Teach You How To Give Mido Quartz Chronograph Time And Date

3 positions of the crown:
 I: Winding position (not pulled out)
II: Set the position of the day / date (unscrew, half-pull out)
III: Position of setting time (loosening, half-pulling)
的 Model with screw-down crown.
    To ensure water resistance, some models have a screw-down crown. Before setting the time or date or day of the week, you must first unscrew the crown to position IB and then pull it out to position II or III
 Caution: After each operation, you must turn the crown back to ensure that the watch is waterproof.
1. Set time
 Pull the crown to position III and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired time. At 6 o’clock, the small second hand is synchronized with the official time signal (radio, TV, Internet) by pulling the crown out to the second stop position. The second hand stops immediately. Once the time setting is synchronized, push the crown back to position I (for screwed crowns, tighten it again)
2. Winding
 Quartz chronographs do not need to be wound.
3.Quick adjustment of date
 Pull the crown to position II and rotate it forward until the correct date is displayed. When performing this operation, only the hour hand is turning.