Nifer Watch Brand Introduction

NIVREL (Nieve) is a traditional Swiss watch. After being acquired by German jewellery watchmaker GreedHofer in 1993, the design of the surface is infused with endless design elements. Its unique feature is the percentage Baiquan’s manual engraving technology is introduced on the surface design with a diameter of only 42mm, which fully displays the unique style of combining art and machinery. The questionnaire, tourbillon and perpetual calendar are hailed as the invention of the three complicated watch movements of the century. Lifio’s masterpiece is the prestigious ‘five-minute questionnaire’.

 This is a relatively unpopular brand. Most of them use ETA cores modified by ETA or KELEK technology factory DUBOISDEPRAZ (the same door as Breitling movements). It is equipped with a DD core questionnaire (also changed from ETA). Ask for a cheap watch. I highly respect its LEMANIA 8810 core automatic watch. 8810 is a well-known ultra-thin automatic movement with double barrels. It was originally developed by Longines and sold to LEMANIA. It is now used by the SWATCH Group as the base of Breguet automatic watches. The big three-handed automatic models are all at the bottom of the 8810. In the past few years, Longines bought a few modified gold watches and introduced the L-990 limited edition commemorative gold watch, which once caused people to think about Longines’ own products in the early years. 8810 is equal to ETA2892, Jaeger-LeCoultre 889, plus FP, Girard Perregaux 3000 (somewhat inferior quality), they almost occupy most of the Swiss premium brand automatic watch core. In the past, a few watch factories such as Yubao also used some 8810, but these brand watches are more expensive. NIVREL just pulled it down from the altar and made affordable steel watches, so that friends with small budgets had the opportunity to contact high-end cores.