Chopard Super Thin Year Of The Snake

If you need to sum up the essence of the Chopard LUC XP Year of the Snake Watch in one sentence, then: ‘The perfect fusion of traditional Japanese lacquer art and top Swiss watchmaking technology’ is undoubtedly the most expressive answer. . The watch dial is full of a wonderful hand-painted handicraft drawn by traditional craftsmanship, and a golden snake coils around. This is another classic by Chopin for the Chinese Year of the Snake.

L.U.C XP Ultra-thin Year of the Snake Watch is a masterpiece of traditional art and tradition.

   Among the twelve animal species in China, snakes rank sixth. People born in the Year of the Snake have a mysterious, sharp, restrained, and elegant endowment. Chinese traditional wisdom holds that: the serpent entering the house will bring endless wealth to the house; the person born in the year of the snake is smart, savvy, and wise.


   Urushi is a lacquer art with a long history in Japan. Raw lacquer is extracted from the resin of Urushi tree (also known as lacquer tree or Japanese lacquer tree). These trees are mainly produced in Japan and China. It is quite similar to the rubber tree that produces rubber. These trees can only collect resin once a year, and the amount is extremely rare. The collected resin needs to be stored for three to five years before it can be processed into an extremely wear-resistant and honey-resistant raw lacquer. When painting, you need to apply a thin layer of raw lacquer to everyday items such as bowls and boxes. Maki-e originates from the lacquer painting process. It mainly uses metal powder such as gold powder to embellish the lacquer painting, thereby highlighting the lacquer painting outline. The fine gold powder is embellished on the lacquer with small bamboo tubes and guinea pig writing brushes, which outline the extremely fine lines. Today, only a few lacquer masters are proficient in these processes.

   The raw lacquer is extracted from the resin of the Urushi tree. The quantity is very rare and precious. The collected resin must be stored for three to five years before it can be processed into a honey-like raw lacquer that is extremely wear-resistant.

   The fine gold powder is embellished on the lacquer with small bamboo tubes and guinea pig writing brushes, which outline the extremely fine lines. Today, only a few lacquer masters are proficient in these processes.

   Questyle L.U.C XP ultra-thin watch made by Questyle is pushing the art of time painting to the extreme beauty. The watch has a diameter of 39.5mm and a thickness of only 6.8mm. It is equipped with two barrels and an automatic winding movement. What is amazing is that such an ultra-thin watch can still have an amazing performance of 65 hours power reserve, thanks to the perfect use of the eccentric micro-rotor automatic winding technology. This watch, hand-made by the master of Chopard’s timeless watchmaking craftsmanship, is equipped with an L.U.C 96.17-L automatic mechanical movement, an 18K rose gold case, and a black short grain crocodile strap. The octagonal lacquered art watch box that comes with the watch is also exquisite and unusual. The watch box is black in appearance and decorated with painted time. The octagon in Eastern culture means joy and good fortune.

Automatic mechanical movement L.U.C 96.17-L

Previous Life’ Of The Diving Watch

For watches, water, dust, magnetism and vibration are all enemies that affect their accuracy. Among them, water resistance is the most important, because daily use of watches can cause water to enter the watch and cause great harm to it. Most sports watches today are almost 100 meters water resistant, while diving watches are more than 200 meters water resistant. However, if we look back at the history of the waterproof performance of watches, we will find that the waterproof performance we are accustomed to today is actually a long journey of research and development, and it is worth slowly savoring.

   If the beginning of the waterproof watch is in the 1920s, the watch case was changed from the buckle type to the screw-in type. Before changing to a screw-in type, the waterproof solution was to seal the watch in a case. Although it can protect all parts, it has two drawbacks. The first is the volume of the entire watch. The second drawback is that whenever the manual movement needs to be wound or the time needs to be adjusted, it needs to be taken out of the case and put back. At that time, the mechanical watch with automatic winding had not been invented, so this case would be used frequently and repeatedly, and it would be quickly worn away and repaired. As such, the future of such enclosures is limited. So technicians need to invent a more practical and durable solution.

