Tuduo Retro Calendar Watch

The new Tudor watch series is based on the theme of ‘excellent in heart, exquisite and shape’. All watches are masterpieces of high-end technology and aesthetic design, and perfect the history and fine tradition of Tudor watches. Show. Taking fashion and classics as inspiration blueprints, they are the perfect combination of watchmaking craftsmanship and unique style in form and function, completely pushing the exquisite appearance and excellent technology to the extreme, becoming a fascinating timeless classic story. And this story can meet the needs of different people. It is not only loved by those who are seeking technical excellence, but also can meet the requirements of those who seek artistic beauty.

Tudor vintage calendar HERITAGE CHRONO
A new addition to the Tudor Sports Series, the new Tudor Heritage Chrono is the meeting point of retro style and speed. It was inspired by the TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph introduced by Tudor in the early 1970s.

Today, more than 40 years later, the 2010 TUDOR Heritage Chrono witnessed the historical relationship between TUDOR and Porsche Motorsport Technology Division and shared the same ideas, and continued the ‘Timing Partner’ launched by the two brands in 2009 ) Relationship, continue to support a number of Porsche international one-make cups.

Porsche retro sports car
Keep improving in modern design. The new series redesigns the watch based on this concept, interpreting the essence of the history, technology and aesthetics of the racing car with its fashionable style and exquisite appearance.

Tudor Heritage Chrono launched in 2010 is actually a continuation of the 1970s style. The design of its case, outer ring, lugs and straps all refer to the style of the year. But when you appreciate it carefully, you will find that many details are novel and bright. For example, the lugs are polished and chamfered, the shoulders are designed to protect the crown, and there are pits on the rotating outer ring and crown. Plays a non-slip effect.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric band watch
The surface is available with black and gray small dials and gray with black small dials to choose from, and it is also equipped with a bright orange hour display. The hour digits and the two timers are different from the pentagonal digital patterns printed on the surface in the past, but they use a three-dimensional digital display.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO steel belt
The watch is equipped with a precision 7734 Valjoux movement. The design of its 45-minute timer refers to the 45-minute timer style of the 1970s for easy reading. The case of the Tudor Heritage Chrono is thicker, wider, and brighter, and has been expanded from 40 mm to 42 mm, which is on par with today’s ordinary chronographs. This watch also references the two-way rotating outer ring concept that was designed for the 7033 model in the 1970s.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric strap 70330N
At present, the Tudor Heritage Chrono is modeled as 70330 and uses a black outer ring made of aluminum oxide. It is equipped with a three-link stainless steel strap and a new buckle. The buckle is attached with the Tudor shield logo. It is also equipped with a black, gray and orange striped fabric strap with an antique safety clasp on the reference seat.

Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO fabric strap detail map

Watches Have More Than Just Their Feelings

In this era, it seems that a commodity cannot be regarded as a commodity without the support of feelings. And what is the feeling? In my opinion, feelings are basically fabricated, and merchants like to use false storylines to attract consumption. As for the watch, I cannot say that it has no feelings. I can only say that these three watches today are all powerful.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Dial Watch

Model: 116610LV-97200 Green Disk
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 04L stainless steel, oyster, three rows of links
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 70000
Watch details:
Model: Q1378420
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather, alligator leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch price: ¥ 66500
Details of the watch: The Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche series is a perfect fusion of pure lines and a thin stainless steel case, and is equipped with a number of subtle complications to complement the elegant dial. The watch has a date dial at 2 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 10 o’clock. Although the watch’s functions are complex, the dial is still neat and gives a comfortable feeling. This is the power of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 938 self-winding mechanical movement consisting of 273 parts, which provides a 43-hour power reserve.

IWC Portugal Series IW500705

Model: IW500705
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42.3 mm
Watch price: 92500
Watch details: / Wen Watch House (Zhang Chunxin)

Parmigiani Atelier Watch Series

Parmigiani’s Atelier series takes the concept of ‘travel’ as inspiration for creation, has changed the traditional norms of the high-end watch industry, brought about innovative changes, and aims to show the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship. Although the Atelier series jumps out of the frame of the Parmigiani classic series, it still inherits the brand’s unique watchmaking skills. Through outstanding tradition and innovation, each new watch in the Atelier series opens a new face for Parmigiani.

   All watches in the Atelier collection are special models, produced in limited editions, and will simultaneously showcase the brand’s unique jewellery watches made with gem-set technology, as well as the outstanding complex movement functions. The brand will regularly launch about ten collections, and the new watches launched will have the unprecedented characteristics of Parmigiani’s unprecedented timepieces, it will be interesting to see.

   The exhibition of Atelier watches is also a journey in itself, and will only be held at a special time and place, such as a special event or a famous place. In cooperation with local partners, the exhibition is hosted by the distinguished representatives of the brand, and all models of the series are only sold in the exhibition.

Endless Starry Sky On The Wrist Van Cleef & Arpels Smart Watch

Six thousand years ago, watches entered the stage of human history. The advent of watches gave humans a better understanding of ‘hours, minutes, seconds.’ It wasn’t until Van Cleef & Arpels launched an eye-catching fantasy watch, which belongs to the Midnight Planétarium of the Poetic Complication series, and has since linked the watch to the universe.

   The Midnight Planétarium dial consists of 7 different orbits, and the surface is a bright blue sky pattern.

   There is a gem on each of the 7 tracks, each of which has a different color and size. Depicts early human understanding of the six planets of the solar system. From outside to inside are Meteor (gold), Saturn (cedar), Jupiter (blue agate), Mars (red jasper), Earth (turquoise), Venus (dark green jade), Mercury (serpentine), and the center of the dial The sun is made of red gold.

   On the outermost layer of the watch, there is a rotatable wave-shaped bezel. Rotating the dial, you can set the ‘lucky day’ by yourself. When the lucky day comes, the earth will move to the star position engraved on the sapphire crystal dial, bringing good luck to the wearer.

   One of the biggest highlights is the power system of the watch. It is an automatic movement developed by Van Cleef & Arpels and the famous independent watchmaker Christiaan van der Klaauw.

   There are 396 parts in the entire movement. After a precise combination, each planet rotates at its true speed: Saturn takes about 29 years around the dial; Jupiter takes 12 years; Mars 687 days; Earth 365 days; Venus 224 Days; Mercury 88 days. As the main hour marker of a watch is placed on the outer meteor.

   The day, month, and year display functions have been moved to the back of the dial and viewed through two magnifying observation ports.

   The Midnight Planétarium case is 44 mm in diameter and is made of 18K rose gold. It is available with or without diamonds, with a black alligator strap and a rose gold buckle. It also sells for up to $ 245,000.

Cartier Hill Degrees A Modern Icon Forever Youth

Since 1904, Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) conceived a Santos watch for aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, the technology and design have experienced countless Change, but this revolutionary watch is still out of date. The new Santos series launched this year has a striking resemblance to the original model. The true classic is nothing more than that.

New Santos series watch, released at SIHH 2018, with quick-change system

   The river was flowing quietly under the bridge in Paris. Humans stepped on the surface of the moon and accustomed to crossing the Atlantic for hours. Tesla sports cars flew to Mars. If you go through today, Pierre Cartier and Louis Cartier, the grandsons of Cartier’s founders, will not believe their eyes, and the visionary Brazilian pilot Albert Santos Dumont is no exception. However, all three of them lack imagination. They have the ideals and ambitions pursued for life. Their fate is closely related to one of the most attractive revolutions in the history of time measurement: the invention of modern watches.
From the Air France Club to the first men’s watch
   In 1904, Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower is still new, and in this city planned by Baron Ottoman, you can smell the excitement in the air. At the beginning of the aviation industry, Paris was at the forefront. Leaders of industry, academia, sports, and art traveled frequently to the capital’s influence circle, and a new society was gradually taking shape in front of the Cartier brothers. Soon, Louis Cartier became interested in aviation. He often consulted the Air France Club Commissioner for the latest developments. The latter is responsible for flight timing, judgment records, and attention to the potential of different engines and fuels.

