Capturing The Parmigiani Toric Collection Kaleidoscope Watch Tasting

In 1816, after a Socratic physicist invented the kaleidoscope with magical charm, people’s application of this magical object began quietly. In 2016, Parmigiani’s advanced complex watch series introduced this classic timepiece with the “kaleidoscope” element on the watch. The use of pure watchmaking technology to create a magical dial, showing people the unique charm of the watch. The watchmaking was inspired by a Sandoz series pocket watch at the end of the 18th century, and the Parmigiani Restoration Workshop undertook the repair of this pocket watch. When the time signal device is turned on, the gongs innovatively manufactured by Parmigiani can play four tunes, elegant and moving. (Watch model: TORIC PFH481-1001400)

Easy to listen to when reporting

Sandoz pocket watch and Kaleidoscope watch
   Tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater are the concentrated expression of the most complex watchmaking components in the watch industry today, representing the superb craftsmanship and level in the watch industry. And the watch (also called the spring watch) is one of the more interesting timekeeping technology. Different spring sounds can be used to distinguish accurate time signals at different times, which is the result of clever use of acoustics and mechanical mechanics. At the same time, this watch is equipped with Parmigiani’s special gongs, which can ensemble four beautiful melodies, bringing a visual and auditory feast while watching the watch.

Kaleidoscope design in gold

Gold dial display
   Gold watch dial with handmade grid pattern and black gold plating. These ornamentations meander and swirl, as if extending from a rosette in the center of the watch. Each line is smooth and natural, showing the original beauty of the lines. When the sound comes out at the specified time, the pattern on the plate will also rotate with the music, which is wonderful. The appliqués are formed by a series of crafted hollows and hand-chamfering, and appear after 80 hours. Below the carved rose-shaped ornaments, the exquisite delicate mother-of-pearl inlaid fine-grained discs are looming, showing style. Outstanding decorative craftsmanship shows the charm of this watch, it is very beautiful.

Watch case display

   The ‘double bezel’ round case in 18k rose gold is 45 mm in diameter and 14.1 mm thick. The use of warm rose gold contrasts with the scenery on the plate, showing the overall beauty of the watch.

Watch crown display

   At the same time, the rose gold crown is treated with a soft, restrained glow of rose gold, which is very beautiful. The use of non-slip texture design makes smooth timing and good touch.

Watch lug display

   The lugs made of rose gold also connect the strap to the watch well, showing the overall beauty of the watch. Different from the traditional design, one side of each lug has a design style similar to ‘rabbit ears’, which makes people shine.

Question table setting button display
   It adopts Parmigiani’s characteristic questionnaire design button style, which has the brand’s unique charm. Reverse streamlined, it conforms to human usage habits, and provides convenient and comfortable conditions for the debugging of the three-question function.

Watch movement display (double-layer gong)
   The back cover of the watch is designed with a transparent back. Through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover, you can observe the movement of the movement, which is interesting. It is equipped with a Parmigiani PF 358 manual winding movement, plus the minute repeater function, manual chamfering of the main splint and the bridge. Power reserve is 40 hours.

Watch strap display

   As always, the Hermès strap is comfortable and generous. With a rose gold pin buckle, it can well protect the watch from the wrist and not fall off easily.

Watch overall display

In summary: wonderful music, exquisite and beautiful style, and unique dial technology make this watch infinitely charming. Luxurious and low-key rose gold gives it its unique charm, coupled with this excellent Hermes belt, the elegance and mysterious beauty are fully displayed, bringing a visual and auditory feast. It is also one of the more unexpected models this year. Favorite watch friends may wish to enter the brand store to see its style.