Almost all cultures have legends about evil eyes. Called ‘Ayin Harsha’ in the Arab world, ‘Evil Eye’ in English, ‘Dhristi’ in Hindi, and ‘Ayin Ha’ra’ in Hebrew, stared at by this evil force On, you will encounter disaster or bad luck.
 However, Richard Mille, who is born anti-bone, is unbeliefless, and he did not hesitate to incorporate the image of the evil eye into the RM 26-02 tourbillon watch, just as he once put the image of the skull on the face without fear The center of the RM 052 watch is like that. This is not new, but the artistic style of the Latin warning memento Mori. The Richard Mille watch factory from the Jurassic Mountains, through the image of the evil eye, warned the watch owner to eliminate arrogance and always maintain modesty.

 The earliest existing records of the evil eye date back to the ancient Greek period. In addition to being a condemnation of greedy names and lovers of merit seekers, it is also used as an explanation for many inexplicable diseases. The evil eye legend quickly spread among different religions around the world. In Islam, bold and arrogant people are vulnerable to the evil eye, while in Hinduism it is punishment for excessive exaggeration and jealousy. The power of the evil eye is far-reaching, and it must be defended by amulets, such as the eye of Horus (l’œil d’Horus), the red line of the Jews, and the Irish shamrock. Misfortune.

 The evil eye carved in the center of the watch comes from the hand of the well-known Geneva sculptor Olivier Vaucher. Made of 3N red gold, the flames and eyes are hand-carved with a special carving knife, which is subtle and subtle. After the large fire enamel process, it presents a lifelike sense of life. This extremely difficult and complicated timepiece decoration process guarantees the extraordinary durability of decorative patterns. Daming fire enamel technology is more than just drawing patterns on gold. It must also be subjected to different oxidation processes, and then fired into the kiln at a high temperature of 800 ° to 900 ° C several times. The work of this craft can’t be modified after the completion, so every step must be careful, and the enamel artisans need to follow the steps carefully. After several glazing firings, the top decoration with fine workmanship and not easy to deteriorate is finally achieved. In order to flawlessly create the evil eye of RM 26-02, a long and delicate lacquering process on the flame is required by hand.
 The evil eye pattern occupies the center of the RM26-02 manually wound tourbillon movement. The movement has a power reserve of about 50 hours. The remaining power drives the rotating disc marked with a red line through a differential device and is displayed between 10 and 11 o’clock. The bottom plate and bridge plate used to assemble the tourbillon movement are made of five grade titanium alloy with PVD coating treatment, providing excellent corrosion resistance and rigidity. The tourbillon device with a vibration frequency of 3 Hz ensures the smooth running of the drive train. The large hollow of the bottom plate of the movement allows people to enjoy the other side of the evil eye hiding in the middle of the gear set.
 The RM26-02 movement is housed in a black TZP ceramic case. After a long process, the dark black ceramics finally show a soft matte effect on the entire surface, and the sides are polished by hand to reflect a bright luster. The curve of the case is drawn in a subtle and subtle way. Against the dark and delicate case, the flame of the evil eye appears more intense. The main case in 5N red gold is equipped with a torque-limiting crown to avoid excessive winding of the tourbillon movement. This three-layer case is guaranteed to be 50 meters water-proof by two N-type O-ring seals. It is assembled by 12 grade five titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers.
 Limited edition of 25 pieces of black TZP ceramic RM 26-02 watches will be sold in 25 Richard Mille stores worldwide.