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Nature Story Carved Time

For the visual department, the value of the face determines the character, because in such a high-tech era, even if you are not born with beauty, there are many ways for you to hold your hand. If you don’t even care about the beauty, then you don’t need to look at character. In the world of watches, the value of the face is especially important. In such a busy life rhythm, few people have the mind to look at the watch that is not good, let’s explore its inner good, not to mention the fact that the ugly watch is ordinary Not much better. Someone once calculated how much money a woman wants to be a goddess, and the results are amazing. This is why the silk is not counterattack and never worthy of the goddess. The watch is even more so, because people may be born with beauty Watches aren’t born, good values ​​require careful work and slow work, so they are often valuable.
I didn’t expect the straw
   If you have lived in the countryside, then you are no stranger to wheat straw. After people lay down the above wheat kernels, in most cases, they will be burned as firewood. However, in the eyes of the artist, they have special value. In China, straw painting is a kind of folk art. People draw materials from the wild and can make the straw painting lasting after many processes. As a kind of grain stalk, wheat straw is easy to deteriorate under certain humidity and temperature conditions. Therefore, folk artists of wheat straw painting must finish the processing of wheat straw, and fumigate, steam, bleach and scrape from the previous treatment. , Push, blanch to the later drawing paintings for cutting, engraving, editing, drawing, etc., it is necessary to process the ordinary straw into a material that can be stored forever. In fact, Chinese straw paintings have a very long history and rich and diverse forms of expression. Today, most straw paintings are presented in natural colors and less dyed, in order to express Chinese folk customs.

Straw painting
   Due to the unique luster of the texture of the surface of the straw, compared with ordinary painting, the straw straw painting has a very bright color and three-dimensional sense. The expressed things are vivid and the theme is colorful. During the processing, the straw will have different colors, brown. The skins and leaves of plants are used to express the combination of off-white and brown, and the smoothness of the straw itself, which can make the paintings fascinating.

   Of course, straw paintings are not only found in China. Although they originated in China, they were introduced to European countries as early as the 17th century. Really good works have always been used by the royal family. Foreign designers have applied the essence of wheat straw painting to a wider range of fields, so that their artistic value can be enhanced again. The old luxury brand Hermès loves folk arts from all over the world, which makes Hermès’ works famous all over the world, because you can always find an art form you can appreciate there. Artists at Hermès found the interesting part of the straw and moved them, bringing the Arceau Paille watch.

   The Arceau Paille watch has a very distinctive feature. Its dial is inlaid with straw, showing a unique texture. The wheat variety selected by Hermès comes from rye that is only available in a farm in France. This rye has a long straw and a small number of wheat sections, which is very suitable for inlaying straw. After manual harvesting, you can ensure that the most ideal straw is retained, and then colored and dried to make the straw into the desired color system. Then, according to the actual situation, select the straw that is suitable for making the Hermes watch dial. Of course, the straw itself is cylindrical and needs to be cut with a blade and flattened by hand with a bone tool. This process requires considerable effort because it is difficult to level the batch. Manual operation can ensure the perfect state of the available parts. According to the color and direction of the straw, the base map of straw and the collage of straw are combined on the graph paper, and finally it is inlaid on the dial.

   However, despite its seeming simplicity, the Hermes straw watch is very different from the Chinese straw painting in that the dial is only about 3 cm in diameter, and a straw is cut to have a wide width. Miniaturization is more difficult than straw painting. According to the different textures, the wheat straw inlaid dial first needs uniformly colored straws, followed by the same length, and then needs to be cut and combined according to the texture, which need to be handmade by craftsmen.

Cartier Straw Inlaid Koala Dial

   It is very similar to Hermes straw inlay, and Cartier’s straw inlay technology. In fact, straw and straw are very similar, so they are similar in the process. The difference is that Cartier goes further and the selection is more difficult. Straw inlay. Compared to Hermes’ Arceau Paille watch, Cartier is higher in miniature. In terms of fine mosaic, because the pattern is more complicated and cumbersome, so the colors and details need to be changed more, so the color and texture of the straw are more demanding, because in the many details of the picture, very small Straw, in order to perfectly connect at this time, you need to grasp the size and color of the straw well.

