Beijing Customer Service Center Is Fully Upgraded

2018 is the tenth anniversary of Patek Philippe’s entry into Beijing. The Beijing Customer Service Center was expanded and upgraded at this time to present the tenth anniversary of Patek Philippe’s entry into Beijing.

   The Patek Philippe Customer Service Center is divided into a customer reception area and a technician work area. The overall space design refers to the unified pattern of global customer service centers.

   After the expansion, the customer reception area was increased by 100 square meters, which not only made the public waiting area more spacious, but also added a separate reception room to improve service efficiency. The reception area uses a simple and modern design and decoration style. Off-white furniture is decorated with dark home furnishings, which is elegant and warm. Constrained by the limited internal structure, the original Beijing customer service center did not have a fully transparent fast repair station like the Shanghai customer service center. It is convenient for customers to observe the inspection and rapid repair process of love watches at a close distance. , Making the professionalism of Beijing Customer Service Center a higher level.

   The technician work area is also the focus of this expansion. The overall area increased by 50%; new independent polishing workshops and quality control rooms were added; the overall layout was more in line with the work flow of watch maintenance, and the quality of maintenance was further improved.

Overview of Patek Philippe China Customer Service Center
   The Patek Philippe Customer Service Centers in Beijing and Shanghai currently have a total of 29 professional watch technicians. These technicians are recruited and trained in accordance with the stringent standards set by the Geneva Global Customer Service Center. At Patek Philippe, technicians are divided into four levels according to their professional level, and the third and fourth levels are subdivided according to the complexity of the movements that the technician can maintain. In such a multi-level training system, each level of training courses is about 4 weeks. After obtaining the qualification of a certain level, the technician must also work for at least 36 months before receiving the next level of training. This is In order to ensure that the technicians have sufficient practical experience at a professional level, they can judge and deal with watch problems properly.
   This level of subdivision and strict control over training time and practice time fully reflects Patek Philippe’s attention to the details of watch maintenance. This also meets the stringent requirements of the Patek Philippe Seal. Patek Philippe Seal is the only watch industry in the watch industry to set strict quality standards and is unique to Patek Philippe.
   In addition, the Patek Philippe Talent Center, established in Shanghai in 2013, recruits 6-8 young students who are enthusiastic about watchmaking in China every year, and becomes the reserve of the domestic Patek Philippe professional technician team. A strong team is another powerful guarantee for guests’ love watches to be passed down from generation to generation.
Service category: fast, partial, comprehensive
   Depending on the level of care or maintenance required by the watch, the customer service team will advise on the condition of the watch, divided into three levels-fast maintenance, partial maintenance and comprehensive maintenance. According to different levels of service, Patek Philippe has also developed a set of globally unified customer service center charging standards, based on the quotations from Geneva headquarters, and the global markets are converted according to local exchange rates and tax rates.
1.Quick maintenance (quickservice):
   Quick maintenance refers to services such as regular watch inspection, leather strap replacement, metal bracelet adjustment, battery replacement or watch adjustment. The entire maintenance can be carried out in a fully transparent quick maintenance station, which can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes depending on the situation.
2.Partial maintenance (partial maintenance):
   Partial maintenance refers to the maintenance or repair of the watch’s external components such as the case, crystal case, waterproof gasket, etc., without the need to completely disassemble the movement components. The most common local maintenance is the replacement of the watch’s mirror, which is usually caused by the watch’s falling or bumping. If the watch does not have any accidents, but there is an abnormal time or other conditions, you can also try to conduct further inspection and analysis through local maintenance. The local maintenance takes about 3-4 weeks.
   · Appearance, waterproof and oil inspection:
✓ Check appearance. Inspect all the exterior non-mechanical parts of the watch-case, cover, crown, dial … etc., while understanding the customer’s wearing habits.
✓ Check whether the watch is running normally, whether it is waterproof, and judge preliminary problems.
✓ Check the watch maintenance records. At present, Patek Philippe watches owned by Chinese customers are mostly new watches for 2-5 years, so most of them have not been routinely maintained. Problems can usually be resolved after routine maintenance, such as washing oil.
    · Six azimuth travel time and swing test: Place the watch on a special testing instrument and analyze the value through the computer.
✓ Patek Philippe strictly executes the six-direction instrument travel time test, which are the dial surface, the dial surface, the crown up, the crown down, the crown to the left, and the crown to the right. This test is more rigorous and comprehensive than the general three-angle test. Then use a computer to analyze whether the second sofaday and the beat frequency of the pointer (beatarray) are normal.
