Lesson 3 Of Hublot Watchmaking Class Mr. Jean-claude Beaver, Chairman Of The Global Board Of Directors, Tsinghua University

On November 29th, 2012, Hublot (Hublot) watch held the third lesson of Hublot Watchmaking Class, an academic salon specially organized for Chinese media, in Tsinghua, China’s most influential top school University organized. Prior to this, Hublot has held two watchmaking classes in the new China World Trade Center Phase III in May and the National Museum in August, discussing the highly complex movements of Hublot and Anticor The mystery of Sheila.

Today, a legend in Swiss watchmaking, but also Hublot Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Global Board of Directors, came to Tsinghua University, China’s top university, to visit the “Tsinghua Entrepreneur Hall” of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, and share this top luxury wristwatch with young students and MBA The marketing concept and innovation of the watch reveal the development of luxury goods in the context of the global economy.

This is the first time that Hublot has entered a university campus in China. It will share the marketing ideas that the world has admired with the students. Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver’s passionate speech inspired the audience, from the launch of the Hublot Big Bang series that subverted the watchmaking industry, to the inherent meaning of ‘integrated ideas’, Choose outstanding partners to attract superstars such as Maradona, Wade, Bolt and others to become a glorious member of the Hublot family. The Tsinghua students present were greatly benefited and experienced the points on the road of luxury marketing together. Didi and the courage and courage required to be a successful industry leader.

The third lesson of Hublot’s watchmaking class is the top priority of this year. Before Mr. Beaver’s speech, Mr. Matthias Bute, the R & D Director of Hublot who visited Beijing three times, first unveiled for the Chinese media. The secret of Hublot’s completely independent research and development and independent production of the UNICO automatic flyback chronograph movement.

As always, the watchmaking class has caused enthusiastic participation and discussion of the media. In the ‘examination’ after class, the media that love Hublot have a deeper and more vivid understanding of Hublot through manual brains. Today, the topic of ‘exam’ is unique That is everyone’s childhood toy cube. The rule of the test is that the students who spell the most patterns have the highest scores within the prescribed time.

Hublot’s watchmaking class has established a bridge for in-depth communication for the Chinese media, enabling the media to better understand the brand’s solid independent research and development capabilities and eclectic innovation capabilities, and thus to spread Hublot’s core values For more watch lovers. After class, everyone took a ‘graduation photo’ together at Tsinghua University.