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URWERK’s UR-110 ‘EastWood’ combines precious wood, custom woolen tweed straps, and charming mechanical connotations to achieve the ultimate interpretation of UR-110 series. Its alias is Torpedo. It uses a novel polished ebony bezel and a stylish woolen tweed, and uses high technology to give it a unique style and classic charm.

Felix Baumgartner, one of the founders of URWERK, said: ‘We aim to produce 150 watches per year, but maintaining this production volume is not easy. Due to limited resources, we can only suspend the production of a model to focus on new products. For example The ultimate member of this 110 series, the design starts from scratch and uses completely new concepts that are completely different from the past. For the best results, we keep asking ourselves: What are our ultimate expectations? EastWood is our answer. It Not only is it dynamic, it’s incomparable. ‘
Martin Frei, one of the founders of URWERK, said, ‘The idea process and innovative ideas of the UR-110 Ultimate Edition are often the result of discussions between me and Felix. We hope that new members of this series will appear unexpectedly. Many People think that our design is already unique, but we want to take it a step further. We have chosen a noble and beautiful material that has never been used-wood. The bezel is made of ebony, one of the hardest and densest woods. It is a big challenge for us. The perfect and precise combination of this wood and the production of UR-110 is an almost impossible pioneering work. However, the conquest cannot be an irresistible idea-let us look back. ! ‘

EastWood was even more icing on the cake by the famous celebrity tailor master, Timothy Everest from Wales. Everest said: ‘Martin Frei visited me when he was on a business trip to London and showed me the EastWood that was being actively developed with the URWERK team. I and URWERK have been working together for almost five years, and the two sides have a lot in common-our tradition and craft I have great enthusiasm, but I am also keen to inject modernity into the work and try to inspire more innovative ideas. URWERK hopes to match the brand-new UR-110 with a unique strap. We have done a lot of different cutting methods and The discussion of the cloth finally decided that only the finest woolen tweed would be worthy of this watch. The woolen tweed is very durable and popular with the high society in Britain. To this day, people still like to wear new or classic Woolen tweed, some even inherited from the pre-World War II elders. One of the patterns that URWERK chose to make as a strap is derived from the royal pattern of Prince of Wales performed by the Duke of Windsor. Ivory, rather than the black and white match from a distance, as seen by the public in the newspaper.
The UR-110, which won the best design watch at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, is a model of excellence in watchmaking and continues URWERK’s tradition of using satellite structures to display time. The time display of UR-110 ‘EastWood’ is set on the right side of the watch. The three-hour satellite device descends in a straight arc from 0 to 60 minutes. The orbital device keeps the satellite device and its ‘torpedo’ parallel, and displays the time sequentially as 60 minutes pass.

The performance of a watch is an architectural structure composed of three phases:
1. A centered rotating device to keep the whole device stable and balanced
2. The orbital device guarantees the balance of the satellite device in orbit for three hours
3. Three rotating hour display devices, each consisting of an hour satellite device, a minute hand and a balance wheel, standing on the orbital device. The three rotating devices rotate continuously to balance the rotation direction of the central rotating frame.
Through the large panoramic sapphire crystal, you can enjoy the operation of the UR-110 technology device. In addition to the hour and minute display, the watch is equipped with a control panel next to the dial, which displays the ‘day / night’ display and ‘oil change’ timing reminder, and the sub-dial also has a seconds display. The case back made of titanium is covered with an innovative automatic winding system propelled by a double impeller unidirectional oscillating weight.