Iwc Shows The Night Sky On Your Wrist-news Iwc

IWC Schaffhausen launched a new Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia model, which is one of the most sophisticated and sophisticated models created by IWC.
After more than 10 years of intensive research, the well-known Swiss watchmaker finally successfully launched this watch that combines the functions of SolarTime and Sidereal Time.

Every watch is unique
Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches are not produced in series. Each watch will be produced exclusively according to the customer’s order, which is a separate item in itself. Because the star map and range, as well as the sunrise and sunset times, must be calculated and displayed at the exact location specified by the customer, individual mechanical parts must be customized and then individually assembled and adjusted.

This means that each customer not only wears a unique watch on his wrist, but also possesses his own personality constellation, as seen from the location of his choice in the night sky.
Personality is essential for Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches. As part of the special service, customers can design their own precious watches within the scope set by the IWC design philosophy.
Depending on the material of the case and strap, together with five different color dials, as well as various color inlays and straps, there will be more than 200 possible combinations worldwide.
Given this personalised service and demanding design work, customers will have to wait about a year for delivery. The so-called: characteristics take time.
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