Month: April 2018

Cartier Reinterprets The Tortue Watch

The Cartier Tortue series watch was founded in 1912. With its unique shape and precise design, it became popular overnight, achieved great success, and became one of Cartier’s most popular series. Its bold and innovative name (Tortue means tortoise in French) and its unique shape conforms to Cartier’s traditional classic style. It belongs to the same type as the Tonneau, Baignoire and Crash watches, and has become a timeless classic. At the forthcoming 2014 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, Cartier reinterpreted this series of watches and inherited the feminine charm.

New Cartier Medium Tortue Pink Gold Case

The new Cartier Tortue watch has soft lines, ultra-thin outlines, large dials, unique shapes and elegant styles. The perfect design and manufacturing process make her the most typical representative of Cartier. Based on the original dome mirror, the new Tortue uses a flat surface instead, highlighting the delicate elegance of women.

New Cartier Mini Tortue, pink gold case with diamonds

Roman numerals, sword-shaped hands, wheat ears dial; these all continue the previous classic style. The new Tortue collection is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement and is available in white, pink and diamond.


Lan Kun’s 90th Anniversary Pilot Special Edition Debuts In Basel To Pay Tribute To The Classic B-uhr

At the 2015 Baselworld Watch Fair, which kicked off on March 19, major watch brands have launched their own new products. Known as the first brand of German military watches, Lang Kun launched the 90th anniversary special edition of the pilot watch B-UHR. This year is the 90th anniversary of the birth of Long Kun, this replica watch is also a symbol of Long Kun’s 90-year history.

   Compared with the limited edition of the 75th anniversary of 2000, this special edition has made many innovations in both craftsmanship and design. It was Lang Kun’s first attempt to transform the manual winding movement of UNITAS / ETA 6497 into a central seconds hand, and to make the movement closer to the original B-UHR. At the same time, each model has a unique number printed on the case, back cover, and movement. Break.

   The case is still made of matte 316L stainless steel, and the color of the case is completely engraved in the matte color of the B-UHR of that year; the super-large crown reproduces the military’s use of the heavy The crown can still be effectively operated after the gloves ”. Very legible black 12 o’clock dial with striking white Arabic numerals and diamond-shaped eye-catching luminous hands. At 12 o’clock there is a separate triangular arrow luminous logo and early two-point luminous logo.

   The extra-long and thick thick closed double-layer leather strap fastened by rivets makes it easy for pilots to wear on the sleeves of flight jackets or even tie them to the thighs, making it easier to read the time and make a flight Positioning. The watch is made of wear-resistant sapphire glass. The entire watch is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, and water-resistant to 50 meters. The side of the watch is engraved with the service number ‘FL23883’ of the B-UHR during World War II. The case back is also carved with full reference to the logo specifications of the wartime pilot’s watch.
   Mr. Gunn, President of Kun Kun said that this is the closest replica of the original B-UHR on the market. Mass production is expected to begin in April. It is believed that Chinese consumers will be fortunate to see this special edition.


Breitling’ Flight Performance Team Will Come To China For The First Time

The two aerobatic flight performance teams under the world-renowned timing brand ‘Breitling’-the ‘Breitling’ jet aerobatic team and the ‘Breitling’ aerial walk aerobatic team will come to China for the first time to present a Chinese air show in China, Participated in the 9th China International Aerospace Expo held in Zhuhai, Guangdong in November 2012.

The Breitling Jet Team claims to be ‘THE LARGEST CIVILIAN AEROBATICS TEAM PERFORMING ON JETS’ (the world’s largest civilian jet performance team), and it is also the only civilian professional jet aerobatic flight in the world team. The flight team is equipped with seven Czech-made L-39C albatross two-seater jet military trainers. Another L-39C is used for aerial photography or transport of the ‘Breitling’ VIPs, and to replace other aircraft during technical maintenance operations. Occasionally, this ‘No. 8’ will also make a guest appearance and form a flight demonstration with 7 other L-39Cs.
The pilots of this unique aerobatic demonstration team are highly experienced professionals, most of whom are from the French Air Force or the French Patrol aerobatic demonstration team. The team also has its own technicians. Their meticulous maintenance work ensures the best condition and safety of the aircraft during the performance.
All performances have been carefully arranged. The duration of each performance is generally 25 minutes. The formations and movements of various formations are varied, sometimes scattered and sometimes crossed. Sometimes the distance between the formations is not more than 3 meters, or even closer, and it is close to 700 kilometers Flight speed per hour, the maximum acceleration can reach 8G. Every ‘ballet in the air’ performance can bring shocking visual enjoyment, showing courage, speed and precision.
Every year, the ‘Breitling’ jet aerobatic team conducts about 50 flight shows in Europe, including air shows, Formula One Grand Prix, and sports events.
The Breitling Wingwalkers Team is another outstanding flying team under the Breitling Wingwalkers Team. Both aircraft used in the show were Boeing Stearman biplanes from the 1940s. The aircraft has a length of 7.62 meters, a wingspan of 9.80 meters, a maximum speed of 345 kilometers per hour, a maximum altitude of 4,800 meters, a maximum range of 333 kilometers, and a Pratt & Whitney R950-14B engine.
The Breitling aerial aerobatic team combines two styles of aerobatic flight: one is where the planes are arranged in a neat queue for a flight show; the other is a special performance called ‘walk in the clouds’: two young ladies stand on the upper plane Wing center, dance and acrobatics are performed simultaneously while the aircraft is performing aerobatic aerobatics.

The Breitling Aerobatic Aerobatic Team hopes to commemorate the famous ‘Barnstormers Touring Air Show Team’ in this thrilling way. It was a performance team made up of pilots and stunt actors who performed around the world during the two world wars.
The blue sky, the orange biplane painting, the beauty standing on the wings, the milky smoke arcs and the 450 horsepower roar from the engine. The Breitling aerial aerobatic team brought thrilling and exciting to the audience at the scene. Full of beautiful visual and auditory enjoyment.

Since its birth in 1884, Breitling has been flying alongside the world aviation industry. The splendid moment of human conquest of the sky is always accompanied by ‘Breitling’. The love of flying is deeply rooted in the brand’s genes. ‘Breitling’ is also keen to share the ultimate fun of flying with people. Since 1999, ‘Breitling’ has invited VIPs from all over the world to gather in Buochs, Switzerland for 10 consecutive days of flying activities. This is the famous ‘Breitling Airshow’ flying carnival. VIPs can board the jet with the pilot to experience the excitement of aerobatics, which is undoubtedly a unique life experience.