Elegant Tenderness And Intoxicated Time Tissot Carson Series New Listing

Since the brand was founded in 1853, Tissot has been committed to the perfect fusion of time perception and superb watchmaking technology, giving each watch an extraordinary time and life, Tissot Carson series will It is the testimony of this legend. Continuing the consistent simplicity and elegance of the Carson series, the new Tissot Carson series is carefully crafted with smooth lines and a simple and elegant shape, perfectly interpreting the brand’s interpretation of time. The watch has excellent chronological performance; the breakthrough mechanical power 80 movement provides up to 80 hours of permanent power guarantee for men; the same series of women are equipped with high-performance ETA2671 self-winding mechanical movement for elegant design and precise timing Perfectly blended, respecting the extraordinary taste of the wearer. The Carson series has always been Tissot’s best-selling style. In addition to the men’s watch using a revolutionary new movement, the new version also has rose gold PVD styles to choose from, giving modern and retro courtesy courtesy to add luxury and beauty. The hands rotate like a stream, and Tissot is willing to indulge in the elegance and tenderness of time with the wearer of Carson.

Tissot Carson Series Gold
Simple and elegant gentleman’s watch

 Abandon the cumbersome and exaggerated, taste minimalism, see the hustle and bustle of the city, and see the clarity and wisdom of the inner world. The new Tissot Carson series continues the pursuit of simplicity in this series, bringing the classic charm to the extreme. Among the qualities, the golden jade, the watch is rounded and polished to hide edges and corners, and the case, lugs and crown are natural, creating a smooth time curve. The Roman numerals or bar-shaped scales on the dial are low-key and elegant, as if the golden years are gently stored. The concentric circle design in the center of the dial subtly highlights the scale of the outer ring and also enhances the three-dimensional feel of the dial. Along the dial’s outer circle, there are fine scales, so that the time can be accurate to the second, unique ingenuity.

 The simple and elegant shape design is equipped with the revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement, which provides a reliable power guarantee of up to 80 hours for the accurate timing of the watch. After full strings, this movement can work for three days without any adjustment. Whether you are busy at work or leisurely vacation, you can get rid of the tedious adjustment and add an unparalleled weight of time.

 This series of men’s models uses a transparent back cover, and the operation of the mechanical power 80 movement is clear. The automatic hammer is carefully carved with water ripples and proud technical parameters-‘high-tech escapement, 23 gems’, always telling the ‘core’ of the watch’s technology. Time between gears.

 In addition to the low-key luxury rose gold PVD models, Carson men’s models are also available in all-steel and inter-gold models. The straps use elegant noble crocodile-pattern belts or capable metal straps, and the dials are also available in white or black. The rich styles can definitely meet the needs of people with different styles, and accompany the wearer to enjoy the time together.

Tissot Carson Women’s Rose Gold PVD
Tenderness Retro Sting Time Bag

 Ting Ting has not lost her temperament, the Tissot Carson series ladies’ watch has a magical power at first sight. Eliminate the complicated design, connect the delicately carved components with smooth lines, such a simple time curve will surely let you bloom in the colorful flowers. The women’s design of this series is similar to that of men, elegant and simple.

 Through its transparent case back, you can watch the movement of the ETA2671 self-winding mechanical movement. Classical gorgeous time dances in the ticking movement of the pointer. The elegant elegance of women belongs to the feminine style, which is an interpretation of tenderness and retro feminine style.
Similar to men’s models, the new Carson women’s watches are available in a variety of styles and can be paired with men’s watches to provide watch selection. The timeless and classic design of the Carson series seems to be a whisper of sturdy love on the wrist, and accompany the lovers to count every minute spent together.

Technical Parameters:
-Men’s model with Swiss-made mechanical power 80 (Powermatic 80) self-winding mechanical movement, 23 gems, 80 hours power reserve
-Women’s movement ETA2671, 25 gems, 38 hours power reserve
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
–316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance to 3 bar (30 meters / 3 atmospheres)
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Leather strap with standard buckle
-PVD craftsmanship between rose gold and gold
Suggested retail price: RMB 4,600-5,450