Month: December 2019

Citizen Cooperates With Toyota 86 Series Joint Watch Release

The name of the famous car AE86 launched by Toyota in the 1980s has been well known since the initials of ‘Initial D’ comics and movies. But this 30-year-old classic car has been difficult to see in the market or on the street. In order to continue the legend, TOYOTA launched the AE86 successor model named GT86 (Scion FR-S) in the United States and Japan last year , Also attracts the attention of enthusiasts around the world. CITIZEN and TOYOTA cooperate to release 86 series of joint watches CITIZEN and TOYOTA cooperate to release 86 series of joint watches released
Of course, the glory of the legend is a broader product line. Recently, TOYOTA cooperated with CITIZEN to launch 86 series watches. Solar-powered models are available in three colors: red, white, and black. The design incorporates the appearance characteristics of the AE86 model. Each model is equipped with a carbon fiber packaging box used by the car. . Missed car AE86, you can bring a 86 watch and enjoy it. The CITIZEN X TOYOTA 86 watch is priced at 38,600 yen (approximately HK $ 3,800).


In Just One Year, Rolex Eternal Rose Gold Rainbow Di Appreciated 1.4 Million

As we all know, the shortage of major Rolex models has led to a surge in secondary market prices. It seems that the larger the gap, the higher the price increase.

   At the Sotheby’s watch auction in London on April 16, a Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona eternal rose gold watch 116595RBOW was sold for 237,500 pounds (approximately 2.07 million yuan), which reached the price released one year ago 75,000 pounds).

   Sotheby’s valued the watch at £ 140,000 to £ 240,000, and the final transaction price was not disappointing. The watch was purchased in the previous year and sold in the following year. In just one year, the watch owner made more than 160,000 pounds (minus the cost) with the watch, equivalent to about 1.4 million yuan.

   Of course, this watch is not an unusual model, and its annual production is very limited. Because of the colorful rainbow bezel, you need the appropriate color sapphire decoration, it is not easy to get together.

   The Rolex Rainbow Di came out in 2012, initially in gold, and later the brand released a platinum version. In 2018, Rolex launched the Rainbow Circle Daytona Eternal Rose Gold Watch. It is worth mentioning that the first two models use bright-cut diamonds as time markers, and the latter upgrades them to rainbow rainbow gems, which echo the bevel gradient effect.

   According to Sotheby’s, the watch is in excellent condition (the labels have not been cut off and may never have been worn), and this is also the first time that the Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona Eternal Rose Gold Watch has appeared on the auction market. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)