Month: January 2020

60th Anniversary Of The Variety Omega Supermaster

Back in 1957, Omega Speedmaster, one of the most important watch series in the world, was officially released. In the 60 years since its introduction, the configuration and appearance of Speedmaster watches have changed several times, some of which have become famous key models, and some are not so well known.

   The 1957 CK2915 Broad Arrow was one of the three major products released by Omega. The other two were the Ironmaster Railmaster (CK2914) and the Seamaster 300 (CK2913). All three timepieces are precision timepieces designed for professional tasks, with black dials, sturdy cases and stainless steel bracelets, where mechanical performance and aesthetics complement each other.

   The 1959 Speedmaster Ref. CK 2998 was the first Omega watch to reach space. Astronaut Walter Schirra wore this watch during the Mercury Project ‘Sigma 7’ mission in 1962, when he purchased it for his own use. Two and a half years later, the Speedmaster watch was certified by NASA and officially designated as a dedicated watch for manned space missions.

   For more than half a century, the Omega Speedmaster has witnessed events that test the limits of human physical endurance and mental courage, including the first manned moon landing in July 1969 and NASA manned flights since March 1965 Mission, this is also the watch commonly referred to as the Moon Watch.

   Omega makes very rare stainless steel chronograph chronographs as part of the Alaska IV project. Built for NASA space shuttles, these digital watches feature the date, day of the week, and month display, and are decorated with the words Omega, Speedmaster, Professional, Quartz, and Alaska IV Model .

   In 1992, Omega celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Caliber 321 movement, launched a commemorative gold watch with a limit of 999 Caliber 863 movements, and a watch with a limit of 250 Caliber 864 movements.

   In 1975, Omega first created exclusive watches for NASA’s Apollo Soyuz mission, and has since introduced anniversary timepieces many times, including the supercar wrist released 35 years later (that is, 2010) from this first US / Russian cooperation project. table.


10,000 Levels

Although diving watches have been highly sought after in the horological market today, there are not many watches worthy of starting with budgets set at around 10,000 yuan. Swiss Mido launched a rugged, high-performance professional deep dive watch this year-Mido Pioneer Ocean Star Diver 600 diving watch, regardless of the appearance, materials, movement configuration, etc. Both are very high quality, but Mido has controlled its price to RMB 13,000, which can be said to be extremely cost-effective. Let’s enjoy this deep dive watch together. (Watch model: M026.608.11.041.00)

Watch real picture display


  There are two models of the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 diving watch, one is a black DLC black case with a rubber strap ( click here to view the previous details ), and The other is this more dynamic 316L stainless steel case watch. Black models are more domineering, while steel models tend to be cool and classic.

  This 316L stainless steel watch has a brushed finish on the side of the case to reduce the appearance of scratches caused by external forces.

  The new Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 diving watch with ceramic ring mercerized polished unidirectional rotating bezel. The dark blue ceramic bezel can be permanently bright and fresh, and will not be eroded by years.

  Looking closely at the front of the watch, Mido is equipped with a double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire glass to ensure clear reading. The diameter of the dial is 43.5 millimeters and the thickness is 14.05 millimeters. It seems to be a little heavy, but it is not true, but it adds a touch of atmosphere to the men’s wrist.


Date display window

  The blue lacquered dial is equipped with diamond-cut hands and coated with Super-LumiNova GradeX® white luminous coating to ensure that the watch can still be read clearly in a dim environment. A date display window is set at 3 o’clock, adding more practical functions to the watch.

  A spiral crown is set on the side of the case, and regular grooves are arranged on the sides to adjust the feel well, and the top of the crown is decorated with the iconic brand logo of Mido.

  The other side of the case is a major design highlight of this professional diving watch. In order to ensure that this watch can discharge the remaining seawater in the watch after the diving is completed, Mido has specially set up a rectangular ‘small cut’ to prevent the watch from being eroded by seawater. The convenience of the small notch is the standard configuration of professional-level deep diving watches-a helium exhaust valve, which can help the wearer to discharge the helium in the watch when it is floating in the deep sea, ensuring the watch to operate normally.