Cartier straw inlaid watch

   Cartier used straw inlays to create a lion-themed watch and a koala-themed watch, and perhaps more, and these two are representative works in recent years. Like straw paintings and wheat straw paintings are regarded as intangible cultural heritage, this craft deserves to be passed down and well known to the public. Hermes Arceau Paille and Cartier’s Lion and Koala Watches all adopt this folklore. Art conveys a romantic sentiment in a more interesting way, combined with the technical aesthetics of mechanical watchmaking.
Marquetry inlay
   In the most special dial inlaying process, the fine wood inlaying is obviously higher than the wheat straw inlaying, because the fine wood inlaying often uses the world’s precious wood, and at the same time has higher technical requirements. Due to the complexity of the selected patterns, the texture, color and size of the wood need to be strictly controlled. Historically, fine wood inlays have played a very important role in the design of European classical furniture. It is a very special craft in European-style furniture art decoration. Among them, the most representative and luxurious court furniture in France is made of fine wood. The essence of mosaic.

   The charm of cabinetry does not simply come from the luxurious art deco style used by the royal family in French history. With the efforts of some artisans, it has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people, but it is fundamentally different from the royal family. Although the mosaic procedure used is the same, the materials used, the degree of exquisiteness, the design patterns and the complicated assembly processes are different. Today, we can still admire the exquisite luxury of the early European fine wood inlaid classical furniture and the exquisite ingenuity of the artisans in the museum.

   The application of fine wood inlays in watches is very rare, because although some carpenters can still do fine wood inlays today, it is very difficult to make on the extremely small dial space, because any size A slight deviation creates a gap that can be recognized at a glance. Therefore, in addition to material selection and dyeing, the craftsman needs to copy and cut multiple identical plates according to the design drawings, and then select the most suitable one to use. Because natural wood is used, the variety is very important. Ordinary wood will be affected by humidity and temperature, deformed, and even discolored after a long time. There are not many brands that use this special craftsmanship in watches. Parmigiani and Patek Philippe are the representatives. Parmigiani has launched many fine-grain mosaic watches, including national themes and musical themes. .

   The Tonda Mambo wood-inlaid tourbillon watch displays the passion of jazz through a variety of wood stitching. On the dial, the guitarist’s straw hat is made of Koto Maille wood with natural weave texture, and its face and hands are delicately textured Made of pear wood, Burl walnut with natural wrinkles has become the best material for guitarists’ polka-dot shirts. Between these woods, Parmigiani is embedded with small gold nuggets. Throughout the surface, the guitarist was immersed in the movement, with a cigarette in his mouth, which seemed a little decadent but the most true state of self-pleasure.

PP 5077P

   Patek Philippe introduced two models with fine wood inlay, but this was not originally intended by Patek Philippe. In 2008, Patek Philippe and the master of fine wood inlays successfully created the first fine wood dial model, the Kenyan black-crowned crane REF.982 / 115 pocket watch. In 2010, this master tried new challenges in the smaller watch dials. On, completed the masterpiece of 5077P Royal Tiger craftsmanship. Regardless of whether it is a black-crowned crane or a royal tiger, Patek Philippe has completed a breakthrough in the miniaturization technology of fine wood inlay. Under the detailed mosaic of a variety of woods, it shows the animal’s delicate fur texture and lifelike expression.
Put wings on time with feathers
   Feathers make us think of ethereal, light, and feminine charm. In the eyes of designers, feathers have their unique value. Feather painting is a very niche painting art. The feathers of natural birds are cut, stitched and folded. After inserting, setting and hot pressing, you can combine and paste three-dimensional and vivid paintings. In addition to painting, feather is a unique material commonly used in Gao Ding. Gao Ding costumes with feathers show a very fairy texture. In European courts, feathers were also popular as part of the headdress and became synonymous with princess dreams.

   Nelly Saunier is one of the few masters of feather art in the world. Why is it called feather art? Because she is not only proficient in feather mosaic, but also good at the unique presentation of feathers in different works. Feather means purity and beauty to her. Can give her rich imagination and creativity. She collaborates with the world’s most famous premium brands to bring feather art to the eyes of the world. In collaboration with French fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier, she has incorporated parakeet-like feathers into haute couture, giving it a wool-like texture, but it is extremely ethereal. Nelly also used feathers in Thierry Drevelle’s furniture. The fusion of feathers and cherished wood seems to be a bit apostate, but it has given us a wider imagination.

Linked pendant by Harry Winston and Nelly

   Thanks to Nelly’s efforts, Feather put wings on time and came to the count, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston. ‘Feather is an emotion,’ Nelly said in an interview. Nelly and Harry Winston’s cooperation has introduced a breeze for high-end jewelry and watches. Already very imposing jewelry, coupled with light feathers, it is difficult for a woman to remain unmoved. Harry Winston’s Ultimate Adornment pendant is one of its finished products. It is not only a linked watch, but also the part inlaid with feathers can be removed to become a brooch for high-end clothing. The peacock feathers used are exquisite and colorful, echoing the chain dial surface, showing the mysterious charm of advanced craftsmanship.

   Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels have collaborated with Nelly more than once, using distinctive and emotional feathers to bring a different kind of interest to high-end watches. In 2015, Nelly created the Secrets of Venice jewelry bracelet for Piaget, inspired by the feather mask on the masquerade. Magic, modernity, lightness, gorgeousness, and colorfulness. Whatever protagonist you want to be, there are so many Gesture. Artist Emilie Moutard-Martin is another talented feather artist who created a feather-encrusted feather watch for Piaget. He selects high-quality goose feathers and pastes them with silver foil to collage the ‘wheel of time’.

   This year, Emilie Moutard-Martin once again created a new Altiplano feather-inlaid watch for Piaget, featuring feathers such as peacocks and roosters, embellished with silver leaves to create a touching image.

Summary: A real high-end decorative art watch has its most special value. Perhaps most of us will say that this is superficial work. However, the value of face is justice, and artistic creation conveys the delicateness through the most special language. emotion.


Bou Qilai Joins The Lucerne Music Festival Orchestra To Play The Century-old Lucerne Classical Voice

Sponsored by Carl F. Bucherer, a famous Swiss watchmaking brand, the Lucerne Music Festival Orchestra, known as one of the three major European music festivals, will tour in autumn 2019, following last year After staying in Shanghai for the first time, he came to China again in October of this autumn; this collaboration between Bucherer and the Lucerne Music Festival brought a wonderful Lucerne atmosphere to the Chinese audience.

  [Shanghai, October 17, 2019] The prestigious Swiss Lucerne Music Festival was founded in 1938 and is one of the leaders in the field of classical music. This year is the third consecutive year that the Lucerne Festival Orchestra has performed in China. This time, it will be deeply connected with China, bringing a one-week music feast to music fans in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The first concert was held at the Beijing National Grand Theater (NCPA) on October 12th and 13th, followed by three consecutive concerts at the Shanghai Symphony Hall from October 15th to 17th. The last performance was on October 19th Held in Shenzhen.

Lucerne Festival Executive and Artistic Director Michael Haefliger Addresses the Guest

Lucerne style continues
  Lucerne Music Festival Executive and Artistic Director Michael Haefliger said, ‘China has become an important core market for classical music, and we are very proud to continue performing in China this year, and further deepen the Lucerne Music Festival in China. Brand.’

  According to SaschaMoeri, global chief executive officer of Bucherer, “Bucherer is the only watchmaker in central Switzerland and one of the few hundred-year-old family-run brands in Switzerland. It is our aim to actively promote the brand spirit in practice. The Mori Music Festival is a treasure of Lucerne. Music achievements affect Lucerne and the world. Lucerne is our common hometown. Bucherer is proud to support the Lucerne Music Festival and return to China. The group joined hands and continued the fate of Lucerne and China with the charm of classical music. ‘

The Lucerne Festival Orchestra Music Director Riccardo Chailly leads the orchestra to ‘The Voice of Lucerne’

Classical beauty in the same vein
  Lucerne, the famous city in central Switzerland, is the home of the Bucherer and Lucerne Music Festivals. Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the founder of the Bucherer brand, opened his first boutique in Lucerne in 1888. At this point, more than a century of fine watchmaking for Bucherer. Based on a century-old tradition, and adhering to the brand concept of ‘not following the flow’, Bucherer has always maintained strong creativity, professionalism, continual breakthrough, and created one masterpiece of masterpiece after another. The difference between watchmaking and music requires the flash of inspiration, the polishing of time, the ultimate focus, bold innovation and the integration of emotions in order to produce an impressive masterpiece. Lucerne’s spiritual culture is rooted in Bucherer’s DNA. This perfect combination with the Lucerne Music Festival has played an important role in expanding Lucerne’s popularity and influence.

Bettistissa Limited Jewellery Watch

Plavi’s Deep Dive Black Devil Fish Special

Marion Long Edge Watch

  For many years, Bucherer has been actively involved in various social activities and projects. In terms of establishing long-term partnerships, four core values ​​have been the core concepts: Sustainability, Tradition, and Excellent Quality. (Excellence), Innovation (Innovation); adhere to self, beyond the times and trends, use their own influence to promote the exchange and development of international art.