   The first attempted screw-in case was a manufacturing technician named Francois Borgel, who made two slightly different cases in 1891 and 1903 using a rotating lock. The main benefit is that the shell is abandoned and good sealing is achieved. The mechanical structure of this case includes a threaded ring, and the bezel and back cover are connected to the case by means of rotation and locking. This case also has some drawbacks, because the crown is not sealed, and moisture and fine dust can still enter the movement.

   The first patent on the crown seal was born in October 1925, from Paul Perregaux and Georges Perret watchmakers, but the technology is still far from mature. It also has two flaws. First, the position of loosening the crown and the winding is the same, so once you set everything up, if you want to unscrew it again, the hairspring of the watch will be subject to some wear. Second, the material used to seal the crown is exposed (Figure 16), and fragile materials such as cork, leather, or felt are used. These materials can easily lose their sealing performance and need to be replaced. Under the current production capacity, these were the only materials that could be used.

   The patent was improved after it was discovered and bought out by Hans Wilsdof, one of Rolex’s founders. The seal is moved from the outside of the case to the inside of the case. At the same time, the lead is selected for the seal material, which extends the practicality and the waterproof effect is also ideal. In the case of Rolex’s improved crown design, Rolex’s classic oyster case was also born. Wiesdorf registered the patent in the United Kingdom with his own name, which is the oyster patent of the prestigious diving watch originator. Since then, Rolex has collaborated with this technology to create a diving watch that has made a worldwide splash.

   The first rotating outer ring of the diving watch appeared in 1953. Blancpain was equipped with a rotating outer ring when it launched the first generation of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, and also applied for a patent for this. And Rolex’s most famous ‘Water Ghost’ series also waited until the end of this patent protection period to rotate the outer ring on the equipment in the 1980s. Unlike the bezel that can be rotated biathlon, the rotating outer ring of the diving watch can only be rotated counterclockwise in one direction. This is also set to protect the life of the diver, preventing the bezel from rotating due to misoperation under the complicated underwater conditions. Dive time.
   In 1982, the international standard for diving watches was formally determined by ISO, and then revised twice. 11 major items were identified including watches that can withstand 100 meters of water resistance; still clearly identifiable in the dark; antimagnetic ability; impact resistance; external resistance; salt water resistance; temperature difference decoration; 5 minute scale rotating bezel; non-obstructive operation and use in water; pressure resistance; for helium diving watches, attention must be paid to the danger of normal timing function damage.

   In addition to the screw-in case, crown and rotating bezel, there is also an important waterproof technology on the case-a helium exhaust valve. When the diving cabin is mechanically diving, helium will enter the case due to the high pressure of the deep sea. This gas The flow will keep the pressure inside the meter in line with the outside world. However, when the diving chamber rises, the gas pressure inside the meter will greatly exceed the outside world, which will cause the watch case to explode. The helium exhaust valve (now most of the watches are automatic helium exhaust), can quickly accumulate the helium gas in the case out of the case to ensure the safety of the case.
   Generally speaking, diving watches equipped with helium exhaust valves are capable of deep sea operations, and for ordinary “scuba” diving (that is, diving with helium and oxygen cylinders) often used by diving enthusiasts, or “bareness” without any equipment When diving, it is not necessary to install a helium exhaust device on the dive table because the dive depth is limited.
   In addition to the above, the materials, mirrors, bracelets and movements of diving watches are constantly being upgraded. Although these expensive advanced diving watches are in your hands, most of them are difficult to dive into the ocean floor to show their skills. But these timepieces marked with diving depth have no doubt about their outstanding professional quality. Love a diving watch is not only its appearance but also the story behind it, and the infinite yearning for the sea.

Myth Perpetual Iwc Pilot’s Watch Chronograph

With the arrival of the 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon as scheduled, the synchronous report of our Watch House also insists on the first-round comprehensive report. On January 18, IWC was one of the first watch brands we reported. At SIHH this year, the IWC Pilot’s Watch series is the main series that is not to be missed. There are orthodox large-scale pilot heritage watches, stylish Mark XVIII pilot watches, elegant pilot automatic watches 36, and • St. Elisabeth Special Edition and ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition Wrist. Let’s take a look at this chronograph among many pilot watches: pilot chronograph.
Watch model: IW377710

   The pilot’s chronograph watch used a single digital date display of the week in 2016, and the designers decided to abandon the triple date display. The small five-minute numbers on the outer minute circle are also omitted. The reason is simple: IWC wants to reinvent the character of classic pilot watches on the dial-clarity, ensuring legibility in all light conditions.