316L stainless steel strap

  The bottom of the table is sealed and engraved with the iconic starfish relief pattern of the Mido Pilot series. The watch is equipped with a Meto Caliber 80 chronometer-certified automatic mechanical movement, which is polished by fine craftsmanship. The automatic oscillating weight is decorated with the Geneva ripple and Si logo. The movement has a diameter of 25.60mm and a thickness of 5.22mm. It is equipped with a silicon hairspring to enhance the antimagnetic and shockproof performance of the watch. After full winding, it can provide a power reserve of up to 80 hours and a waterproof depth of 600 meters.

  Summary: This Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 diving watch combines many current superb watchmaking techniques of the Mido brand. If you choose a watch according to the price of 10,000 yuan, then this is the first choice. Professional diving watch.


Chopard Super Thin Year Of The Snake

If you need to sum up the essence of the Chopard LUC XP Year of the Snake Watch in one sentence, then: ‘The perfect fusion of traditional Japanese lacquer art and top Swiss watchmaking technology’ is undoubtedly the most expressive answer. . The watch dial is full of a wonderful hand-painted handicraft drawn by traditional craftsmanship, and a golden snake coils around. This is another classic by Chopin for the Chinese Year of the Snake.

L.U.C XP Ultra-thin Year of the Snake Watch is a masterpiece of traditional art and tradition.

   Among the twelve animal species in China, snakes rank sixth. People born in the Year of the Snake have a mysterious, sharp, restrained, and elegant endowment. Chinese traditional wisdom holds that: the serpent entering the house will bring endless wealth to the house; the person born in the year of the snake is smart, savvy, and wise.


   Urushi is a lacquer art with a long history in Japan. Raw lacquer is extracted from the resin of Urushi tree (also known as lacquer tree or Japanese lacquer tree). These trees are mainly produced in Japan and China. It is quite similar to the rubber tree that produces rubber. These trees can only collect resin once a year, and the amount is extremely rare. The collected resin needs to be stored for three to five years before it can be processed into an extremely wear-resistant and honey-resistant raw lacquer. When painting, you need to apply a thin layer of raw lacquer to everyday items such as bowls and boxes. Maki-e originates from the lacquer painting process. It mainly uses metal powder such as gold powder to embellish the lacquer painting, thereby highlighting the lacquer painting outline. The fine gold powder is embellished on the lacquer with small bamboo tubes and guinea pig writing brushes, which outline the extremely fine lines. Today, only a few lacquer masters are proficient in these processes.

   The raw lacquer is extracted from the resin of the Urushi tree. The quantity is very rare and precious. The collected resin must be stored for three to five years before it can be processed into a honey-like raw lacquer that is extremely wear-resistant.

   The fine gold powder is embellished on the lacquer with small bamboo tubes and guinea pig writing brushes, which outline the extremely fine lines. Today, only a few lacquer masters are proficient in these processes.

   Questyle L.U.C XP ultra-thin watch made by Questyle is pushing the art of time painting to the extreme beauty. The watch has a diameter of 39.5mm and a thickness of only 6.8mm. It is equipped with two barrels and an automatic winding movement. What is amazing is that such an ultra-thin watch can still have an amazing performance of 65 hours power reserve, thanks to the perfect use of the eccentric micro-rotor automatic winding technology. This watch, hand-made by the master of Chopard’s timeless watchmaking craftsmanship, is equipped with an L.U.C 96.17-L automatic mechanical movement, an 18K rose gold case, and a black short grain crocodile strap. The octagonal lacquered art watch box that comes with the watch is also exquisite and unusual. The watch box is black in appearance and decorated with painted time. The octagon in Eastern culture means joy and good fortune.

Automatic mechanical movement L.U.C 96.17-L


Previous Life’ Of The Diving Watch

For watches, water, dust, magnetism and vibration are all enemies that affect their accuracy. Among them, water resistance is the most important, because daily use of watches can cause water to enter the watch and cause great harm to it. Most sports watches today are almost 100 meters water resistant, while diving watches are more than 200 meters water resistant. However, if we look back at the history of the waterproof performance of watches, we will find that the waterproof performance we are accustomed to today is actually a long journey of research and development, and it is worth slowly savoring.

