A Tribute To The Classic Vacheron Constantin Barrel Type 130130/000r-9755 Watch

The top brand of Vacheron Constantin has always been popular with watch fans. Even if you can’t afford it, you can feel that your spiritual taste has been sublimated just by looking at it. It’s a bit exaggerated, but people’s love and aspirations for beautiful things are the same. Vacheron Constantin’s watches belong to this kind of beautiful things. In celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the wine barrel watch, Vacheron Constantin specially launched this 82130 / 000R-9755 watch, let us appreciate it together.
 The Vacheron Constantin Maltese small seconds watch follows the design of the barrel and uses 18k pink gold to make the case exquisite and elegant. The thickness of 9.1 mm can be easily hidden in the sleeve. At the same time, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass is second only to the hardest substance in the world, diamond, which perfectly protects the dial and is not easy to scratch, which affects reading time. In addition, in order to achieve the classic, with the 18k pink gold case material, the Vacheron Constantin 82130 watch has a silver-white metal dial and a matte effect, which makes the dial full of metal texture. At the same time, a small second dial is added at 6 o’clock. The small second dial is designed with a sunburst pattern to achieve a prominent effect. However, the most attractive thing is the back. The Vacheron Constantin 82130 watch is backed by sapphire crystal, which allows the movement to be seen in a beautiful way, like a visual feast. In addition, how can a watch without a strap? For sports watches, steel straps are the most suitable, but as a classic timepiece like Malta, crocodile leather strap is undoubtedly the best choice, brown In addition to showing the dignity of the strap, it also highlights the taste. And with the strap, Vacheron Constantin 82130 uses a pin buckle. Compared with various buckles such as folding buckle and safety buckle, the pin buckle is more simple.

The Maltese watch series has always been highly sought after by watch friends. The 2012 new Vacheron Constantin 82130 / 000R-9755 small seconds watch uses an early barrel watch as a template, expanding the center part outwards, the lugs and the case. The streamlined connection seamlessly integrates, even the previous casks watch is rare, meanwhile, it integrates the small seconds dial of classic elements to create classics in classics. As far as appearance is concerned, it is most suitable for watch purists. It is not a Patek Philippe Nautilus that is suitable for movement. It is a treasure in the cabinet. It is a combination of aesthetics, craftsmanship and history.
 If the Vacheron Constantin 82130 / 000R-9755 small seconds watch is full of features due to the barrel-shaped case, then the small seconds is the icing on the cake. Everyone must have seen a lot of small seconds, but it is undeniable that the most classic small seconds must be the small cross seconds. Due to modern fashion and aesthetic reasons, the early small cross seconds are becoming less popular. It is replaced by a digital small seconds dial or a small line scale small seconds dial. The Vacheron Constantin 82130 / 000R-9755 watch combines classic small cross seconds and modern fashion, and takes a different approach. It combines classics with modern aesthetics, making the small seconds unique. As an elegant collector’s watch, Vacheron Constantin, in accordance with the mainstream watch performance requirements, in order to meet the needs of daily wear, the water depth is set to 30 meters.
The Vacheron Constantin Maltese watch is not famous for its functions, but in order to highlight its willingness to pay tribute to the classics, it has added a small second dial function and added a lot of playability.
 The core of the watch is undoubtedly the movement. The Vacheron Constantin Malta series 130130 / 000R-9755 watch adopts the homemade Cal.4400 AS manual winding mechanical movement and has obtained the Geneva mark. The thickness of 2.8mm and the diameter of 28.6mm highlight its slim appearance, while the 4hz vibration frequency guarantees the accuracy of the movement of the movement. The entire movement is equipped with 21 ruby ​​shaft eye drills, which are considered high diamonds. In order to meet the small seconds and normal movement, the 4400 AS movement uses a total of 127 parts. Equipped with a power reserve of about 65 hours, the wearer only needs to wind up every two days.

The Vacheron Constantin 4400 movement was developed in 2004 and officially launched in 2008. Since Vacheron Constantin launched the 1400 movement in 2001, this is the first self-developed manual winding movement for those who like to wind their love watches. The activists bring endless fun. The 4400 AS movement is characterized by delicate grinding and bridge plates. The delicate grinding is reflected in the grinding and chamfering of the surfaces and edges of bridge plates, plywood and screws, as well as the polishing of the axle in the plywood. It is a major feature, and it is more difficult to correctly place a large bridge plate, and the visibility is low. If it is not placed correctly, the gear may be damaged. The bridges are fastened with screws rather than fixed with posts, which is the hallmark of a high-quality movement.
The Vacheron Constantin Maltese Small Dial 82130 watch was launched in the historical significance of the 100th anniversary of the barrel case. It has its special meaning. Its special design seems to bring people back to the barrel shape just 100 years ago. It came out in a bright era, and it really shined in the design of its own barrel shape and small seconds dial, and became an epoch-making work. When worn on the hand, this watch will show the profound cultural heritage of the watch owner and its distinctive taste, but also a touch of nostalgia. Its movement may not be superior to those well-known movements in the industry, but as the self-produced movement of Vacheron Constantin, it is enough to let everyone rest assured that the Vacheron Constantin brand is the guarantee of this watch performance. The current price of this watch should be around 170,000. It is a classic watch with a certain collection value. The significance and value it represents has exceeded its price.
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