ends of the watch are linked by a tie-shaped bracelet, inspired by two different beauty states of the dandelion flower ball, a 10mm yellow gold dial, set with yellow round diamonds, and white and yellow diamonds gradually outline the leaf and stem contours along the bracelet . Gently tilt the corolla’s central hinge device, and the gorgeous dial emerges. The luxurious charm is unique.

News materials: Graceful peony guards the time mysterious, 10mm diameter yellow gold dial with round garnet, hidden under the white gold cover, white gold leaf with round diamonds and round mint green tourmaline, rose gold strap Set with round pink sapphire and round diamonds, quartz movement. The buckle clasp, the elegant buckle on the buckled side, the unique design of the watch and the exquisite appearance make this masterpiece more elegant and timeless.

News materials: The large corolla has carefully carved the beautiful shape of chrysanthemums, making this outstanding high-end jewelry watch. 10mm yellow gold dial with round garnet, rose gold petals, dial hidden under the rose gold cover, white gold strap, quartz movement. The exquisite craftsmanship of various colored gemstones and the extraordinary combination of many different gold qualities complement each other. Rose gold and yellow gold leaf lightly embrace the white gold gold diamond strap, with gorgeous colors against the delicate flowers.

News material: White gold bezel set with round diamonds, 12mm white gold dial, set with round blue sapphire, quartz movement. This masterpiece is a fusion of VanCleef & Arpels’ unique creativity and outstanding craftsmanship, which gently evokes the gentle flowery phrase of ‘forget-me-not’. Watches are like bouquets, eye-catching and layered.

News materials: Yellow gold bezel set with round diamonds, 12mm white gold dial, set with round diamonds. The structural design of the Pâquerette watch is similar to that of the Myosotis watch, and it interprets colorful spring colors in the same way. The sparkling pear-shaped diamonds and round yellow sapphires are set side by side to form beautiful petals, which vividly show the extraordinary professional accomplishments of family gem experts and setting artisans.

News materials: Yellow gold bezel with round diamonds, 12 mm yellow gold dial, white gold petals, dial hidden under yellow gold cover, black grosgrain strap with yellow gold brooch clasp, snowflake Inlaid round diamond, quartz movement. The daisies became the guardian of time under the clever hands of the family’s artisans, sheltering time in its yellow sapphire flower stamens. When the flower is lifted, the diamond dial emerges, glamorous with the brilliant diamond petals.

News material: Yellow gold bezel set with round diamonds, 12 mm yellow gold dial, dial hidden under yellow gold cover, pink grosgrain strap with rose gold brooch, snowflake inlaid round diamonds, quartz movement . The hidden dial is revealed through a delicate mechanical device. Just press one of the petals gently, the stamens will slowly open, and the delicate dial will be exposed.
News materials: 12mm white gold dial with dial hidden under the white gold cover, navy blue grosgrain strap with white gold pin buckle, snowflake-shaped round diamond rose gold brooch, round diamond, quartz movement . The petals are paved with diamonds in a snowflake-like setting process, which shines brightly. Craftsmen carefully craft and inlay up to 18 different diameter gems, so that the surface of the flower is completely immersed in the brilliant colors of the diamond. It can also be combined with elegant rose gold diamond leaves for brooch wear.
News materials: 22.7mm × 22.7 rose gold or beige gold case, quartz movement. Available in malachite, lapis lazuli and turquoise dials, these three models are limited to 50 pieces. The four-leaf clover with luck is a fusion of the superb craftsmanship of the family, from gem selection, inlaying to the installation of movement technology, all highlighting the family’s outstanding jewelry and watchmaking skills.
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