Vacheron Constantin’s ‘flower Time’ Clock Art Theme Exhibition Opens Gorgeously

Whether it is a painter, musician, sculptor, or later photographer, flower art is always the source of inspiration for artists. Master watchmakers who pursue excellence in craftsmanship and aesthetics are no exception. The natural beauty of flowers carries their vivid and poetic memories. Recently, Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Flower Time’ watch art theme exhibition was unveiled at Shanghai Vacheron Constantin House. 19 vintage floral art watches from the Vacheron Constantin Geneva Museum, and the latest Métiers d’Art Florilège masterpiece ‘Flower Temple’ series watches, perfectly blend watchmaking craftsmanship and flower art, showing the mastery of watchmaking masters Craftsmanship and creative dreams. The famous watch collector Mr. Ding Zhixiang also came to the scene to lead the guests to experience the beauty of Vacheron Constantin’s history of continuously introducing new flower art clocks and appreciate the brand’s extraordinary watchmaking technology.

Rare antique watches and clocks

 Throughout the ages, artists have been deeply impressed by the beauty of flowers. Regardless of whether it is a solitary show or a beautiful flower cluster, the magnificent petals exude a feminine atmosphere everywhere. The watchmaking masters used a pair of beautiful eyes and infinite creativity to fuse floral elements into the design of the watch. With the exquisite craftsmanship, the fragrant flowers were brought to life and reproduced the beautiful moments when the flowers were in full bloom.

 The 19 outstanding antique watches on display this time are carefully selected from the brand’s collection, covering the three classic watchmaking techniques of Vacheron Constantin: carving, enamel and gem setting, which is the best interpretation of the artist’s superb skills, A masterpiece of watchmaking craftsmanship and natural beauty. Each piece embodies one or more enduring watchmaking techniques, such as the oblique curve etching using a engraving knife vertically to enhance the brightness while highlighting the decoration; and the engraving technique, which requires the use of engraving first The carving model is carved by the knife, and then polished with a corrugated file. Different floral motifs also embody different techniques, such as the enamel case of the ‘forget-me-not’ pattern showing the extraordinary skills of the enamel master; the distinctive black gold case is made of lead, copper, silver, sulfur and ammonia The mixture of salt is inlaid on the model, then fired by the master of enamel in a kiln, and the excess material is polished with a file to make the surface smoother and the plant patterns exposed. In the gem setting, turquoise and garnet embody the artist’s flexible use of brilliant colors. On a gold brooch watch with a blue enamel dial, the brightly colored gems gracefully interpret a delicate flower blooming quietly in the Garden of Eden.

New Women’s Watches

 As early as the 25th anniversary of the brand, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers created a pocket watch decorated with floral patterns. For more than two hundred years, Vacheron Constantin has continuously introduced a variety of floral art watches. In 2013, Vacheron Constantin’s Masters of Art series launched for the first time three women’s watches exclusively created for women: the Métiers d’ Art Florilège masterpiece ‘The Temple of Flowers’ series. This trilogy takes the flower illustrations in the 19th-century British plant atlas as a sample, combines enamel, machine-engraved carving, and gem setting, to faithfully interpret the flower patterns in the book, and to Robert. John. A tribute to The Biological of The Temple of Flora, compiled and published by Robert John Thornton in 1799.

 Vacheron Constantin brought together a number of professional skills of the brand’s artisans, and Anita Porchet, an independent artist of the Geneva-style miniature enamel, to reproduce the flower patterns in the map. First, combining the artist’s sensitivity and delicate touch, the master carved engraving machine carved a symmetrical and repeating machine-engraved pattern with only one-tenth of a millimeter on the gold placenta. The outline of the color filling; fill in the enamel glazes of different colors in batches, put them in an oven at about 800 ° C, burn them, and then polish the surface for the next color addition. Repeat this delicate step several times, the color concentration of enamel will gradually deepen, and finally coated with a layer of vitrified transparent enamel to protect the ingenious flower pattern. Each dial has a stunning three-dimensional feel and visual effects, complemented by a diamond-set bezel, just like a flawless piece of art.

 In addition, Métiers d’Art Florilège women’s watches are equipped with the supreme imprint of Geneva (an independent certification of origin, which highlights the outstanding craftsmanship and extraordinary aesthetics of advanced watchmaking expertise. The highest award certification). With this new series, Vacheron Constantin perfectly combines art and watchmaking technology, reflecting the classic design, elegant temperament and exquisite craftsmanship of women’s watches, showing the highest quality.