✓ Detect the swing of the balance spring device (that is, the angle between the balance position of the balance spring device and the maximum distance angle). The balance wheel is like the heart of a watch, and the swing amplitude needs to reach a certain standard value to ensure that the watch walks normally. If the swing value is too small, it may be caused by lack of motor oil, and the common symptom is that the travel time becomes faster.
3. Full maintenance (fullmaintenance):
   At present, the customer service center of Patek Philippe China provides comprehensive original factory maintenance services at the same level as the Geneva headquarters. Except for some super-complicated watches (such as the minute repeater or two-second chronograph) or antique watches over 20 years old, which need to be returned to the headquarters in Geneva and require more time, a complete comprehensive maintenance is about 2-4 Can be completed in months.
   · Fully disassemble the watch and inspect all movement components.
✓ The watchmaker disassembles the watch case, strap, bezel, and crystal case separately, and places them in a special case. The case can be polished and cleaned according to customers’ wishes. The movement is placed in a separate dust cover, waiting for further disassembly, cleaning and testing.
✓Complete ‘internal medicine’ check of the movement: the number of parts of the movement varies from about 160 to about 600 depending on its complexity (super-complex function movements, such as with three questions or two-second chronograph, The number of parts can reach more than 500, which must be inspected and repaired by the Fine Watchmaking Workshop at Geneva headquarters). Each movement needs to be completely disassembled so that every part can be inspected and cleaned, and different oils are used for different parts for lubrication. This is a tedious and long process. All parts will be cleaned in special instruments and assembled one after another. Each movement is specially taken care of by a watchmaker, and each step is carefully proceeded.
   · Final test. Due to the functional complexity of the watch, it takes different working days, while the self-winding watch requires a slightly longer test period.
✓ For manual winding watches, it takes about 40 hours to test before winding it for power test.
✓ For automatic winding watches, check whether the power reserve reaches more than 10 hours after winding for 1.5-2 hours.
✓ Six-direction meter travel time and swing test.
✓ Simultaneous travel time detection of arm movement. Depending on the model of the movement, check the travel time accuracy every day for 2-3 days.
Reminders and suggestions from Patek Philippe-
    · Patek Philippe recommends that guests keep the enthusiasm of loving watch at all times, so that they become the person who knows the watch closest to them. If the watch is abnormal, it is recommended that I personally contact and take the watch to a customer service center.
   · When visiting the Customer Service Center, please bring the Certificate of Origin. When it is necessary to return the watch purchased from Switzerland to the Swiss factory for maintenance, the customer must provide the tax payment certificate issued by the Chinese customs.
   · Patek Philippe hopes that each of its timepieces can be passed down from generation to generation. For long-term inheritance, the maintenance recommendations are:
✓Maintenance cycle: Regardless of whether it is manually wound or automatically wound, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance on the love watch every 3-5 years. However, since the battery life of a quartz watch is generally about 2-3 years, the quartz watch needs to be sent to a customer service center to replace the battery in a timely manner.
✓ Waterproof watch: The waterproof gasket may start to slacken after 1 year, causing the waterproof function to decrease and increasing the risk of moisture of the watch. It is recommended to perform a water resistance test every year.
Understand the health status of Love Watch The first question and listen ——
    · The most important preparation before maintenance is to help the watchmaker find the problem based on the complete and true description of the condition given by the customer.
✓ What happened to the watch? Under what circumstances did you first discover this problem? What were the symptoms of the watch at that time? How do you usually wear watches? These seemingly basic questions and answers will effectively help the customer service team make the correct initial diagnosis for the guest. Some problems may only be caused by incorrect adjustment and setting methods, or incorrect wearing habits, and guests can follow the instructions to make corrections themselves. If the problem cannot be resolved by itself, Patek Philippe highly recommends sending it to the customer service center and leaving the watch at the customer service center for further observation in order to make a final diagnosis.
✓ After preliminary understanding of the condition of the watch, the customer service staff will check the Certificate of Origin and the warranty period of the product. Patek Philippe Customer Service Center can provide services free of charge if the watch is under warranty for 2 years and no “not applicable” condition occurs (see the description at the end of the article for details).
Note: Patek Philippe’s warranty does not apply to the following situations:
✓ Normal wear and tear
✓The watch has fallen due to improper use
✓ The watch is hit
✓ Keep watches without water resistance in a humid environment
✓ Leather strap replacement
✓ Quartz Watch Battery Replacement
✓Damage to the watch caused by maintenance by a non-Paida Philippe customer service center