   Stainless steel case, diameter 43 mm, thickness 15 mm, stainless steel strap. Black dial, stainless steel bracelet with fine adjustments, double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass mirror, water resistance 6 bar.

   79320 automatic chronograph movement with 44 hours power reserve. The watch can record up to 12 hours of segmentation and accumulated timing time. Date and week display, hour, minute and second timing functions. The small second hand is equipped with a stop device. The soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects. The screw-in crown and the glass mirror are firmly assembled to withstand the sudden drop in air pressure without loosening. The specially engraved case back.

Cross-border ‘big Bang’ Hublot Releases Big Bang Unico Independent Italian Watch

On October 28, 2015, Beijing 798 Art Park, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT and the Italian trend brand Independent ItaliaIndependent joined hands to launch a cutting-edge trend and innovation A masterpiece of technology fusion-Big Bang Unico independent Italian watch.

   Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver and Hublot Global Brand Ambassador, Lapo Elkann, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Independent Italy Board of Directors ), INSPIRATION (CREATIVITY), INNOVATION (innovation), BIG BANGMOMENT (glorious moment) five topics to open the peak dialogue, interpretation of ‘art of fusion’ from multiple perspectives.
——Launch Site——

   Regarding the cooperation with Independent Italy, Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors, commented: ‘2015 was a year of hope and passion for Hublot! I have known Rapp for many years and can A good friend who speaks freely. His personality charm, taste and innovative thinking are really convincing. I am very glad to have such an opportunity to cooperate. I am also very honored to choose Hublot for Rapp. ‘

   As the global brand ambassador for Hublot and the chairman and co-founder of the independent Italian board of directors Rap Elkann, he is proud to say, ‘Independent Italy is an Italian trend brand that represents style and innovation. I insisted on the importance of ‘independence’ at the beginning, which coincides with Hublot! I and Hublot appreciate each other and believe that this joint creation is only a starting point, and we will witness closer cooperation between the two brands in the future.
——Big Bang Unico Independent Italian Watch——

   This co-designed and built Big Bang Unico independent Italian watch uses Hublot’s own UNICO movement and innovative material Texalium ® aluminized carbon fiber. Texalium ® aluminized carbon fiber not only has the lightweight and comfortable wearing experience of carbon fiber, but also creates a variety of colors and shines at all times. The UNICO movement is independently designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by Hublot’s micro-mechanics, engineers and watchmakers. The practical flyback timer function can be reset to zero at any time, and it is equipped with dual buttons, a date display, and a unique positioning mechanism with dual horizontal clutch and column wheel visible on the dial. The power reserve is approximately 72 hours. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

   The strap is tannin lined with natural rubber, with grey or black rivets, the design concept is the same as that of luxury brand shoes. At the same time, the strap adopts a quick detachable system, and the wearer can choose the strap according to his own preferences to achieve easy replacement.

   The new Big Bang Unico ‘Independent Italy’ wrist performance is available in gray and blue colors. Each limited edition of 500 pieces, each consumer who purchases Big Bang Unico independent Italian watches will also receive Texalium ® Sunglasses made of aluminized carbon fiber make the fusion more intuitive. Top watches and sunglasses complement each other, integrating personality, purity, technology and modernity into the design, demonstrating the fusion of innovation and breakthrough.

Summary: Fusion and innovation have always been Hublot’s masterpieces. While pursuing superior quality and traditional craftsmanship, they keep pace with the times and continue to issue new ideas in materials and design. The new material Texalium® (aluminum-coated carbon fiber) fuses Hublot’s classic case shape with strap tannin fabric and rivet design. It is a fusion of cutting-edge trends and innovative technology.

