In recent years, Lange has an ultra-complicated watch every year. As the flagship work of that year, this year’s work is the TOURBOGRAPH PERPETUAL ‘Pour le Mérite’ watch, which includes the sesame chain. Each of the functions such as the transmission system, tourbillon, chronograph, perpetual calendar, and so on, is a very complicated structure in mechanical clocks. Among them, it is already amazing to be able to combine two items, but Lange combines four item. In such an environment, few brands are insisting on exploring the boundaries of mechanical complexity.

   To comment on this watch, at least I do not have this qualification, it is beyond the scope that most people can understand and get. Therefore, just take a look at our real pictures and let everyone feel its ‘power’.

   This watch has a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 16.6 mm. It is a full-size ‘big’ watch, made of platinum. Needless to say, it cannot be ignored in terms of size or weight. In the current fine watchmaking, although there are still some big watches every year, large and complicated watches like this are definitely rare, not to mention limited to 50 pieces.

   The ‘Poure le Mérite’ series is the top of the pyramid in Lange watches. It is not only rare, but also features revival of traditional precision mechanical manufacturing techniques. They are equipped with the traditional system of sesame chains. Since the introduction of the modern Lange in 1994, It has always been one of Lange’s masterpieces.

   The finishing of the watch factory’s own movement meets the highest standards of Saxony watchmaking skills. Blue steel screws, screw-fastened gold sleeves, bridges and splints made of untreated German silver, decorated with Glashütte ribs and scales, and hand-engraved timing bridges, complement each other’s classic and complex devices.
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