Pucci Papaleo Introduces Limited Edition Rolex Daytona Series Illustrated Book

The Daytona series is a very important role for Rolex. Who knows that many people say that the Rolex Daytona can be described as ‘the legendary watch’.

 Recently, a picture book of Daytona is about to be released, but the limited edition is limited in quantity, only 599. This atlas is arguably the most powerful photography technique, recording the most authentic watchmaking process through a flat angle.

 For Daytona, the short-distance function of the chronograph movement of the watch can be calculated to 1/8 second; the speedometer scale on the outer ring can read the speed data immediately after a certain driving distance, so it also It has become a must for many drivers.

 I believe that every friend who is lucky enough to get this book will be enthusiastic about it. The book contains a lot of high-quality pictures related to Rolex Daytona, which is rare.