Art Gallery 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon Vacheron Constantin Pavilion List

From January 18th to January 22nd, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon opened at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. As in previous years, the watch house team went to the scene to bring the majority of watch fans to the scene. Come to the latest and most comprehensive exhibition report. Let’s follow the footsteps of the Watch House to admire the new exhibition hall of Vacheron Constantin in the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon.

   The Vacheron Constantin exhibition hall adopts a double-layer structure, and the inner layer is the brand logo on the front, noble and elegant. The showcases are circularly spread out, each depicting different themes such as vertical and horizontal series, excellent technology, distinctive design, elegant women and complex functions.

    The outer wall is decorated with selected images, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of the movement crafted by the brand’s master craftsmen. Visit the promenade and discover the mysteries of Vacheron Constantin’s time-honored in two and a half centuries.

   Visiting guests appreciate timepieces and exchange insights.

   Vacheron Constantin has a VIP lounge, decorated with white bouquets, elegant and warm.
   Vacheron Constantin has been relentlessly creating new products, showing the original strength of the brand in the field of arts and crafts. What kind of surprise will Vacheron Constantin bring to watch lovers during the 261th anniversary celebration? Stay tuned for a follow-up report from a reporter in front of the Watch House. For more details, please click on the report feature of the 2016 Geneva Watch Show: