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Vacheron Constantin Three Questions Perpetual Calendar Watch

Vacheron Constantin Three Questions Perpetual Calendar
Model 30020, platinum Vacheron Constantin, case no. 634576, model 30020. Approximately 2,000 platinum, platinum case, Vacheron Constantin buckle, movement model 1755.
Twenty-three questions, with perpetual calendar function, moon phase.
Estimated price: 150000-200000 Swiss francs
佣 Commission price: 182500 Swiss francs
Vacheron Constantin Three Questions Perpetual Calendar
Oujiang Shidanton’s complication watch is an area that many watch fans will be interested in after playing to a certain degree. The 1755 movement equipped with this watch has been widely adopted by Vacheron Constantin in complex styles since about 2000. Although often appear in auctions, prices are always tepid. The final commission-included price of this watch basically maintained its consistent price trend.


Jaeger-lecoultre Becomes The Sponsor Of The 21st Los Angeles Film Festival

Over the past ten years, Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre has maintained a long and deep relationship with the film industry. From June 10th to 18th, 2015, Jaeger-LeCoultre will sponsor the 21st Los Angeles Film Festival, hosted by the Film Independent, to praise film art.
Celebrate the opening night
   As the main sponsor of the festival, Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre will celebrate its opening night while celebrating the Los Angeles premiere of Paul Weitz’s film ‘Grandma’, which Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden, Judy Greer, and Raven Cow Laverne Cox. ‘Paul Wetz’s film’ Grandma ‘(grandma) reflects our mission to support visionary artists and the creative community in Los Angeles.’ Said Los Angeles Film Festival director Stephanie Allain, ‘As an independent film association The Los Angeles Film Festival is very pleased to be able to show this very special film and present everyone with this year’s Independent Spirit Award winner Lily Tomlin’s outstanding performance. ‘
Glory to the Filmmaker Award
   This is the second year that the Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre has presented its director’s honor award to filmmakers who have brought great innovation to contemporary cinema through the film festival. This year’s winner is Gale Anne Hurd. Her works include The Terminator, Aliens, Alien, Armageddon, The Walking Dead ‘and so on. Known as the ‘First Lady of Science Fiction,’ Gal Anne Hurd is an Oscar- and Emmy-winning producer whose film and television productions have repeatedly broken box office and viewing records. On June 13, the Women’s Filmmaker Brunch at the Los Angeles Film Festival will host an award ceremony. Last year’s director’s honor award was won by producer Lisa Cholodenko.
Review by Elvis Mitchell
   ‘Gail Anne Hurd learned from the independent film guru Roger Corman, combining his efficiency and personal vision to conquer the film and television world, and she directed the creation of a film A huge piece of work-‘The Walking Dead’. At this year’s film festival, we are very excited to see the achievements and careers of these great artists recognized. ‘Independent film curator Elvis Mitchell ( Elvis Mitchell).
Share experience
   After the celebration, a panel discussion will be hosted by Dear White People (Dear White) producer Effie T. Brown. Panelists include the highly respected female producer Nina Yang Bongjovi (‘Dope’ is cool), Dede Gardner (‘Selma’), Nina Jacobson ( Nina Jacobson (The Hunger Games) and the winner, The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead), will share their experience in TV shows, documentaries, and narrative filmmaking for today Women in the industry offer some insightful and unique perspectives.


Another Contemporary Masterpiece Tasting Chopard’s New Flying Tourbillon Watch

Chopard, which has a history of nearly 160 years, has always pursued excellence and purity in watchmaking and whimsical design. In 2010, Chopard launched the L.U.C men’s watch series, which is named after the company’s founder, LouisUlysseChopard. At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, Chopard has added a new member to this series-the LUCFlyingTTwin watch, equipped with the brand’s first flying tourbillon movement, bringing aesthetics and technology to this new watch with exquisite details. Showed on the paragraph, and achieved an extraordinary generation. Next, let’s enjoy Chopard’s new flying tourbillon watch. (Watch model: 161978-5001)

Ingenious flying tourbillon

  This year, the brand’s first watch with flying tourbillon was designed, manufactured and assembled by Chopard in the L.U.C workshop. The flying tourbillon can be known from its name for its unique skills. The flying tourbillon does not have an upper bracket. It is fixed through the lower part. The thickness of the movement is therefore reduced. Its thickness is only 3.3 mm. The extremely thin movement is a contemporary masterpiece.

Watch real shot

  The watch with a diameter of 40 mm has an ultra-thin case with a thickness of 7.2 mm. The case is made of 18K rose gold. This material is ‘fair mining’ certified to ensure that gold is mined in a responsible manner during the mining process. . The side of the case is polished with a brushed process, and the bezel is polished. The ultra-thin case with an elegant shape is impressive.

  The crown on one side is engraved with the words ‘L.U.C’ and is surrounded by a non-slip texture for easy operation and time adjustment.

  The hand-guilloched gold dial shows the ingenuity of the master craftsman. The hour circle on the outer edge of the dial is decorated with snails. The central carving is decorated with a honeycomb pattern. Louis-UlysseChopard). The gray ruthenium gold dial with rose gold hour markers and hands forms a sharp contrast, which is clear and intuitive when reading.

  There is a large-diameter window at 6 o’clock, you can see the beauty of the flying tourbillon, the attitude is light and moving.

  The 96.24-L movement has a very thin thickness and is equipped with Chopard’s patented ‘Twin’ dual barrel drive. It has a 65-hour power reserve. The 22K engraved miniature oscillating weight automatically retains the basic of the prototype movement. Features. In order to make the appearance more simple, the beauty of the tourbillon must be displayed. Chopard does not have a date display function on this movement.

  The black alligator leather strap adds a gentleman’s grace to this watch, and with a pin buckle design, it is not easy to fall off when worn.

To sum up: the warmth of rose gold and the coolness of charcoal gray meet on this flying tourbillon watch from Chopard, which deeply understands the beauty of watches and clocks, and has nowhere to hide in fashion and elegance, as well as the flying tourbillon. This watch is issued in a limited edition of 50 pieces at a global price of $ 118,500, which translates to about 80W in RMB. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)


F.P.Journe Launches Chronometre Bleu Watch

As a high-end boutique watch for younger collectors, Chronometre Bleu was launched in December 2009, revealing its status as a trend leader and encouraging Numerous watch brands.
The magnificent chrome blue dial of the F.P. Journe Chronomètre Bleu watch is also the first time that its high-quality dial has changed color.

FPJourne reveals not only the inspiration source for the world’s continuous pursuit of precision and innovative watches in the field of fine watchmaking; this is also the brand’s inherent aesthetic awareness, which combines harmony, simplicity and elegance, and has set off a watchmaking design industry. trend.
The gray-blue case is cast from the rare precious metal tantalum alloy, making this fashionable blue timepiece more perfect.
Original source: F.P.Journe
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