Citizen Cooperates With Toyota 86 Series Joint Watch Release

The name of the famous car AE86 launched by Toyota in the 1980s has been well known since the initials of ‘Initial D’ comics and movies. But this 30-year-old classic car has been difficult to see in the market or on the street. In order to continue the legend, TOYOTA launched the AE86 successor model named GT86 (Scion FR-S) in the United States and Japan last year , Also attracts the attention of enthusiasts around the world. CITIZEN and TOYOTA cooperate to release 86 series of joint watches CITIZEN and TOYOTA cooperate to release 86 series of joint watches released
Of course, the glory of the legend is a broader product line. Recently, TOYOTA cooperated with CITIZEN to launch 86 series watches. Solar-powered models are available in three colors: red, white, and black. The design incorporates the appearance characteristics of the AE86 model. Each model is equipped with a carbon fiber packaging box used by the car. . Missed car AE86, you can bring a 86 watch and enjoy it. The CITIZEN X TOYOTA 86 watch is priced at 38,600 yen (approximately HK $ 3,800).

In Just One Year, Rolex Eternal Rose Gold Rainbow Di Appreciated 1.4 Million

As we all know, the shortage of major Rolex models has led to a surge in secondary market prices. It seems that the larger the gap, the higher the price increase.

   At the Sotheby’s watch auction in London on April 16, a Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona eternal rose gold watch 116595RBOW was sold for 237,500 pounds (approximately 2.07 million yuan), which reached the price released one year ago 75,000 pounds).

   Sotheby’s valued the watch at £ 140,000 to £ 240,000, and the final transaction price was not disappointing. The watch was purchased in the previous year and sold in the following year. In just one year, the watch owner made more than 160,000 pounds (minus the cost) with the watch, equivalent to about 1.4 million yuan.

   Of course, this watch is not an unusual model, and its annual production is very limited. Because of the colorful rainbow bezel, you need the appropriate color sapphire decoration, it is not easy to get together.

   The Rolex Rainbow Di came out in 2012, initially in gold, and later the brand released a platinum version. In 2018, Rolex launched the Rainbow Circle Daytona Eternal Rose Gold Watch. It is worth mentioning that the first two models use bright-cut diamonds as time markers, and the latter upgrades them to rainbow rainbow gems, which echo the bevel gradient effect.

   According to Sotheby’s, the watch is in excellent condition (the labels have not been cut off and may never have been worn), and this is also the first time that the Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona Eternal Rose Gold Watch has appeared on the auction market. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Richard Miller Rm 26-02 Evil Eye Tourbillon Watch

Almost all cultures have legends about evil eyes. Called ‘Ayin Harsha’ in the Arab world, ‘Evil Eye’ in English, ‘Dhristi’ in Hindi, and ‘Ayin Ha’ra’ in Hebrew, stared at by this evil force On, you will encounter disaster or bad luck.
 However, Richard Mille, who is born anti-bone, is unbeliefless, and he did not hesitate to incorporate the image of the evil eye into the RM 26-02 tourbillon watch, just as he once put the image of the skull on the face without fear The center of the RM 052 watch is like that. This is not new, but the artistic style of the Latin warning memento Mori. The Richard Mille watch factory from the Jurassic Mountains, through the image of the evil eye, warned the watch owner to eliminate arrogance and always maintain modesty.

 The earliest existing records of the evil eye date back to the ancient Greek period. In addition to being a condemnation of greedy names and lovers of merit seekers, it is also used as an explanation for many inexplicable diseases. The evil eye legend quickly spread among different religions around the world. In Islam, bold and arrogant people are vulnerable to the evil eye, while in Hinduism it is punishment for excessive exaggeration and jealousy. The power of the evil eye is far-reaching, and it must be defended by amulets, such as the eye of Horus (l’œil d’Horus), the red line of the Jews, and the Irish shamrock. Misfortune.

