Diamond-shaped Diamonds Create Crystal-clear Ladies Watches

Glittering diamonds, coupled with the oval appearance, will remind people of crystal clear water droplets. Today I will introduce four ladies watches with the above characteristics.
Girl’s Choice
 Girard Perregaux CATSEYE 80484D-53A-761-BK7B

 In the minds of the girls, the most beautiful things must be those that are fresh and free of impurities. Girard Perregaux watches will undoubtedly bring them the highest visual enjoyment. The launch of this watch series called CAT’S EYE can capture the hearts of girls like a cat’s eye.

 The 80484D-53A-761-BK7B watch in the CAT’SEYE series, which is mainly made of white gold, uses Girard Perregaux GP03300-0044 automatic winding movement, and the 28 stones in it are as inspiring and intoxicating as galaxies The most classic oval design is the biggest feature of this series. The all-white dial with mother-of-pearl dial design makes people seem to see the light reflected by the water drops in the sun.
White Collar Choice
 Audemars Piguet 77301ST.ZZ.D015CR.01 watch

 Audemars Piguet’s designs have always been unique and bold, even more so in contemporary collections. It is attractive to stop in an unusual shape, but in the end you will find its value. As a brand with a lofty status in the Swiss watch industry, it has always impressed the white-collar workers with the most precise craftsmanship in pursuit of efficiency.

 It has a solid and empty ring-shaped case, and its black hour marker design is also very characteristic: half of it is Arabic numerals, and the other half is Roman numerals. The gray and white dials are simple and layered, and the leather strap conveys a smart signal at work. Only the diamond inlaid on the stainless steel case exudes light in a low-key, looking far away, like a drop of water condensation.
Elegant lady’s choice
 Chopard HappySport 278418-3002 watch

 If you are not satisfied with the green and casual style of watch, and desire to have your own uniqueness at the dinner or dinner, then you must choose an elegant and generous watch. This watch from Chopard meets all your needs. The Happy Sport series allows diamonds to move in the watch, round and calm.

 This model number 278418-3002 is made of stainless steel, and its pure surface has a very strong gloss. The blue hands and hour markers add a touch of temperament to it. The petite dial can better embody the luxury, and the diamonds in any movement are like raindrops falling from the sky, completely combining the movement and beauty.
Royal Choice Honored Luxury
 Breguet Queen of Naples 8978BB / 58 / 974D00D

 Breguet watches are complex and elegant in design, especially the Queen of Naples series, each of which is a supreme boutique. It was inspired by the bracelet-type watch designed by Abraham Louis Breguet for Napoleon’s sister Naples Queen Caroline in her early years. The history worn by many royal nobles has also made Baodi able to bear this heavy responsibility.

 The watch numbered 8978BB / 58 / 974D00D, belonging to the Queen of Naples series to be recommended today, has attracted all honorable women with its superb craftsmanship of 54 gems. And its design is also very distinctive. Combining complex functions, it has a dove-shaped automatic movement, an 18K white gold egg-shaped case, a pit-shaped bezel, a bezel set with 30 diamonds, and a natural white mother-of-pearl dial. . A diamond is set at the 12 o’clock window to indicate whether the timekeeping device is on or off.
 These diamond watches are expensive. But who can deny its charm? From the perspective of art, how can their value be measured only by price.