Robert Huff, Who Represented The Honda Team In The 2016 Wtcc, Won The First Battle

The 2016 FIA World Touring Car Championship kicks off at Circuit Paul Ricard, with Rob Huff and José María López) won two wins, helping Honda rank among the top WTCC manufacturer drivers.

   To celebrate the WTCC starting number 250, Rob Huf represented the Honda team in the WTCC French Open sponsored by JVCKENWOOD, and from the beginning led Hugo Valente of the Lada team. Lopez then took full advantage of his DHL pole position award to represent Citroen in the main championship with a slight advantage of 0.284 seconds ahead of Tiago Monteiro.
   Mehdi Bennani ranked second overall in the Open, ensuring that each driver won the first two victories in the WTCC trophy, of which Norbert Michelisz defeated Bennani to obtain the nickname of the ‘private predator’ last season as a Honda driver The first expedition won two thirds.
   The Polestar Cyan Racing team began to implement its long-term commitment to the WTCC with the scores of Thed Björk and Fredrik Ekblom. With the help of Valente and Nicky Catsburg, Rada has entered the top five twice.
   Lopez’s victory now brings his points to WTCC to 51 points, which means that from April 15-17, he will lead Tiago Monteiro into Slovakia with a four-point advantage, while Rob Huf And Michelisz followed closely behind.

Rob Huf takes Honda team further

   Rob Huf’s good life as a Honda driver in the WTCC has just begun. In 2014, 504 days ago, he won his first championship in Macau. With his record in the first game of each WTCC weekend, starting from the second leg of the 2016 new season, Rob Huf has a better start than Valente, the ‘pole king’. The 2012 WTCC driver champion, on his first trip to win the championship on behalf of Honda, quickly surpassed Citroen driver Mehdi Bennani with a two-second advantage. Bennani started his 150th WTCC race in front of his team owner Sébastien Loeb, which impacted the WTCC championship. The Honda team had a good record in the first race of the 2016 season. Noble Norbert Michelisz finished third, Tiago Monteiro finished fourth, and Monteiro caught up from ninth in the race. With three laps remaining, the two surpassed Valente, the driver of the Lada team, putting the French driver fifth. Defending champion Jose Maria Lopez, who represented for the Citroen team, slipped to 11th place in the open but eventually finished sixth. This was due to a start-up error by its rival Yvan Muller, a spin from Fredrik Ekblom, and a collision between Nicky Catsburg and Tom Coronel on the fifth lap . The two Dutch drivers also collided on the last lap, which allowed Thed Björk, who was driving the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1, to finish seventh in the first race. Gabriele Tarquini joined hands with the retired Ekblom after coming in contact with Grégoire Demoustier, who is ranked 10th in pole position.

Defending champion Jose Maria Lopez defends the throne

   Jose Maria Lopez withstood the aggressive offense of Tiago Monteiro to win the main title and lead by four points. Lopez led the pole but didn’t dare to relax from start to finish, and Monteiro had to recover from giving second place to Yvan Muller. Despite a collision at the last corner of the ninth lap, he eventually surpassed the four-time champion and his Honda teammate Norbert Michelisz followed closely behind to finish third. During the race, Monteiro went all out to reduce the distance with Lopez. The two drivers kept up from the beginning to the last lap. However, Citroen driver Lopez won the championship with an advantage of 0.284 seconds, achieving two Honda championships in France. Ivan Mueller led Honda’s Nicky Catsburg to fourth. Open champion Rob Huf suffered a huge shock after colliding with Gabriele Tarquini at the first corner, but recovered quickly, surpassing Hugo Valente (also affected by the small collision in the first corner) to reach the end for the sixth time. Mehdi Bennati led his Sébastien Loeb racing teammate Tom Chilton with an eighth overall score and won the WTCC trophy for the second time. Polestar’s Fredrik Ekblom entered the top 10, while his teammate Thed Björk did not finish the game due to a circuit problem. In an all-Chevrolet game, Tom Coronel defeated John Filippi by just 0.024 seconds.

Rob Huf wins TAG HEUER fastest lap prize

   With a record lap performance at the Open, Rob Kuff won the TAG HEUER fastest lap award, and Robert Kuff’s two happy events on the Paul Ricar circuit are worth celebrating . WTCC’s new official series sponsor and timing partner will present this award to the driver who created the fastest laps in both races.