To familiarize himself with the air, Albert Santos Dumont ate in a chair several feet high, circa 1900
   It was here that in this club of passionate visionaries, Louis Cartier met Albert Santos Dumont. The Cartier archives show us the maverick side of the aviation pioneer-in a photo, he sits in a long-legged chair and dine with friends to suit the feel of an aircraft. By interacting with Albert Santos Dumont, Louis Cartier understands the situation faced by early pilots and their needs. On the basis of precise understanding, the first Cartier timepiece designed for men to be worn on the wrist was born in 1904. Function dominates the creation of new watches, and it provides a clear answer to a seemingly simple question: how to measure flight time and monitor fuel consumption when you can’t let go of the control of the aircraft and look around for pocket watches Consume? The answer is to wear the watch on your wrist! Designed and manufactured for Santos Dumont, this watch began to be sold to the public in 1911. It not only met the needs of early flight pioneers, but also laid the foundation for contemporary watchmaking.

Cartier Santos Dumont watch, 1912

Fusion of form and function
   From a design perspective, the original Santos carried all the features of a Cartier watch. The unique silhouette is reminiscent of the steel bridge across the Seine and the monuments around the capital. The square bezel with decorative screws, the stylized Roman numerals, the orbital minute ring, the crown set with convex sapphire, and the leather strap … form and function, elegance and practicality are perfectly combined here. Other equally recognizable designs came out one after another-turtle, barrel and tank-the Santos series marked the beginning of the fantasy adventure of Cartier’s watch.

Cartier Santos gold watch with automatic movement, circa 1978

   In 1978, Santos re-launched in a bold combination of gold and steel-the Santos watch released at SIHH 2018 is very similar. For 40 years, the squares and straight lines borrowed from Parisian architecture remain unchanged. The eight screws were retained, and the Cartier designer extended the bezel slightly to harmonize the lines between the case and the bracelet. The core of the watch is designed for modernity: the 1847 MC self-winding movement has central hours, minutes, seconds, and date display (at 6 o’clock), and uses nickel-phosphorous parts. It also has a barrier made of paramagnetic alloy, which has excellent anti-magnetic performance .

New Santos watch, 2018

   With the advent of the Santos watch, the key is to be able to wear it, so it is appropriate to focus on this feature in 2018. The new Santos watch uses the patented QuickSwitch system. Whether steel or gold, calfskin or crocodile leather, bracelet or strap, it can be disassembled at the touch of a button and replaced at will according to the wearer’s mood or needs. In addition, the metal bracelet can be adjusted by the hidden button, and the length of the bracelet can be easily adjusted without using tools. This super-practical invention reminds us that one of the long-lasting secrets of Santos is to keep up with the times as always. Under the bridge in Paris, the river is still flowing quietly. From the original revolutionary watch to today’s interchangeable chain, Santos has gone through decades of baptism in elegance and has always been young.

Eli Lianba, Grandson Of Famous Pilot Charles Lianba, Was Awarded The First Longines Lianba Award

Longines, a Swiss watch brand, has a long and proud connection with the flying industry. For the first time in 1927, Charles Lindbergh drove the plane across the Atlantic without a stop; Longines was responsible for the timing. To commemorate this feat, Longines has established the Longines Lindbergh Award. The American pilot made this flight feat for the first time on May 21, 1927, and his grandson Erik Lindbergh became the first winner of the Longines consecutive draw.

   In May 2002, the 75th anniversary of the above-mentioned historic flight, 37-year-old Eli Lianba followed in the footsteps of his distinguished grandfather. He drove a single pilot across the Atlantic on the same route and flew from Long Island, New York to Paris near Paris. Bourget. Eli Lianba is both an artist and a designer, and has participated in a number of ‘bold plans’ related to the field of aviation tourism and ecological aircraft. He is also a warrior fighting adversity, overcoming serious health problems.

