Emotional Expression Of The Watch In ‘break Up Contract’

The ‘breakup contract’ released on April 12th can be described as a popular movie recently. Leaving aside the plot first, the protagonist’s costumes in the movie are already worthy of a watch selection. Today, the editor takes stock of the watches in the movie for everyone.
Bai Baihe as He Qiao Qiao: Missing the Heart of the Water Girl

 In the love dictionary, the most taboo is miss and wait, but He Qiao Qiao has to make a break up agreement with Li Xing for five years. In the eyes of the audience, her three-pointer and three-pointer are really unreasonable, but she is actually Difficult performance. Because he was terminally ill, he left his lover heartlessly, because he loved the other person more than anyone else, so he couldn’t let go of it. It is said that women are made of water, while Qiao Qiao is made of boiling water. The surface is brutalist, fresh and fresh, and the only thoughts in the heart are like you.
Recommended watch: Cartier Tank W1537338

 He Qiaoqiao’s setting in the movie is a ceramic artist, so her dressing style is more inclined to the natural and fresh Mori girl style. In addition to the national printed clothing, she also likes to wear various beads and leather bracelets. Mix and match the watch, it seems casual and stylish. This watch from the Cartier Tank series has a stylish and simple design. The 18K rose gold and dark brown strap are full of texture, and the Roman numerals on the dial are more classic.
 Related watch details: She is Bai Fumei, she is a filial piety to her parents, she has a beautiful figure, is noble and elegant, and treats her boyfriend EX perfectly. Little girl. But in this battle between the current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, Zhou Rui is just a beautiful set board, just the props that Li Xing used to test He Qiao Qiao’s sincerity. This perfect Bai Fumei sincerely hopes to help her friends find love.
Recommended watches: Piaget Possession G0A30083

 Bai Fumei’s current girlfriend is well-educated, elegant, and has the perfect appearance and the advantages of living in France since childhood. Such a perfect incumbent is expected to make all ex-girlfriends tickle. The scene of Zhou Rui trying on the wedding dress was really stunning, with beautiful buns behind her head, and the matching white watch was just right. Piaget’s watch is from the Possession series. The round diamond set on the bezel can be rotated freely, which makes people seeing and fascinating. The interesting digital time scale adds a little elegance and fun.
 Related watch details: Li Xing is like a childlike child, whether it is the proposal on the eve of graduation five years ago or the fake marriage for the test of five years later, he always uses full of love To dominate their actions, they are not pretentious but not mature enough. But at the same time, he is also vulnerable. Because the marriage proposal failed five years ago, the pain of the breakup has been suppressed in his heart, so he is angry and furious, so he finds someone to fake the marriage. Qiao Qiao refused.
Recommended watch: Girard Perregaux WW.TC series 49805-53-151-BA6A watch

 After five years of hard work, Li Xing finally ushered in the spring of his career and turned into a golden man. A burgundy sweater with a solid-colored shirt has a strong artistic temperament, and a black belt watch adds a little more sunshine charm to a big boy and a man’s determination to mature. Girard Perregaux ww.tc series of this World Time watch is equipped with Girard Perregaux’s carefully developed GP33C0 automatic winding movement. The dial has a clear hierarchy and the hour and minute hands are processed by a luminous layer.
 Related watch details: The appearance of Mao Mao makes male girlfriends a good partner for all girls. When he is sad, he can hear you crying; when he is injured, he will take the lead for you; especially when you are weak, he will protect you. If there were no hairs, the playful recapture plan would not be implemented so quickly. While helping He Qiaoqiao to recover Li Xing, he was also afraid that he could not help falling in love with Li Xing. I hope Qiao Qiao find happiness more than myself.
Recommended watch: Zenith El Primero 03.2040.400 / 01.M2040 watch

 The role of Mao Mao is similar to Wang Xiaojian in 33 Days of Love, but he is more candid. Although the bag is as fateful as it is, when a friend needs him, he can insert a knife without hesitation. One sentence that I have chased her like a turtle son for many years can tell everything. The Zenith El Primero watch has a simple and refined design that perfectly blends fashion elements. The polished steel bracelet and silver-gray dial complement each other, showing the charm of noble elegance and subtle restraint.
 Related watch details: zenith / 841 /