Women’s Watches Around 20,000 Yuan? What Brands Of Female Watches Around 20,000 Yuan? Recommended Ladies’ Watches Within 20,000 Yuan

Among the dazzling array of ladies’ watches, watches with around 20,000 yuan have a lot of mid-range options, and have attracted the attention of many people. Many netizens are asking: What are the female watches around 20,000 yuan? What brand of female watch is about 20,000 yuan? What are the good recommendations for female watches around 20,000 yuan? Questions like that. Next, the editor recommends three women’s mechanical watches of about 20,000 yuan for everyone.
Emmys-Elegant Series LC6016-YS101-130 Women’s Mechanical Watch

 Le Méridien’s elegant collection is a watch series that has been popular for many years. It was completely updated in 2006 to add new ideas. The refined design of this Le Méridien elegant series watch has charming lines and beauty, and is full of traditional and elegant charm. It shows the noble temperament of the wearer. It is rare to have the many advantages of classic watches and the price is extremely attractive. Choice.
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 LBR1856SD-4599 Ms. mechanical watch is magnificent and noble, dignified, revealing the romantic and elegant lady feelings of the owner. The surface is rippled like a heart, the date window at 6 o’clock, the rose gold scale and hands, the crystal clear natural diamond inlaid on the bezel, the folds are bright; the irregular distribution of the circumference and the Roman numeral scale, which is very geometric and represents the release the power of love. Mother’s Day is approaching. You can also give your mother’s watch as a Mother’s Day gift.
Longines Longines-Soyemia Series L2. Women’s Mechanical Watch

 As a tribute and tribute to 180 years of watchmaking skills, Longines Soumeia series has always followed the elegance, adhering to a long tradition, extracting the fine watchmaking technology of the times, creating a watch that combines the elegance and purity of the brand. . The Longines L2. Ladies mechanical crown is a new masterpiece with the name of the brand’s birthplace, which is very symbolic. Tracing the source of the brand’s elegance, it highlights the long-standing 100-year-old tradition of watchmaking. The black dial is deep and the bezel shines, highlighting the extraordinary status of the owner.
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