Limited Edition Tourbillon Tourbillon

Inheritance series double calendar chronograph

  Lucerne’s rich history and culture not only gave birth to the precious traditional watchmaking technology of Bucherer, but also nourished the unique personality and strong cultural flavor of Bucherer. Last year, Bucherer launched a new heritage series, demonstrating its 130-year heritage and technological development. The first major blockbuster of the heritage series: the fascinating double tourbillon watch (HeritageTourbillonDoublePeripheralLimitedEdition), and this year’s new work: the annual calendar double disc chronograph (HeritageBiCompaxAnnual), three extraordinary classics, enriching the Bucherer product In the series, the golden luster of the watch echoes the retro and modern Lucerne Baroque style, and it is in the same vein as the Lucerne Music Festival, carrying forward the charm of Lucerne’s metropolis.

  In the autumn of October, from Lucerne to Shanghai, Bucherer will ‘listen’ to the lakes and mountains of Lucerne with you.

Technical specifications: Limited series of heritage double tourbillon watches
Model: 00.10802.03.13.01
Movement: Homemade CFB T3000 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), diameter 36.5 mm, thickness 4.60 mm, 32 stones, power reserve 65 hours, hand-carved 18K white gold splint, 22K rose gold rotor
Functions: hours, minutes, tourbillon, stop seconds
Case: Rose gold, water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atm), diameter 42.50 mm, thickness 11.90 mm
Dial: Silver, sunray pattern, ring decoration, rose gold plated hour markers
Strap: Dark brown hand-stitched Louisana crocodile leather strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle
Limited: 88 pieces
Technical specifications: Heritage series double calendar chronograph
Model: 00.10803.07.42.01 stainless steel / rose gold
     00.10803.08.12.01 stainless steel
Movement: CFB 1972 self-winding chronograph movement, diameter 30.0 mm, thickness 7.3 mm, 47 stones, 42 hours power reserve
Functions: Timekeeping: minute timer and second timer; annual calendar, large calendar, hours, minutes, small seconds
Case: Stainless steel / 18K rose gold case, curved double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, sapphire glass case back; water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atm), diameter 41 mm, thickness 14.15 mm
Dial: Rose champagne gold or silver dial
Strap: Cognac brown calfskin strap or black embossed rubber strap, stainless steel folding pin buckle
Limited: 188 pieces each


Capturing The Parmigiani Toric Collection Kaleidoscope Watch Tasting

In 1816, after a Socratic physicist invented the kaleidoscope with magical charm, people’s application of this magical object began quietly. In 2016, Parmigiani’s advanced complex watch series introduced this classic timepiece with the “kaleidoscope” element on the watch. The use of pure watchmaking technology to create a magical dial, showing people the unique charm of the watch. The watchmaking was inspired by a Sandoz series pocket watch at the end of the 18th century, and the Parmigiani Restoration Workshop undertook the repair of this pocket watch. When the time signal device is turned on, the gongs innovatively manufactured by Parmigiani can play four tunes, elegant and moving. (Watch model: TORIC PFH481-1001400)

Easy to listen to when reporting

Sandoz pocket watch and Kaleidoscope watch
   Tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater are the concentrated expression of the most complex watchmaking components in the watch industry today, representing the superb craftsmanship and level in the watch industry. And the watch (also called the spring watch) is one of the more interesting timekeeping technology. Different spring sounds can be used to distinguish accurate time signals at different times, which is the result of clever use of acoustics and mechanical mechanics. At the same time, this watch is equipped with Parmigiani’s special gongs, which can ensemble four beautiful melodies, bringing a visual and auditory feast while watching the watch.

Kaleidoscope design in gold

Gold dial display
   Gold watch dial with handmade grid pattern and black gold plating. These ornamentations meander and swirl, as if extending from a rosette in the center of the watch. Each line is smooth and natural, showing the original beauty of the lines. When the sound comes out at the specified time, the pattern on the plate will also rotate with the music, which is wonderful. The appliqués are formed by a series of crafted hollows and hand-chamfering, and appear after 80 hours. Below the carved rose-shaped ornaments, the exquisite delicate mother-of-pearl inlaid fine-grained discs are looming, showing style. Outstanding decorative craftsmanship shows the charm of this watch, it is very beautiful.

Watch case display

   The ‘double bezel’ round case in 18k rose gold is 45 mm in diameter and 14.1 mm thick. The use of warm rose gold contrasts with the scenery on the plate, showing the overall beauty of the watch.

Watch crown display

   At the same time, the rose gold crown is treated with a soft, restrained glow of rose gold, which is very beautiful. The use of non-slip texture design makes smooth timing and good touch.