   If the beginning of the waterproof watch is in the 1920s, the watch case was changed from the buckle type to the screw-in type. Before changing to a screw-in type, the waterproof solution was to seal the watch in a case. Although it can protect all parts, it has two drawbacks. The first is the volume of the entire watch. The second drawback is that whenever the manual movement needs to be wound or the time needs to be adjusted, it needs to be taken out of the case and put back. At that time, the mechanical watch with automatic winding had not been invented, so this case would be used frequently and repeatedly, and it would be quickly worn away and repaired. As such, the future of such enclosures is limited. So technicians need to invent a more practical and durable solution.

   The first attempted screw-in case was a manufacturing technician named Francois Borgel, who made two slightly different cases in 1891 and 1903 using a rotating lock. The main benefit is that the shell is abandoned and good sealing is achieved. The mechanical structure of this case includes a threaded ring, and the bezel and back cover are connected to the case by means of rotation and locking. This case also has some drawbacks, because the crown is not sealed, and moisture and fine dust can still enter the movement.

   The first patent on the crown seal was born in October 1925, from Paul Perregaux and Georges Perret watchmakers, but the technology is still far from mature. It also has two flaws. First, the position of loosening the crown and the winding is the same, so once you set everything up, if you want to unscrew it again, the hairspring of the watch will be subject to some wear. Second, the material used to seal the crown is exposed (Figure 16), and fragile materials such as cork, leather, or felt are used. These materials can easily lose their sealing performance and need to be replaced. Under the current production capacity, these were the only materials that could be used.

   The patent was improved after it was discovered and bought out by Hans Wilsdof, one of Rolex’s founders. The seal is moved from the outside of the case to the inside of the case. At the same time, the lead is selected for the seal material, which extends the practicality and the waterproof effect is also ideal. In the case of Rolex’s improved crown design, Rolex’s classic oyster case was also born. Wiesdorf registered the patent in the United Kingdom with his own name, which is the oyster patent of the prestigious diving watch originator. Since then, Rolex has collaborated with this technology to create a diving watch that has made a worldwide splash.

   The first rotating outer ring of the diving watch appeared in 1953. Blancpain was equipped with a rotating outer ring when it launched the first generation of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, and also applied for a patent for this. And Rolex’s most famous ‘Water Ghost’ series also waited until the end of this patent protection period to rotate the outer ring on the equipment in the 1980s. Unlike the bezel that can be rotated biathlon, the rotating outer ring of the diving watch can only be rotated counterclockwise in one direction. This is also set to protect the life of the diver, preventing the bezel from rotating due to misoperation under the complicated underwater conditions. Dive time.
   In 1982, the international standard for diving watches was formally determined by ISO, and then revised twice. 11 major items were identified including watches that can withstand 100 meters of water resistance; still clearly identifiable in the dark; antimagnetic ability; impact resistance; external resistance; salt water resistance; temperature difference decoration; 5 minute scale rotating bezel; non-obstructive operation and use in water; pressure resistance; for helium diving watches, attention must be paid to the danger of normal timing function damage.

   In addition to the screw-in case, crown and rotating bezel, there is also an important waterproof technology on the case-a helium exhaust valve. When the diving cabin is mechanically diving, helium will enter the case due to the high pressure of the deep sea. This gas The flow will keep the pressure inside the meter in line with the outside world. However, when the diving chamber rises, the gas pressure inside the meter will greatly exceed the outside world, which will cause the watch case to explode. The helium exhaust valve (now most of the watches are automatic helium exhaust), can quickly accumulate the helium gas in the case out of the case to ensure the safety of the case.
   Generally speaking, diving watches equipped with helium exhaust valves are capable of deep sea operations, and for ordinary “scuba” diving (that is, diving with helium and oxygen cylinders) often used by diving enthusiasts, or “bareness” without any equipment When diving, it is not necessary to install a helium exhaust device on the dive table because the dive depth is limited.
   In addition to the above, the materials, mirrors, bracelets and movements of diving watches are constantly being upgraded. Although these expensive advanced diving watches are in your hands, most of them are difficult to dive into the ocean floor to show their skills. But these timepieces marked with diving depth have no doubt about their outstanding professional quality. Love a diving watch is not only its appearance but also the story behind it, and the infinite yearning for the sea.