   May 21 (Monday) is the anniversary of Charles Lianba’s flight. Longines chooses to hold the Longines Lianhua Awarding Ceremony at a special dinner held at the New York Times headquarters on this day. The New York Times also actively reported the flying feat of Charles Lianba. At the dinner, representatives of the flying industry media and members of the Lianba family gathered together. Juan-CarlosCapeli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, also recalled the historical origins of the brand and the flying industry.

   Mr. Capelli also presented a LindberghHourAngle Watch to Elite. This is a watch designed by Charles Lianba and developed by Longines shortly after this first non-stop flight feat, symbolizing Longines’ support for aviation pioneers, and the brand’s support for Charles Lianba. close relationship. After flying across the Atlantic in 1927, the adventurer approached Longines to create a watch that could meet his flight needs. A serial commemorative watch was born and has become a true watchmaking classic today.

   That year, Raymond Orteig awarded Charles Lian with US $ 25,000 to commend him for being the first pilot to cross the Atlantic. The Longines Liancon also referred to this award and set the prize to US $ 25,000. The Longines Awards are awarded annually to those who possess Charles Pioneer’s pioneering spirit and who possess the elegant style and outstanding performance that Longines cherishes. The award winners were selected by a jury consisting of Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, Stephanie Lachat, PhD in History, Bernard Decre, President of the ‘Alarecherchede oiseaublanc’ Association, and Co-founder of the ‘SpiritofSt-Louis2’ Program SpirosBouas.

Patek Philippe Announces Expanding Storefront In Bond Street, London

Recently, Patek Philippe announced that it will expand its store in Bond Street, London. The company has reached an agreement with Auror Holdings Limited to take over its 16 leased New Bond Street stores. This newly opened store, together with the 15 existing stores, will further give Patek Philippe customers a whole new experience. However, the date of the new store’s renovation and the official opening date has yet to be determined.

 ‘The Patek Philippe is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and image, because Bond Street is an important strategic retail place for world-renowned watches,’ said Mark Horn, general manager of Patek Philippe in the UK. ‘We are excited to be adding stores on Bond Street, which will further increase customer expectations and bring more experience to Patek Philippe,’ said salon director Ed Tren.

 Since 1980, Patek Philippe has opened a flagship store on Bond Street. Although initially a boutique managed by a Swiss watch, in 2005, Patek Philippe acquired its old store and opened its own London salon. In 2008, Patek Philippe’s store in London was fully upgraded and renovated, becoming the UK’s largest watch salon.

Diamond-shaped Diamonds Create Crystal-clear Ladies Watches

Glittering diamonds, coupled with the oval appearance, will remind people of crystal clear water droplets. Today I will introduce four ladies watches with the above characteristics.
Girl’s Choice
 Girard Perregaux CATSEYE 80484D-53A-761-BK7B

 In the minds of the girls, the most beautiful things must be those that are fresh and free of impurities. Girard Perregaux watches will undoubtedly bring them the highest visual enjoyment. The launch of this watch series called CAT’S EYE can capture the hearts of girls like a cat’s eye.

 The 80484D-53A-761-BK7B watch in the CAT’SEYE series, which is mainly made of white gold, uses Girard Perregaux GP03300-0044 automatic winding movement, and the 28 stones in it are as inspiring and intoxicating as galaxies The most classic oval design is the biggest feature of this series. The all-white dial with mother-of-pearl dial design makes people seem to see the light reflected by the water drops in the sun.
White Collar Choice
 Audemars Piguet 77301ST.ZZ.D015CR.01 watch

 Audemars Piguet’s designs have always been unique and bold, even more so in contemporary collections. It is attractive to stop in an unusual shape, but in the end you will find its value. As a brand with a lofty status in the Swiss watch industry, it has always impressed the white-collar workers with the most precise craftsmanship in pursuit of efficiency.

