Nomos Tetra Series 429 Watch Introduction

For the new model of NOMOS, the instrument is probably the most appropriate adjective. The Tetra series is black matte, and its beautiful appearance can stand the test of any daylight. What could be more tenacious than these watches? What could be more simple and beautiful than these watches?

 The quality of this series of watches is as perfect as other NOMOS products. The black dial on white background and the black case contrast with each other. It is the dark black case that underscores the personality of this watch: it is like an instrument that will last you a lifetime.

 The surgical-grade tempered steel case is coated with a layer of black matte material called titanium aluminum alloy carbonitride, making it even harder. This watch is not without its appearance: the outer coating is covered by the PVD process on the surface of the case, less than one thousandth of a millimeter thick, and it is also often coated on the surface of tools such as milling cutters and drills to protect it from wear.

 The shapes of these models are derived from water, electricity and gas meters hanging on the basement or storage room wall. But if you look closely at these watches in daylight, you will find that they all contain beauty that cannot be concealed, which fully reflects the precise and rigorous size. This is why the black Tangente, Tetra, and Tangomat are called ‘Tetra’, and like the word NOMOS, ‘Tetra’ also symbolizes ‘Law’ and ‘Regulation’.

 This black matte model is slightly more expensive than the original model with a polished case. Manually wound Tangente Tetra and Tetra Tetra are equipped with NOMOS original alpha movement, while Tangomat Tetra is equipped with original epsilon automatic movement. All three watches have a sapphire crystal caseback.