Myth Perpetual Iwc Pilot’s Watch Chronograph

With the arrival of the 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon as scheduled, the synchronous report of our Watch House also insists on the first-round comprehensive report. On January 18, IWC was one of the first watch brands we reported. At SIHH this year, the IWC Pilot’s Watch series is the main series that is not to be missed. There are orthodox large-scale pilot heritage watches, stylish Mark XVIII pilot watches, elegant pilot automatic watches 36, and • St. Elisabeth Special Edition and ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition Wrist. Let’s take a look at this chronograph among many pilot watches: pilot chronograph.
Watch model: IW377710

   The pilot’s chronograph watch used a single digital date display of the week in 2016, and the designers decided to abandon the triple date display. The small five-minute numbers on the outer minute circle are also omitted. The reason is simple: IWC wants to reinvent the character of classic pilot watches on the dial-clarity, ensuring legibility in all light conditions.

   Stainless steel case, diameter 43 mm, thickness 15 mm, stainless steel strap. Black dial, stainless steel bracelet with fine adjustments, double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass mirror, water resistance 6 bar.

   79320 automatic chronograph movement with 44 hours power reserve. The watch can record up to 12 hours of segmentation and accumulated timing time. Date and week display, hour, minute and second timing functions. The small second hand is equipped with a stop device. The soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects. The screw-in crown and the glass mirror are firmly assembled to withstand the sudden drop in air pressure without loosening. The specially engraved case back.


Cross-border ‘big Bang’ Hublot Releases Big Bang Unico Independent Italian Watch

On October 28, 2015, Beijing 798 Art Park, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT and the Italian trend brand Independent ItaliaIndependent joined hands to launch a cutting-edge trend and innovation A masterpiece of technology fusion-Big Bang Unico independent Italian watch.

   Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver and Hublot Global Brand Ambassador, Lapo Elkann, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Independent Italy Board of Directors ), INSPIRATION (CREATIVITY), INNOVATION (innovation), BIG BANGMOMENT (glorious moment) five topics to open the peak dialogue, interpretation of ‘art of fusion’ from multiple perspectives.
——Launch Site——

   Regarding the cooperation with Independent Italy, Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors, commented: ‘2015 was a year of hope and passion for Hublot! I have known Rapp for many years and can A good friend who speaks freely. His personality charm, taste and innovative thinking are really convincing. I am very glad to have such an opportunity to cooperate. I am also very honored to choose Hublot for Rapp. ‘

   As the global brand ambassador for Hublot and the chairman and co-founder of the independent Italian board of directors Rap Elkann, he is proud to say, ‘Independent Italy is an Italian trend brand that represents style and innovation. I insisted on the importance of ‘independence’ at the beginning, which coincides with Hublot! I and Hublot appreciate each other and believe that this joint creation is only a starting point, and we will witness closer cooperation between the two brands in the future.
——Big Bang Unico Independent Italian Watch——

   This co-designed and built Big Bang Unico independent Italian watch uses Hublot’s own UNICO movement and innovative material Texalium ® aluminized carbon fiber. Texalium ® aluminized carbon fiber not only has the lightweight and comfortable wearing experience of carbon fiber, but also creates a variety of colors and shines at all times. The UNICO movement is independently designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by Hublot’s micro-mechanics, engineers and watchmakers. The practical flyback timer function can be reset to zero at any time, and it is equipped with dual buttons, a date display, and a unique positioning mechanism with dual horizontal clutch and column wheel visible on the dial. The power reserve is approximately 72 hours. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

   The strap is tannin lined with natural rubber, with grey or black rivets, the design concept is the same as that of luxury brand shoes. At the same time, the strap adopts a quick detachable system, and the wearer can choose the strap according to his own preferences to achieve easy replacement.

   The new Big Bang Unico ‘Independent Italy’ wrist performance is available in gray and blue colors. Each limited edition of 500 pieces, each consumer who purchases Big Bang Unico independent Italian watches will also receive Texalium ® Sunglasses made of aluminized carbon fiber make the fusion more intuitive. Top watches and sunglasses complement each other, integrating personality, purity, technology and modernity into the design, demonstrating the fusion of innovation and breakthrough.

Summary: Fusion and innovation have always been Hublot’s masterpieces. While pursuing superior quality and traditional craftsmanship, they keep pace with the times and continue to issue new ideas in materials and design. The new material Texalium® (aluminum-coated carbon fiber) fuses Hublot’s classic case shape with strap tannin fabric and rivet design. It is a fusion of cutting-edge trends and innovative technology.