 It has a solid and empty ring-shaped case, and its black hour marker design is also very characteristic: half of it is Arabic numerals, and the other half is Roman numerals. The gray and white dials are simple and layered, and the leather strap conveys a smart signal at work. Only the diamond inlaid on the stainless steel case exudes light in a low-key, looking far away, like a drop of water condensation.
Elegant lady’s choice
 Chopard HappySport 278418-3002 watch

 If you are not satisfied with the green and casual style of watch, and desire to have your own uniqueness at the dinner or dinner, then you must choose an elegant and generous watch. This watch from Chopard meets all your needs. The Happy Sport series allows diamonds to move in the watch, round and calm.

 This model number 278418-3002 is made of stainless steel, and its pure surface has a very strong gloss. The blue hands and hour markers add a touch of temperament to it. The petite dial can better embody the luxury, and the diamonds in any movement are like raindrops falling from the sky, completely combining the movement and beauty.
Royal Choice Honored Luxury
 Breguet Queen of Naples 8978BB / 58 / 974D00D

 Breguet watches are complex and elegant in design, especially the Queen of Naples series, each of which is a supreme boutique. It was inspired by the bracelet-type watch designed by Abraham Louis Breguet for Napoleon’s sister Naples Queen Caroline in her early years. The history worn by many royal nobles has also made Baodi able to bear this heavy responsibility.

 The watch numbered 8978BB / 58 / 974D00D, belonging to the Queen of Naples series to be recommended today, has attracted all honorable women with its superb craftsmanship of 54 gems. And its design is also very distinctive. Combining complex functions, it has a dove-shaped automatic movement, an 18K white gold egg-shaped case, a pit-shaped bezel, a bezel set with 30 diamonds, and a natural white mother-of-pearl dial. . A diamond is set at the 12 o’clock window to indicate whether the timekeeping device is on or off.
 These diamond watches are expensive. But who can deny its charm? From the perspective of art, how can their value be measured only by price.

Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation Opens New Exhibition ‘latin America 1960-2013 Opening

November 19, 2013 to April 6, 2014. A new perspective on Latin American photography from 1960 to the present. This exhibition brings together 72 artists from 11 countries. The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art will jointly host the “Latin America 1960-2013 Exhibition (América Latina 1960-2013 Exhibition) with the Museo Amparo Museum in Puebla, Mexico. The relationship between photographic images. Reveals the diverse photographic methods of different artists and his different uses of the photographic medium. This special exhibition will provide the audience with an opportunity to learn more about the history of Latin America and rediscover these rare exhibitions in Europe. Works of important artists.

Latin America: a fascinating continent

 For hundreds of years. At the same time, I feel infinite mystery; perhaps because it was once regarded as a new world, so it always exudes a strong exotic atmosphere. Today, Latin America has always been fascinated by her followers. Contemporary Latin American culture has received a lot of attention. But people Rarely explore the historical background related to its cultural achievements. The Latin American 1960-2013 exhibition covers the historical period from 1960-the second year of the Cuban Revolution-to today. Many Latin American countries have political and economic periods during this period. Extremely unstable, there have been a series of revolutionary movements and military regimes, as well as guerrilla activities and democratic transitions. The exhibition explores the phenomenon of the interaction between text and video in Latin American art over the past 50 years. Through the eyes of the artist, I unfolded animated volumes of this turbulent historical period.

Photography and text in an era of historical change

 This art has a close relationship with literature, text and video. For example: 19th century educators, there is no shortage of precedents in Latin American art and culture. Avant-garde concept artist and writer Lui Camnitz has always insisted on the importance of citations. Simon Bolívar (Simón Bolívar tutor Simon Rodríguez used the official dictionary as a tool for struggle and resistance; The concrete poet of the 1950s also used text as a visual element in his works; Jorg LuiBorg Pablo Neruda (PabloNeruda, Octavio Paz, and other writers The cultural influence is even more widespread. This long literary tradition has also greatly influenced the visual culture of Latin America. In the early 1960s, many artists discovered that the combination of text and video in his works opened up a particularly rich experiment for him. This method allows him to express in an easier way the urgent needs that his country is facing, and to pass on his growing thoughts against tyranny. Perhaps this is because photography is a fast and true record of reality Media, text is a way to expand or change the meaning of an image. Artists use this Tension between the two media, efforts to restore the complex and violent world around them, sometimes can avoid review of today’s artists continue to combine photography and text to explore notions of territory, memory and identity.

