Fast And Furious 2017 Richard Mille New Products Summary

In 2017, during the 27th annual Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, during this timepiece event, each participating brand will launch its own new models, attracting watch lovers all over the world attention. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the Richard Mille brand continued its legendary classic watchmaking legend with superb and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and created a number of new watches with excellent quality, which shined during the watch fair.

Richard Mille RM 50-03 McLaren F1 Ultralight Two Second Chasing Tourbillon Chronograph

   The new Richard Mille is presented as a landmark masterpiece of the watch. The design not only combines titanium alloy and TPT ™ carbon fiber, but also introduces another brand new material into watchmaking: Graph TPT ™, or what people usually do. Speaking of graphene, the material is the exclusive material of the brand. The watchmaking process of cash combines a tourbillon escapement with a two-second chase. Completed the perfect delivery of watch kinetic energy.
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RM07-01 watch

   The classic watch style and smooth lines make this Richard Mille RM07-01 watch. Elegant and elegant, it is inlaid with diamonds on some cases and dials, making this watch More charming. Compared with previous models, this watch is more elegant and more in line with the aesthetics of today’s urbanites.
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RM037 RG-CA Women’s Watch

   NTPT carbon fiber is a unique material for Richard Mille men’s watches. It not only provides the best protection for the movement, but also gives the watch a unique aesthetic. Today, Richard Mille presents NTPT carbon fiber exclusively on the RM 037 ladies’ watch in a new way of setting diamonds, showing the feminine elegance. Gorgeous shape, elegant temperament, and a conspicuous bright red strap make up this RM037 RG-CA ladies watch, with a variety of diamonds set in between, adding luxury and sparkle to this watch.
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RM11-03 CA-FQ watch

   From the geometric time, watches with blue elements began to rise, and every touch of bright blue touched your heart and heart like beautiful music, just like this RM11-03 CA-FQ watch. Inheriting Richard Mille’s classic barrel design, and a new case color element with blue current and visual sense, this watch has become the focus of everyone’s attention at the show.
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RM35-01RAFA Watch

   The cooperation with many parties has created the brand’s cutting-edge quality and brilliant results. The barrel case has always been a classic case style of Richard Mill, with a high degree of recognition. This Richard Mill watch also follows this design, blending the brand’s tradition with modern watchmaking, showing its special charm to watchers.
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RM35-02 RAFA watch

  This red classic watch continues many of the brand’s technological innovations. The movement components are hand-polished, with many chamfers and mirror finishes. Exquisite watch detailing makes this all-red watch radiant and chic. Paired with a sporty red rubber strap, the red element fills every corner of the watch, showing its unique style.

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  The above is the latest information of the 2017 Geneva Watch Fair brought by the staff of the Watch House. Next, the Watch House will provide more exciting content reports for everyone, so stay tuned.
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