Parmigiani Atelier Watch Series

Parmigiani’s Atelier series takes the concept of ‘travel’ as inspiration for creation, has changed the traditional norms of the high-end watch industry, brought about innovative changes, and aims to show the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship. Although the Atelier series jumps out of the frame of the Parmigiani classic series, it still inherits the brand’s unique watchmaking skills. Through outstanding tradition and innovation, each new watch in the Atelier series opens a new face for Parmigiani.

   All watches in the Atelier collection are special models, produced in limited editions, and will simultaneously showcase the brand’s unique jewellery watches made with gem-set technology, as well as the outstanding complex movement functions. The brand will regularly launch about ten collections, and the new watches launched will have the unprecedented characteristics of Parmigiani’s unprecedented timepieces, it will be interesting to see.

   The exhibition of Atelier watches is also a journey in itself, and will only be held at a special time and place, such as a special event or a famous place. In cooperation with local partners, the exhibition is hosted by the distinguished representatives of the brand, and all models of the series are only sold in the exhibition.