Watch lug display

   The lugs made of rose gold also connect the strap to the watch well, showing the overall beauty of the watch. Different from the traditional design, one side of each lug has a design style similar to ‘rabbit ears’, which makes people shine.

Question table setting button display
   It adopts Parmigiani’s characteristic questionnaire design button style, which has the brand’s unique charm. Reverse streamlined, it conforms to human usage habits, and provides convenient and comfortable conditions for the debugging of the three-question function.

Watch movement display (double-layer gong)
   The back cover of the watch is designed with a transparent back. Through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover, you can observe the movement of the movement, which is interesting. It is equipped with a Parmigiani PF 358 manual winding movement, plus the minute repeater function, manual chamfering of the main splint and the bridge. Power reserve is 40 hours.

Watch strap display

   As always, the Hermès strap is comfortable and generous. With a rose gold pin buckle, it can well protect the watch from the wrist and not fall off easily.

Watch overall display

In summary: wonderful music, exquisite and beautiful style, and unique dial technology make this watch infinitely charming. Luxurious and low-key rose gold gives it its unique charm, coupled with this excellent Hermes belt, the elegance and mysterious beauty are fully displayed, bringing a visual and auditory feast. It is also one of the more unexpected models this year. Favorite watch friends may wish to enter the brand store to see its style.


Bauber Once Again Helped The Bocuse D’ Or World Cooking Competition

Blancpain has a long history of cooperation with the famous international haute cuisine competition-the Bocuse d’ Or World Cooking Competition. Today, Blancpain is helping the 2016 Bogus World Cooking Competition again. This year, Mr. Filipe Fonseca Pinheiro, the foreman chef from the Hôtel de Ville de Crissier restaurant, won the coveted international culinary championship. As the official timepiece of the Bogus World Culinary Competition, Blancpain is proud to present the brand’s iconic watch, the Fifty Fathoms Bathhe diving watch and the brand wall clock, as a noble tribute to excellent cooking.

Blancpain and the art of living
   As a Swiss watch brand with a long history, Blancpain has always been passionate about the exploration and pursuit of fine cuisine. Blancpain is convinced that there is a lot of similarity between haute cuisine and traditional watchmaking, and this philosophy keeps the brand and fine cuisine close. And this close relationship stems from the fact that both have the same passion and master the relevant craftsmanship. Only the three qualities of passion, emotion and sincerity can capture the fruits of success.
   In recent years, Blancpain has continuously pioneered and innovated in the field of gastronomy, and has cooperated with more than 100 Michelin-starred restaurants. Many Michelin-starred chefs are also friends and loyal customers of the brand. In 2010, Blancpain also participated in the “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” promotion. During the three-month period, Blancpain appeared in the cabin of the Swiss National Airline and participated in the Vaud cuisine and A watchmaking excellence product promotion program that showcases the beauty of Switzerland. At the same time, based on the common concept of high-end living art, Blancpain naturally became the main partner of high-end hotels in the watchmaking industry, and cooperated with the two luxury hotel groups of Relais & Châteaux and Leading Hotels of the World (referred to as LHW). The winner of the ‘Best Hotel in the World’ awards timepieces to reward their outstanding performance.


Anna Lisa Basso Wears Montblanc Monaco Princess Grace Series Of Magnificent Jewellery At The 69th Cannes International Film Festival Premiere

(May 17, 2016, Cannes, France) During the 69th Cannes Film Festival, the ‘A Focus’ unit was shortlisted for the latest masterpiece, directed by Hollywood director Matt Ross ‘Captain Fantastic’ held a grand premiere. On the day of the premiere, the director and his creative team appeared on the red carpet, while the heroine Annaise Basso wore Montblanc Monaco’s Princess Grace series of magnificent jewelry, rose petals, earrings and bracelets.

The heroine of the movie ‘Captain Magic’ and well-known American actress Anna Lisa Basso wears Montblanc Monaco Princess Grace series magnificent jewelry rose petal series debut at the red carpet

Montblanc Monaco Grace Princess Collection Rose Jewelry Bracelets and Earrings
   Anna Lisa Basso has won the praise and praise of the majority of fans for her outstanding performance in the American drama ‘True Love’. On the day of the premiere of ‘Captain Magic’, she chose Montblanc Monaco’s Princess Grace series of magnificent jewellery, rose petal series earrings and bracelets. The interlaced rose petals shined on the ears and wrists. The extremely modern jewellery craftsmanship showed the beauty of roses The texture also shows the charming and charming charm of Baso.