 The evil eye carved in the center of the watch comes from the hand of the well-known Geneva sculptor Olivier Vaucher. Made of 3N red gold, the flames and eyes are hand-carved with a special carving knife, which is subtle and subtle. After the large fire enamel process, it presents a lifelike sense of life. This extremely difficult and complicated timepiece decoration process guarantees the extraordinary durability of decorative patterns. Daming fire enamel technology is more than just drawing patterns on gold. It must also be subjected to different oxidation processes, and then fired into the kiln at a high temperature of 800 ° to 900 ° C several times. The work of this craft can’t be modified after the completion, so every step must be careful, and the enamel artisans need to follow the steps carefully. After several glazing firings, the top decoration with fine workmanship and not easy to deteriorate is finally achieved. In order to flawlessly create the evil eye of RM 26-02, a long and delicate lacquering process on the flame is required by hand.
 The evil eye pattern occupies the center of the RM26-02 manually wound tourbillon movement. The movement has a power reserve of about 50 hours. The remaining power drives the rotating disc marked with a red line through a differential device and is displayed between 10 and 11 o’clock. The bottom plate and bridge plate used to assemble the tourbillon movement are made of five grade titanium alloy with PVD coating treatment, providing excellent corrosion resistance and rigidity. The tourbillon device with a vibration frequency of 3 Hz ensures the smooth running of the drive train. The large hollow of the bottom plate of the movement allows people to enjoy the other side of the evil eye hiding in the middle of the gear set.
 The RM26-02 movement is housed in a black TZP ceramic case. After a long process, the dark black ceramics finally show a soft matte effect on the entire surface, and the sides are polished by hand to reflect a bright luster. The curve of the case is drawn in a subtle and subtle way. Against the dark and delicate case, the flame of the evil eye appears more intense. The main case in 5N red gold is equipped with a torque-limiting crown to avoid excessive winding of the tourbillon movement. This three-layer case is guaranteed to be 50 meters water-proof by two N-type O-ring seals. It is assembled by 12 grade five titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers.
 Limited edition of 25 pieces of black TZP ceramic RM 26-02 watches will be sold in 25 Richard Mille stores worldwide.

Lange Lange 1 Time Zone A Competent Assistant For His Father

The head of the family is easier said than done! While dealing with busy things, I always care about my family. Fathers who often need to travel around need to plan, accurately grasp the place of departure and the time at the place, overcome the spatial and temporal barriers, and keep close contact with their families. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, father’s caring thing.

   LANGE 1 has been Lange’s masterpiece since its launch, and has received much praise. Lange’s watchmakers are very thoughtful and have considered the issue of changing time zones more than a hundred years ago, and are committed to developing clocks that can display two time zones. Since the earth is a planet that rotates, the sunshine time varies from place to place. As early as 1884, countries around the world have divided the earth into 24 time zones through an agreement to coordinate the time difference. However, jet lag will inevitably bother travelers. Today, Lange adds the complicated function of the second time zone display on the basis of the LANGE 1 series to create a LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch, allowing the wearer to accurately grasp the time no matter where he is, so that the world will be closer .
   LANGE 1 TIME ZONE is based on the principle of practical restraint. The watch has two large and one eccentric dials. The large dial shows the time of departure and the small dial shows the time of the location. The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE design is easy to use, and generally requires only one simple step per operation. To set the local time, just press the button to turn the City Ring. Each time the wearer presses the button at 8 o’clock, the pointer will increase by one hour, and the city circle will rotate to the corresponding time zone. The watch is also equipped with special devices to facilitate the exchange of time between the two places. The wearer only needs to press the time zone button to stop the small dial operation, and then twist the crown to adjust the time of the large dial. The large dial and large date display will show the local time. The departure time is shown in golden Roman numerals, while the local time is shown in Arabic numerals. The two contrast strongly to avoid confusion. Allows the wearer to accurately grasp the time in his hometown and places no matter where he is.

LANGE 1 TIME ZONE design is mature and stable, mature and stable
   The watch also has an intimate design-dual day / night display. The time in 24 time zones is different, and the day and night are naturally different. It is important to know the difference between day and night in the two places. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE has a day / night display at the departure time and the local timetable. The light / dark two parts show the current moments of the two places. It is easy to travel between day and night.
   Such ingenious functions work smoothly, thanks to the Lange L031.1 manual winding movement hidden under a 41.9mm 18K yellow, rose or platinum case. The movement is equipped with a dual mainspring barrel that provides a power reserve of more than three days. Large date display, screw-fastened gold sleeve, gooseneck-type fine-tuning device and hand-carved balance wheel plywood, everything is clearly visible under the perspective of the sapphire crystal case back. With a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and solid gold or platinum Lange clasp, it is mature and stable.

