The Indissoluble Bond Between Tag Heuer And Monaco F1 For More Than 40 Years

The F1 Monaco Grand Prix was staged as expected. Monte Carlo Speedway enjoys the reputation of “the crown jewel in the crown”. F1 places in various places have offered us an unexpected fierce competition. At the same time, Monte Carlo Speedway also brought us expectations. Outside beauty. This time, the Swiss avant-garde precision watch pioneer TAG Heuer specially invited the watch collector Mr. Ding Zhixiang to Monaco to watch F1 live, experience the extreme luxury Monaco lifestyle, explore the city style, and bring you the TAG Heuer Monaco series. A legendary story for you who ca n’t be there.

 TAG Heuer’s association with Monaco is no coincidence. TAG Heuer’s brand ambassadors Senna, Prost, Häkkinen and Hamilton have won the title nine times here. As the current brand ambassador, Hamilton attended the TAG Heuer party, wearing a white suit and wearing a Monaco watch, cool.

  From TAG Heuer’s first launch of the world’s first Monaco watch in 1969, to the stunning debut of the Monaco V4 in 2004, to the birth of the 40th anniversary of Monaco in 2009; speed and passion on the most challenging track in Monte Carlo The integration of the Monaco series with the same name as the Grand Prix is ​​undoubtedly the best interpretation of this spirit, becoming the city’s and Heuya’s common pursuit of the limit, challenging the timing of precise racing spirit. The love song of TAG Heuer and Monaco is undoubtedly the most like-minded combination.

  In 2011, TAG Heuer officially became the official partner of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, and the agreement was signed on May 27, 2011. The picture shows Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, global president of TAG Heuer, and Michel Bo & eacute; ri, chairman of the new partner ACM (Automobile Club of Monaco), shaking hands and wearing a Monaco watch to witness this. A historic sacred moment.

  In an interview with Mr. Ding Zhixiang, when asked what TAG Heuer felt like as a watch expert and collector, he said: ‘For people who really know the history and culture of watches and clocks, , TAG Heuer is a brand that must go through, such as Calibre 11 or 12, watches are common in the market, but everyone who knows watches will cherish these watches. For collectors who study chronographs, the early Semikrograph and Mikrograph should not be missed. TAG Heuer is an important witness in the history, culture and technology development of watches and clocks. It respects new technology and is extremely innovative. It is the only way for many watch fans to enter the world of watch and clocks. ‘The Calibre 11 and Calibre 12 are precisely the movements used in the Monaco series, which can be said to be a milestone in the history of watchmaking.
This followed the steps of Mr. Ding Zhixiang to experience Monaco.

Mr. Ding Zhixiang at the scene of F1 Monaco Station

 Even collectors who are obsessed with watches and clocks, in this season Monaco, will be fascinated by the engine sound everywhere. On May 29th, the city of Monte Carlo belongs to the F1 Grand Prix and belongs to the world. A fierce match of time and speed.

Mr. Ding Zhixiang took a group photo in front of McLaren mp4 12c

Behind Mr. Ding Zhixiang is a brand new car from the McLaren team sponsored by TAG Heuer

Teacher Ding Zhixiang attended the party
 TAG Heuer’s inextricable relationship with Monaco for more than 40 years, whether it is the F1 driver with whom it is related, or the Monaco watch with the same name, will have a deeper understanding of this love story & mdash; & mdash; because this is Monaco, A place that plays great world-class competitions every year. Like TAG Heuer, it has the spirit of challenging extremes and relentlessly pursuing precision.