Diverse Artists and Artistic Techniques

 Show me how Latin American artists use a variety of colorful ways to explore their reality with new modes of expression and reproduction. These works go beyond traditional photographic printing concepts and involve a variety of media, including photo offset printing, screen printing, collages, films, performances, videos, installations, and more. In the work ‘To be continued … Latin American puzzles’ ToBeContinuLatinAmericanPuzzl, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira (Using pictures cut from magazines and travel guides) to make a huge puzzle mural to explore Latin America Antiquated ideas. Venezuelan artist Paul Gasparini (Paolo Gasparini uses more traditional photography methods to capture the discordant visual identity brought about by rapid urban development. Argentine artist Juan Carlos Romero (Juan Carlo Romero’s work ‘Violence’ Violencia uses electronic printing to reproduce pictures in popular prints, condemning raging violence in Argentina. Colombian artist Juan Manuel Echavarría video shot by ‘Gray Mouth’ Bocadeceniza A group of people, revealing how the artist uses the tension between the two to explore geographically conceptual Latin America. The exhibition is divided into four parts: territory, city, notice and resistance, memory and identity. Latin America 1960-2013 exhibition Take this combination of text and image as the context. Songs and songs about his guerrilla violence related to personal experience.

Discover outstanding artists

 The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art commissioned a Paraguayan photographer and director, Fredi Casco, to create a movie. Interviewed 30 of the 72 participating artists. These exclusive interviews are of great historical value and express the voices of the participating artists .Freddie Casco traveled around Latin America. A rare and in-depth interpretation of the creative process and background of each artist. More than 500 works were collected in the Latin American 1960-2013 exhibition, highlighting The emotional affinities of Latin America spanning times and countries show a variety of rich sounds and diverse visual languages. The exhibition chronicles the important heritage of Latin American artists and shows how he influences the creative circles around him. Audiences far beyond the Latin American continent. A large-scale work from Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Paraguay demonstrates the importance of the art circle outside the mainstream channels, allowing the audience to more fully and vividly understand his contemporary art field. influences.

Nifer Watch Brand Introduction

NIVREL (Nieve) is a traditional Swiss watch. After being acquired by German jewellery watchmaker GreedHofer in 1993, the design of the surface is infused with endless design elements. Its unique feature is the percentage Baiquan’s manual engraving technology is introduced on the surface design with a diameter of only 42mm, which fully displays the unique style of combining art and machinery. The questionnaire, tourbillon and perpetual calendar are hailed as the invention of the three complicated watch movements of the century. Lifio’s masterpiece is the prestigious ‘five-minute questionnaire’.

 This is a relatively unpopular brand. Most of them use ETA cores modified by ETA or KELEK technology factory DUBOISDEPRAZ (the same door as Breitling movements). It is equipped with a DD core questionnaire (also changed from ETA). Ask for a cheap watch. I highly respect its LEMANIA 8810 core automatic watch. 8810 is a well-known ultra-thin automatic movement with double barrels. It was originally developed by Longines and sold to LEMANIA. It is now used by the SWATCH Group as the base of Breguet automatic watches. The big three-handed automatic models are all at the bottom of the 8810. In the past few years, Longines bought a few modified gold watches and introduced the L-990 limited edition commemorative gold watch, which once caused people to think about Longines’ own products in the early years. 8810 is equal to ETA2892, Jaeger-LeCoultre 889, plus FP, Girard Perregaux 3000 (somewhat inferior quality), they almost occupy most of the Swiss premium brand automatic watch core. In the past, a few watch factories such as Yubao also used some 8810, but these brand watches are more expensive. NIVREL just pulled it down from the altar and made affordable steel watches, so that friends with small budgets had the opportunity to contact high-end cores.