Women’s Watch On The Racecourse Longines Compaq Watches Recommended

Longines is currently one of the most popular watch brands in China. Especially in the eyes of ordinary consumers, she has a high reputation. The reasons for this success can be roughly summarized as two points: 1. Its products are mainly mechanical dressing, its temperament is known for its elegance, and its price is more than 30,000 yuan, which are very suitable for the ‘demand’ of modern Chinese people; 2. The product line is extremely rich. There are dozens of different style series and nearly a hundred different styles. It can be said that anyone can choose a watch that suits them.

 In the past 2013, the Compaq series can be said to be the most active Longines series. In this series, Longines has launched a number of fine men’s and women’s watches designed for the racetrack. The Compaq series has also won the love of many watch lovers with its unique luxury and luxurious appearance. Horse racing is the sport of nobles, and Compaq is the noble of Longines. Next, let’s enjoy a watch from the Compaq series, an L2. watch worth 44,000 yuan.

 L2. is a women’s watch, which uses the material of gold to set off the beauty of women, and embellishes it with diamonds. Although the material of the gold is very luxurious, it is not as vulgar as the luxurious pure gold. Its dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The color is not white but reveals a natural beauty. The 12 o’clock hour markers are also realized by diamond inlay. Wear it on your hands, and you will be as cool as a knight on a racetrack.

 For women’s watches, L2. is an outstanding work. The material of gold not only shows the soft luxury of the watch, but also shows a different kind of elegance. The right application of diamonds also makes the watch more Added some femininity. The movement of this watch is the L595 automatic mechanical movement produced by Longines, which brings a strong guarantee of performance to the watch. No matter in terms of its design or excellent performance, its price of 44,000 yuan has this very high price-performance ratio.
 Watch details: longines / 28721 /

Aquatic Life Patek Philippe High Jewellery Watch

Since its establishment in 1839, Patek Philippe has always been committed to defending the superb craftsmanship of watchmaking arts, creating timepieces that bloom from the inside out, and shaping them into extremely fascinating and rare treasures. A good example of this is Patek Philippe’s new women’s watch, Twenty ~ 4® High Jewellery Watch Ref. 4909/110, which was launched at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2014. In it, we can see that the strength of Patek Philippe jewelry craftsmen is comparable to the world’s top jewelry families. This exquisite craftsmanship is everywhere, whether it is innovative and bold design, extraordinary quality, carefully arranged gems, or the traditional bead setting, bead setting, gridless paving or complex and bold invisibility used to set these gems Mosaic process.
徜徉 Twenty ~ 4® High Jewelry Watch in the Ocean of Diamonds Ref. 4909/110, sharing 1937 diamonds and sapphire to decorate the dial, case, bracelet, and buckle, creating a poetic ‘aquatic life’ pattern. All gems are of the highest quality and are perfectly cut, including baguette diamonds with top Wesselton flawless white diamonds, and sapphire sparkling deep blue. The total weight of these stones is about 43.73 carats, which was carefully conceived by the creative department of Pattaya, and then created by its jewellery craftsmen in accordance with a long tradition of craftsmanship. Sapphire fish of all sizes swim freely in the ocean of diamonds.

 The slightly curved 18K white gold case flanks the bracelet and the bracelet sparkles with brilliant diamonds. The diamonds on the case are arranged in a delicate fan pattern, and each diamond must be cut into a corresponding shape according to its position. The baguette diamonds on the front of the bracelet and on the dial are invisible. This process is considered to be the most difficult setting technique, and it is also the most risky setting method for gem setting masters. To ensure that all diamonds are perfectly side-by-side and do not flash the platinum luster of the parts or case and bracelet used for setting, the gem setter must grind a narrow groove in the bottom facet of each baguette. Each groove corresponds to the slender gold buckle on the surface of the bracelet and case, which is used to hold and fix the gemstone. The position of these clasps for fixing the gemstones must exactly match the fine grooves of the diamond, not only between centimeters, so as to ensure that the gemstones that are set are perfectly adjacent to each other and tightly connected. Then, the blue fish made of deep blue sapphire is embedded in this diamond ocean. The smaller fish is made from a single oval-cut sapphire and is set with a rose gold base. The larger fish is composed of multiple brightly-cut sapphires and fixed with a rose gold bead setting process, depicting the outline and scales of the fish. Because the high-quality white diamonds are inlaid under the sapphire, the sparkle of the diamond can be seen through the blue fish body, highlighting its bright and rich colors. In addition, the 855 small brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.7 carats) set on the bracelet links also shine brightly.

