Watch Limited Edition Through A Hundred Years Of Wind And Rain

120th Anniversary Review of ‘Time Journey’
120 years ago, because of a Kipton express postal train tragedy, a new revolution in railway timing, Michigan Southern Railway Corporation officially appointed Mr. Poll to develop a monitoring system to ensure that such tragedies would not happen again. As a result, Mr. Ball began to use his own new technology to transform ordinary watches into extraordinary timepieces to meet the highest official railway timepiece standards. Today, just the 120th anniversary, this brand born under the rails is also destined to be closely related to the concept of ‘travel’.
Boer Watch celebrates 120 years, equipping explorers with high-quality timepieces, allowing them to read the time accurately, day and night, in harsh environments. And it is a limited edition specially issued for the 120th anniversary-the 120 series of railway chief series automatic series is equipped with mechanical movement caliber ETA 2892, the pointer and the surface are inlaid with a total of 14 self-luminous miniature gas lamps, convenient for reading at night. In terms of appearance design, two options of 18k / 750 rose gold case, with arched anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror and arched sapphire crystal glass back cover, the overall design atmosphere.
155th Anniversary of the ‘Romance’
On October 20th, in order to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the Swiss Ebola watch, Ebola Romance set sail in the creative and fashionable landmark Shanghai Red Square. Ms. Zhao Yazhi, the elegant angel of Ebola, Ms. Chen Huilin, the romantic goddess, and Mr. Lin Feng, the handsome boy Gathered in Shanghai, together with Mr. Raphael Boillat, President of Switzerland Ebolu, Ms. Nathalie Boillat, General Manager of Ebolu, Switzerland, and Mr. Su Da, CEO of Ebolu, Asia Pacific, Switzerland. Romantic voyage.
Founded in 1856, the Swiss Ebolo watch, with superb watchmaking technology and romantic legends, crossed the ocean more than 100 years ago and came to the distant and vast mainland China. Today, after 155 years of Yibo Road, she still inherits precise quality and eternal romance, reminiscent of her beautiful relationship with Shanghai, China, ‘four generations, romantic century’: 1903, Yibo Road For the first time, the watches came to China on a long journey, and 388 Ebol watches have forged a deep and indissoluble bond with the East. The 14K gold-plated mechanical antique pocket watch of Yibolu owned by Mr. Liu Liqun’s family in Shanghai was one of the batch of Yibolu watches at that time. At the celebration, Mr. Liu specially brought this pocket watch with deep emotions to congratulate him. The 100-year-old pocket watch after lubricating is still ticking and moving vigorously, adding to the 155-year-old birthday of Yibo Road Watch, adding romantic emotions from generation to generation. Yibo Lubiao used his vision and vitality to commemorate the profound relationship with China, which is of far-reaching significance.
On the other hand, Zhao Yazhi from afar, while Lin Feng presented his carefully crafted performances, the three spokespersons spoke freely when describing the Yibo Road in their hearts: ‘Yibo Road’s long history and romantic story attract us especially Not only has it inherited the classics, it has also become more diverse and precise with the times, and the theme of timeless romance is precisely her irresistible charm! ‘
皇 The new limited edition ‘155th Anniversary Edition Watch’ released that night-the Royal Family, carries the glorious journey of the brand’s development for 155 years. This series uses the 2892 automatic movement. The exquisite limited edition movement is exquisitely polished and carved. The shape is perfect. The transparent body tells the customer everything about the watch. There is no cover. Show it beautifully. This pierced watch uses ‘through’ and ‘exposure’ just right, the two are integrated into one, and the technical excellence is perfect, and the creation process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and step-by-step. This long and calm accumulation of practice is just like the brand’s continuous pursuit of difficult watchmaking concepts in the past 155 years. After continuous accumulation and precipitation, only today’s reborn leap.

‘Beautiful Watch’ Luxury Watch Exhibition Debuts in Shanghai
On October 26, the Belles Montres “Beautiful Watch” luxury watch exhibition was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The Belles Montres luxury watch exhibition was founded in 2005 by Mr. Alain Faust in Paris, France. This year, it debuted in Shanghai, China. This time, the watch exhibition brought together 70 “Oscar Awards”, which are well-known in the watch industry. A top watch initially selected by an independent jury.
Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden, a jewellery watch exuding elegant femininity and mystery; a TAG Heuer CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1/100 second chronograph setting a new milestone in complication watches; an extraordinary achievement since its debut in Basel in April this year And has won many reputations, currently only accepts specially ordered HUBLOT Hublot BIG BANG million dollar LADY 38 mm watch; Harry Winston’s brand-new Midnight Quiet Night series, known as the ‘King of Diamonds’; Louis Vuitton’s unique and unique creation The new Tambour series Minute Repeater Minute Repeater Travel Minute Watches and other luxury watches, more than 30 world’s top watch brands in full bloom, has achieved the largest ever watch event in mainland China, presenting the world’s watch development for Chinese watch enthusiasts Highest achievement.

Everyone has a birthday, and noble luxury brands are no exception. They may be of different ages, but they have to attach importance to their own birthday. In October, several hundred-year-old watch brands are preparing for their ‘old life star’ with great fanfare.
220th Anniversary Witness the ‘Master of Time’
On October 19th, Girard-Perregaux, a Swiss watchmaker, launched a global tour of the “Master of Time · Witnessing 220 Years of Watchmaking Legend” at the Shanghai Sinan Mansion. The timepieces from the GP Girard Perregaux Museum and rare contemporary watch collections are all unveiled. It is the first grand exhibition of GP Girard Perregaux watches outside Switzerland.
This exhibition not only guides the audience through the development of Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking process, brand philosophy, and core values, but also takes time as the main axis to vividly display major events and situations that have had a profound impact on the modern history of the world for more than two centuries People and artwork. Among all the rare timepieces, literature and watchmaking tools on display, the antique pocket watch named ‘Esmeralda’ is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions. This revolutionary masterpiece is equipped with GP Girard-Perregaux’s most famous three-gold bridge tourbillon movement. The case is exquisitely carved and decorated. It is a collection of various engraving techniques and is a treasure of the GP Girard-Perregaux Museum.
As a journey of exploration of Switzerland’s top watchmaking skills, GP Girard Perregaux 2011 global tour set sail from Paris, via Singapore, Shanghai, China, and will land in New York in November this year. In the brief history of 220 years, the exquisite Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship is engraved. Girard-Perregaux watches respect the tradition, insist on innovation, and strive for excellence in watchmaking. This precious chapter connects history and modernity, inherits precision and beauty, and will continue unknown surprises.