Not Surprisingly Endless Tasting Rm 36-01 Sébastien Loeb Tourbillon Gravity Measurement Watch

As a brand that does not follow the common sense, Richard Miller, each year’s new products will give everyone a unique freshness. At the 2014 Geneva Watch & Clock Fair, the SEBASTIEN LOEB tourbillon gravity measurement watch was also astonishing. Next, let’s enter the new world of watch geeks, the official watch model: RM 36-01 COMPETITION G SENSOR SEBASTIEN LOEB.

 The new RM 36-01 Sébastien Loeb tourbillon gravity measurement watch comes from the close cooperation between Richard Mille and the ace driver of the WRC World Rally Championship, Sébastien Loeb, who has won nine consecutive times for an unprecedented time. World championship title, and once again set a world record in 2013 at Pikes Peak.

 First of all, from the appearance point of view, RM 36-01 Sébastien Loeb has reached 47.7 mm in diameter. If it is a general male watch, this size can basically be described as abrupt, but Richard Miller’s full sense design is completely Don’t worry about this feeling.

 The magic of this watch can be said to be caused by its brown ceramic rotating bezel. Gently rotating the bezel, the gravity sensor can rotate in all directions, and the rider can see a big turn, or accelerate and brake in the straight. Lateral deceleration and longitudinal stress. Of course, this is a complicated mechanical process, and it is very difficult to complete.

 In terms of material, the watch also uses a carbon nanotube material for the main case, and titanium alloy for the fixed bezel and case back. The unusual design makes the watch clear and easy to read, and it is grade 5 titanium alloy and black PVD coating The processed movement parts are in sharp contrast. The overall thickness is 17.37 mm.

 Some people wonder how the watch really feels human. The sensor is directly connected to the bezel and sapphire crystal, and can sense up to 6G of force. The scale display allows the driver to know whether the deceleration is safe (green area) or dangerous (red area).

 In addition, just press the center button to complete the zeroing operation easily. The production process of this watch requires extremely complicated assembly and debugging, which is another innovative breakthrough in horological technology.

 This new tourbillon watch is equipped with a 70-hour power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock and a function selector at 4 o’clock. It can be said that it is very easy to operate and visually.

 Some parts on the bottom plate of the movement and other parts of the movement are connected to the bezel and sapphire crystal. The latter can be flexibly rotated and adjusted, and at the same time participate in accurate time recording.

 Such a complicated energy conversion is believed that only Richard Miller is willing to try. This watch is limited to 30 pieces. Loeb will wear this extraordinary watch in the WTCC World Touring Car Championship and other events.

Summary: This brand has always been created on the principle of not being astonishing. This RM 36-01 Sébastien Loeb tourbillon gravity measurement watch is impeccable from a purely technical perspective. It reminds me of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s AMVOX2, but when it comes to how cool it is, Richard Miller is absolutely winning. But from another perspective, such a function is a bit out of real life. If one day can be improved and promoted in daily watches, it will be a good buy.

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