F.P.Journe Launches Chronometre Bleu Watch

As a high-end boutique watch for younger collectors, Chronometre Bleu was launched in December 2009, revealing its status as a trend leader and encouraging Numerous watch brands.
The magnificent chrome blue dial of the F.P. Journe Chronomètre Bleu watch is also the first time that its high-quality dial has changed color.

FPJourne reveals not only the inspiration source for the world’s continuous pursuit of precision and innovative watches in the field of fine watchmaking; this is also the brand’s inherent aesthetic awareness, which combines harmony, simplicity and elegance, and has set off a watchmaking design industry. trend.
The gray-blue case is cast from the rare precious metal tantalum alloy, making this fashionable blue timepiece more perfect.
Original source: F.P.Journe
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