Mechanical masterpiece

 The well-trimmed 16-250 movement is a manually wound mechanical movement that displays its charm with the help of a sapphire crystal caseback. The edges of the two plywood and the balance plywood are rounded and polished. Its surface is decorated with Geneva stripes. Bright red gem bearings bring beautiful colors to the movement, while the balance, sun gear and engraving on the splint exude a golden luster. Of course, the most important thing is that this is a mechanical movement built according to the highest watchmaking standards, highlighting its powerful features: the balance wheel vibrates at 28,000 half pendulums (4 Hz) per hour, The half pendulum is transmitted to the escape wheel, and then the pulse of each swing is transmitted to the third gear via the fourth gear, and then transmitted to the sun gear and hour gear driving the minute and hour hands in turn. Two Patton hands and 18K rose gold three-dimensional Roman numerals (XII and VI) at 12 and 6 o’clock are also typical design features of this Patek Philippe iconic Twenty ~ 4® women’s watch series.

‘Rare Craftsmanship’ and Patek Philippe

 175 years ago, when Mr. Patek founded Patek Philippe, he set a clear goal: ‘Make the most exquisite top-quality timepieces in the world.’ This creed clearly defines the timepiece, and the real-time watch is the combination of its internal mechanical life and external image. This vision has not changed so far and has been recorded in the norms of the Patek Philippe Seal. Therefore, Patek Philippe has never restricted itself to watchmaking since its creation. Numerous extremely professional processes that can enhance the beauty of the movement and the case are also the focus of our attention. These include techniques such as enamel painting, filigree enamel, infill enamel, relief and line engraving, carving patterns, and jeweller and gem setting. In the 20th century, as the public’s demand for beautifully decorated timepieces diminished, the group of artisans with extraordinary skills gradually decreased. Only Patek Philippe insisted on inviting these artisans to continue working for the brand. Even if the final work is unappreciated and can only be included in the private collection of the Stein family who controls the company, Patek Philippe has never given up these rare crafts. Today, some of these works are exhibited in the Patek Philippe Museum and are highly praised. They are of great value, even if they are worthless. But perhaps the most noteworthy is that thanks to the unremitting efforts of Patek Philippe, these lasting master craftsmen were able to pass on their skills and experience to the younger generation, leaving their precious craftsmanship knowledge for today and tomorrow. These rare craftsmanship represents a cultural heritage, without which the Swiss watchmaking industry would never have been possible today.
Replace global status.

Technical specifications
Twenty ~ 4® High Jewellery Watch Ref. 4909/110, small model, 18K white gold
Movement: Caliber 16-250
Manually wound mechanical movement
Movement diameter: 16.3 mm
Movement thickness: 2.5 mm
Number of parts: 101
Number of jewels: 18
Power reserve: at least 38 hours
Oscillating weight: smooth edges
Frequency: 28,800 pendulums per hour (4 Hz)
Hairspring: Flat hairspring
Hairspring outer bolt: adjustable
Crown function: Two-position crown
– Pull out: Set time
– Home position: Can be wound
Display: Center hour and minute hands
Quality Imprint: Patek Philippe Imprint
Case: 18K white gold
Sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance up to 30 meters
Case dimensions: Length (from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock): 27.80 mm
Width (3 to 9 o’clock): 24 mm
Overall thickness: 7.50 mm
Thickness (mirror to case back): 7.20 mm
Lug pitch: 13 mm
Dial: 18K white gold and diamonds
18K Rose Gold Barton Hour and Minute Hands
Two 18K rose gold Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock
Gems: 1937 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds and sapphires, weighing approximately 43.73 carats
Case: Set with 46 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds, weighing approximately 3.97 carats
Dial: Invisible setting of 41 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds, weighing approximately 1.97 carats; set with 2 oval sapphires, weighing approximately 0.07 carats; and beads set with 32 sapphires, weighing approximately 0.12 carat
Bracelet: set with 694 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds, weighing approximately 30.81 carats;
855 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 1.7 carats; 31 oval sapphires, weighing approximately 3.48 carats; and beaded 236 sapphires, weighing approximately 1.63 carats

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it.

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