Decoding Jay Chou’s Digital Password

From the Fantasia boy to the top Asian king
Buried from resident recording studio
To target a Hollywood movie

On Jay Chou
How many incredible possibilities are there?
Music is the original intention
Melting in the Tudor 1926 ‘Silver’ River
  Breaking the existing rules of Chinese music and opening up a new structure, from behind-the-scenes creation to Uranus superstar, Jay Chou has always maintained a keen sense and pure pursuit of music.

  This precious purity is just like the composition of Chopin in his heart, as well as the Tudor brand since 1926. Tudor 1926 series, the dial is made of pure and eternal silver, set with diamond marks, such as the celestial galaxy star, at first sight has been fascinated.

Dare to film
Only understand the ‘black’ humor of Tudor 1926
  Cross-border movie, ambitious, Jay Chou always has a director’s dream. Constantly challenge yourself, strive for perfection in details and inspiration. Based in Asia, bravely Hollywood, is his recent goal in life.

  Externally humble and restrained, and dared to be determined, it is the precise profile of Tudor 1926 series. The mysterious all-black dial, revealing Jay Chou’s unique black humor, also brings the retro feelings of the black film era. Only with deep heart and soul can he feel enthusiasm from his calm and calm appearance.

Basketball, magic, contemporary art, maybe unlimited
Biwan 1958 wearing ‘gold’ armor
  In addition to music, Jay Chou’s ‘Slash Life’ is active in the basketball arena, the magic world, and the game field … He and contemporary art have also created a new subtle spark. Jay Chou always has infinite potential to excite.

  With the most classic first-generation diving watch shape, equipped with the newly launched MT5402 powerful movement, the Biwan 1958 model is also sparkling. Say goodbye to the thick appearance of the diving watch in the past, and fit the wrist thinly. The hour markers, hands, and scale on the outer circle add golden light, which means that life is glorious.

From music and movies to basketball and magic
From pure silver, mysterious black, to elegant Jinhui
Like Jay Chou, like Tudor
Dare to do it, there are endless possibilities
Photography: Yu Cong